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Place Called Home by Brenda Anderson

Listen To The Master Tuner

Place Called Home by Brenda Anderson is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel. It is the eleventh book in the Potter’s House series but can be read as a stand-alone.

All Brenda Anderson’s books hit the spot and Place Called Home is no exception. With warm, welcoming characters, the reader feels instantly at home, snuggling down in the figurative comfy slippers for a fabulous read. We feel empathy for the plight of the lead character whilst longing to take her under our wings and into our heart.

There are many godly messages within the novel. We need to be open to being used by God and listen out for His prompting. “Why couldn’t he just… ignore God’s nudges?” We ignore the whispers of God at our peril. When He speaks we would be wise to listen. We may also be just the person to help someone else. “When God places someone on our doorstep, we don’t turn them away.” God knows just who needs what, where and when. Look out for the four w’s in your  life.

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Lizzie’s Dream by Beverley J Tucker

In Love And War

Lizzie’s Dream by Beverley J Tucker is a historical romance set during World War I. It is a work of fiction but has facts woven through out. The horrors of that war can never truly be known by us. We owe so many, so much. It is a debt we cannot repay.

Set from 1915 to 1921 the novel is written from two points of view – the soldier at the Front and a young lady on the home front. Both parties suffer – one from unbelievable horrors, the other from the stress of not knowing how loved ones are plus the ordinary everyday worries of life.

A bygone era comes to life under the masterful pen of Beverley Tucker. The reader gets a taste of both a close knit community and family.

I really enjoyed Lizzie’s Dream and am looking forward to the follow up, William’s War.

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Charlie The Kitten Who Saved A Life by Sheila Norton

Fall In Love With Charlie

Charlie The Kitten Who Saved A Life by Sheila Norton is positively delightful. Written in the first person from the point of view of Charlie, the reader ‘sees’ all the action through the eyes of a cat. Sheila Norton is a master story teller and really captured the imagination. I truly believed Charlie was narrating the story!

As a crazy cat lady with five cats, I certainly recognised the traits of a cat. The whole tale was wonderful and uniquely done.

There are the themes of love and loyalty, watchfulness and safety, family and friendship. I loved the bond between Charlie and his humans. I admired his bravery with the feral cats. His exchanges with them were enchanting. The whole novel was just exquisite and too delightful for words.

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Curse Of The Vassal Fruit: The Frog Prince by Erik Sietsema

Fantasy Adventure

Curse Of The Vassal Fruit: The Frog Prince by Erik Sietsema is an allegorical tale designed to appeal to children and the young at heart from ages seven to adult.

It is a fairytale adventure with talking animals, fairies, dragons etc designed to entertain readers who love fantasy adventure.

A fight of good against evil is the main thread. As in life, things are not always what they seem. Evil wears a disguise, creeping up on us, so we need to beware.

I enjoyed all the literary and historical references that awakened other memories in me.

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