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Keturah by Lisa T Bergren

One Limb At A Time

Keturah by Lisa T Bergren is a marvellous Christian historical romantic saga. It is the first book in the Sugar Baron’s Daughters series which promises to be fantastic.

Set in the late eighteenth century the novel moves swiftly from England across the stormy seas to the West Indies as the reader follows the fortunes of three sisters. They are strong women who are determined to survive, thrive and make a difference in a man’s world.

Slave plantations were owned and overseen by brutal men. The sisters long to be the change they want to see. “We believe that human beings respond to kindness and respect.” The sisters see the Negroes as people to be loved and cared for. They face much opposition as their thinking is counter cultural. There are some hard to read scenes of inflicted cruelty on the Negroes.

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Where Hope Begins by Catherine West

Love Never Gives Up

Where Hope Begins by Catherine West is a powerful contemporary Christian novel that will take the reader on a roller coaster emotional ride.

Catherine West always writes stories that tug at your heart and this is no exception. Where Hope Begins is a gritty realistic read. It is painful. It is beautiful. It is a tale that refuses to leave the reader untouched.

This novel is about raw grief. Grief associated with loss – loss of life, of hope, of dreams, of a future. Life ended ten years earlier. The subsequent years have been existing but not living. Loss affects everyone. We all cope differently. Some are “trapped by my [their] own grief.”

In our grief we may lose sight of God. We pull away from Him. “Too many questions God hasn’t answered. Too many prayers He’s simply ignored.” God has not gone silent on us, we have simply stopped hearing. He does answer prayer but we do not always like His answers or His timing.

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The Kindness Method by Shahroo Izadi

Loving Yourself

The Kindness Method by Shahroo Izadi is a self help book designed to change lives by breaking habits and being kind to ourselves. It is “Giving yourself permission to be kind to you.” Often we are our worst critic. We need to “Conquer… the habit of negative self talk.”

This book gives personal testimony as well as suggesting we mind map various topics. As we progress along the way, we will need to review our mind maps to see how far we have come.

We all have negative habits that rule our lives and need breaking. This book sets out exercises designed to help us break the cycle of our bad habits, as well as questions for internal reflection.

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Haunted House Flipper by Dan Absalonson

More Than Flesh And Blood

Haunted House Flipper by Dan Absalonson is a contemporary novel that entertains from the start.

There is much more to life than we can see, feel and hear. Life is a spiritual battle and we all need to be prepared. warriors are chosen and equipped. We need to all fight our battles using the correct tools.

The fight against evil can happen anywhere. We need to keep our wits about us and our eyes open. Our motives must be pure. “I had a better purpose… instead of chasing after money.” Money is good if it is used to help others but when we put money on the throne our hearts are in the wrong place.

An entertaining novel that has life lessons for us all.

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