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No Greater Love by Gina Holder

Uncovering The Past

No Greater Love by Gina Holder is a marvellous contemporary Christian romantic suspense and the first book in the Shadows Over Whitman series.

The novel is about a search for roots. Babies are a gift from God but man does not always treat them as such, sometimes seeing them as an embarrassment or throw-aways. When a character uncovers the secrets of her birth, she longs to find her true beginnings.

We all want to belong and be loved. Family is not always united by blood but it is united by love.

Jealousy is a dreadful master. It corrupts lives and will always lead to a downwards spiral.

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The Refrain Within by Liz Tolsma

God Will Provide

The Refrain Within by Liz Tolsma is a heart-wrenching Christian historical novel set in Hungary in 1944 at the height of the Nazi occupation. It is the third book in the Music Of Hope series but can be read as a stand-alone.

We witness the bravery of those who do what they have to do to protect their loved ones. Some are driven by guilt at what they failed to do when they were just twelve years old. All are driven by love.

In contrast we see those who sided with the Nazis to make life more comfortable for themselves. Personal gain exists side by side with sacrificial love.

War presents choices. We can choose to do the right thing or not. Whatever we choose to do, we must be prepared to live with the consequences of our choice.

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The Marriage Of Innis Wilkinson by Lauren H Brandenburg

The Truth Will Set You Free

The Marriage Of Innis Wilkinson by Lauren H Brandenburg is an entertaining contemporary novel. It is the sequel to The Death Of Mungo Blackwell but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed catching up with familiar characters.

The feud between the Blackwells and the Tofts continues with each side trying to do better than the other. Like Romeo and Juliet, there are two families trying to arrange a marriage. The happy couple feel pulled this way and that as they try to please everyone.

It is important to be the person you were created to be. Others may try to mould us but we need to resist. It is exhausting if we are continually trying to be someone we are not, just to please others. We need to be free to be ourselves.

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One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Never Too Late

One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan is a most delightful contemporary festive offering that will have you longing for snow covered hills and log fires.

The novel is about families. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes – some are loving, others are fractured. We parent the best we can but we always have areas of guilt where we wish we had parented differently. We do our best for our children passing on the life skills that we think they need but our children do not always thank us for it.

We witness the power of compromise when motivated by love as a family tries to repair the broken relationships.

We must not criticise others. If we have not walked in their shoes, we have no idea what they have gone through. To pass judgements without knowing the full story is wrong. Secrets hide past hurts. In order to fully understand what has motivated another, secrets must be revealed.

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