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Invitation To The Ball by Autumn Macarthur

Green Wellies, Jeans And Muddy Boots

Invitation To The Ball by Autumn Macarthur is a modern fairytale with a twist that is grounded in God. It is part of the London In Store series.

A delightful tale loosely based on Cinderella with a daughter of the King at heart.

The novella is about becoming who God wants us to be. Real beauty is not manufactured. Real beauty comes from within and with having confidence to know whose we are.

A quick and easy read that will leave the reader smiling.

Positively delightful.

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His Father’s Son by Autumn Macarthur

No Limits

His Father’s Son by Autumn Macarthur is a sweet contemporary Christian family tale. It is the first book in the Sweetapple Falls series.

There are many godly themes and lessons to be learnt. A major one is forgiveness. “True forgiveness has no limits.” We forgive because we are forgiven. Sometimes we do not live forgiven because we find it hard to forgive ourselves. We all make mistakes but to drown in the ‘what if’s, the guilt and the anger is not healthy. “She’d been angry and fighting for so long.” We were never meant to carry these burdens. We need to give them to God.

We all have a past but “My past isn’t who I am now.” Our past sins are all covered in the grace of God if we will just let Him in.

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Queen Of The North by Anne O’Brien

Expanding On Fact

Queen Of The North by Anne O’Brien is a fabulous epic historical novel set between 1399 – 1408.

Anne O’Brien really brings history to life in this marvellous tale. Historical details combine with imagination to produce a riveting read.

The reader is in for a real treat as well as an education. Living in Worcestershire, as well as holidaying in Wales and Yorkshire meant I recognised and had been to many of the places mentioned. So for me, there was an air of familiarity. Only last year I walked in the footsteps of Owain Glyn Dwr at both Harlech and Conwy castles. I have also been many times to Ludlow.

Historical figures become ‘real’ people in this riveting read.

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Storm Front by Susan May Warren

Hope, Trust, Love

Storm Front by Susan May Warren is a marvellous Christian contemporary adventure. It is the fifth book in the Montana Rescue series but can be read as a stand-alone. However I would recommend reading the whole series as you really get to know the characters who ‘feel’ like old friends.

The main themes are hope and rescue. We all need to be rescued from a life of disconnection from God. “As long as we think we’re enough, God can do nothing for us.” If we think we can make it through life alone, we are wrong. We all need God. We may feel abandoned by God in our trials but He never leaves us. “My faith won’t protect me from loss, but it will carry me.” Faith is not a crutch for the weak. Faith is a lifeline for us all. “Don’t let your circumstances tell you who God is.” God is far bigger than any circumstances we face.

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