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Fire Storm by Nancy Mehl

Unconventional Leading Lady

Fire Storm by Nancy Mehl is a compulsive Christian contemporary thriller suspense that will keep you gripped and guessing. It is the second book in the Kaely Quinn Profiler series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Cold case crimes are resurrected in present day as there appears to be copycat crimes. Kaely Quinn tries to piece together the clues to solve the mystery. “Ghosts of the past whirled around her.” As her job dominates, there seems to be no time for family. “Your job is just something you do. Not who you are.” We must live a balanced life and make time for those who love us. We will never find our true worth in our jobs, we are worth so much more than that.

Family is important. Fractured families need to come together to heal the rifts of time. Forgiveness must be given even though some things feel too big to be forgiven. We must extend the hand of grace to those around us.

Guilt links to the theme of forgiveness. Guilt is a heavy burden to carry. “Feeling guilty never made me better. Never made me stronger.” Guilt weighs us down. It is not ours to carry. We need to release it to God and walk into our future.

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Mind Games by Nancy Mehl

Keeper Of The Keys

 Mind Games by Nancy Mehl is a contemporary Christian suspense that had me glued and guessing from the start. Wow, it was fabulous. I read with heart racing and mind whirring to the jaw dropping conclusion.

The suspense is heightened from the beginning as the reader already has questions about trust and true character. Trust has to be earnt. As the lead character begins the journey to trust, the reader walks alongside.

A major theme is that of protection. We follow the FBI and law enforcement agencies that are set up to protect the public. There is also a microcosm trip to trust. “Someday you’ll have to let someone in… I realise you’re trying to protect yourself.” Keeping others out may be intended to protect but the reality is that we will live lives in grand isolation. Life is not meant to be done alone but in community with others.

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