The Graveyard Killings by Wes Markin

Marvellous Parallel Plotlines

The Graveyard Killings by Wes Markin is a fabulous contemporary murder suspense that completely consumed me. It is the fourth book in The Yorkshire Murders series but can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend reading the previous books first for continuity, understanding and character progression.

Once more, I returned to Bradford and Knaresborough as I met up with familiar faces. Policing is in safe hands as we see the relentless pursuit of justice and for answers.

The search for closure is not just found within the law enforcement agencies but individuals need answers too.

A cold case is quite literally unearthed as the search for the truth continues.

We meet a father who has been guilt-ridden and grieving for years after a terrible accident robbed him of his daughter. Time is running out as his health is deteriorating and he needs to know the truth before he dies.

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Vision Of Light by Gillian Poucher

Shining In The Dark

Vision Of Light by Gillian Poucher is a simply marvellous Christian contemporary suspense that captured my attention from the start.

The novel explores the theme of life being a battle between the powers of good and evil. We witness the presence of evil as we ‘hear’ the voice of the murderer. The reader tries to work out who this is as we periodically drop in on their thoughts. In a twisted way, the murderer believes they are performing a service, providing mercy killings.

We follow a character who can smell and sense goodness and evil. A character is called to battle and to overcome the darkness, even before they know Jesus for themselves. The light of Jesus is far greater than the darkness around.

A character is consumed by guilt from his childhood, believing “there can be no healing from the scars of the past.” Jesus is the great physician. He can take our guilt, pain and hurt, and redeem us, setting us free from the prison of the past.

There is power in prayer. It does not need to be elaborate, just heartfelt. “He isn’t at all sure that God will answer the simple prayer of an ordinary man.”

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The Rutland Connection by Michael Dane

Cleverly & Expertly Constructed

The Rutland Connection by Michael Dane is an absolutely top notch crime thriller. It is the first book in The Frank McBride series and I cannot wait for subsequent books.

The action is set in Lincolnshire in 1997 as we follow customs and excise teams trying to catch, and bring down, the small empire of a local drug supplier.

This is an exciting novel with a cleverly constructed and extremely well executed complex plotline. It is a thinking mans novel which I thoroughly enjoyed. As the action ramps up, so did my heart rate.

We learn about the complexity of following criminals without being spotted. It is harder than you would think. We also witness a very clever World War II veteran who can certainly give the young of the day a run-around. Getting older does not mean a pipe and slippers existence!

All the characters were well drawn and realistic. Many were likable – the ones who weren’t, were the criminals, but you are not supposed to like them! The characters are an eclectic mix from the not terribly bright petty criminals to the masterminds that are functioning both within and outside the law.

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Dead Pretty by Joy Wood

Wow! Jaw Dropping!

Dead Pretty by Joy Wood is an absolutely cracking crime suspense that I just could not put down.

The action is set in 1977 in an orthopedic hospital near Nottingham as we follow four young student nurses. They each come from varying backgrounds but are united in their vocation.

For the reader we are transported back to the sights, sounds and fashions of 1977.

There is a killer on the loose. He has killed before and he wants to kill again. We ‘hear’ his voice as the chapters alternate between him and the four new recruits. We learn of his background and can only guess at the motivation for killing but we do not know who he is.

Within the novel there were several male characters who appeared to be the correct age. Joy Wood threw out snippets of information about them all – I suspected them all in turn! The author had constructed a marvellous plotline as I went round in circles, never quite sure who was the murderer.

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