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Destiny Survivor by Amber Joy Daniel

To Aid Understanding Of Ruth

Destiny Survivor by Amber Joy Daniel is a re-telling of the Biblical story of Ruth.

The novel adds legs to the familiar story enabling the characters to become fully rounded and realistic. We learn of the hopes, the dreams and the daily goings on.

We witness a new relationship with God, from its budding to a heart that hears from God.

Sometimes we have questions for God. “Why do you allow… There was no answer except His peace.” And sometimes we do not even need an answer to receive the peace of God. There are some questions that will never be answered this side of heaven.

The tale fills in some early biblical tales as well. We see the progression of the ancestors of Jesus.

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The Secret Messenger by Mandy Robotham

Amazingly Brave Men And Women

The Secret Messenger by Mandy Robotham is a marvellous dual timeline novel that I just could not put down.

It is set in 2017 and 1944 from the point of view of a granddaughter and her grandmother. The former finds an old typewriter and longs to discover her grandmother’s roots and wartime experiences.

The reader is transported to Nazi-occupied Venice. We witness the bravery of ordinary men and women of the resistance. “We are all soldiers in some way.” They led dual lives, lived on their wits and had to always be aware of their surroundings.

Morale was important. It was the simple things that lifted it up.

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The Blood Divide by A.A. Dhand


The Blood Divide by A.A. Dhand is a thrilling contemporary crime suspense that will have your heart racing as the tension rises.

The novel is set in the back streets of Bradford moving to the hot, dusty, exotic Delhi. With comprehensive descriptions the reader becomes immersed in the locations. We ‘sense’ the heat and ‘see’ the vibrant colours of Delhi which is in sharp contrast to Bradford.

We are a product of our past. A rich heritage should be persevered, not wasted or squandered. The criminal underworld contrasts with a respected Khali bloodline. Preoccupation with money and crime insults a family line.

Secrets from the past need to be unearthed. The truth must be faced.

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The Scarlet Pen by Jennifer Uhlarik

Gripping And Horrifying

The Scarlet Pen by Jennifer Uhlarik is a fascinating historical Christian novel based on real life crimes. It is part of the True Colors series.

The action is set in 1876 and follows a rather gruesome killing spree of an actual character who seems to be a real Jekyll and Hyde, turning his personality in an instant.

We follow a young lawman with a traumatic past that still haunts his dreams and his life. His mission is to seek out evil and to protect lives.

Our God is a faithful God and He can be trusted. “I know I should trust Your timing, but … I don’t.” Nothing happens that is not within God’s perfect timing.

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