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Straightened by Alana Terry

Unconditional Love

Straightened by Alana Terry is another fabulous Christian suspense. It is the fourth book in the Kennedy Stern series. Alana Terry writes gritty Christian fiction about relevant topics, designed to educate and inform.

Straightened deals with the topic of homosexuality. She writes with sensitivity. She also revisits the HIV topic, introduced in book three.

This world is full of hate for those different to ourselves – be it sexual orientation, skin colour, religion. This was never God’s design. God is a God of love who wants us to live in peace with each other. “I’m sad. Sad that we live in a world where people are so full of hate.” People are quick to point the finger at others. They forget we are all sinners in need of a Saviour. And they forget about God’s grace that is freely given to all.

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Redeeming Ruth by Meadow Rue Merrill

Loving In The Light And The Dark

 Redeeming Ruth by Meadow Rue Merrill is the true story of a fight to adopt Ugandan baby Ruth who has cerebral palsy. It is both a beautiful and heartbreaking read. It will inspire you. It will fill you with hope. Tears will fall. And it will leave you overwhelmed by the love, courage, faith and dedication of the Merrill family.

Meadow Rue Merrill is an ordinary American housewife with an extraordinary story. As a girl she thought her life was all mapped out. “From childhood I’d planned out my life.” God however had other plans, far greater than Meadow could have imagined.

The Merrills made themselves available to be used by God. “If not us, who?” They realised they could not change the whole world but they could change the whole world for a baby called Ruth.

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The English Proposal by Jenna Brandt

Of Love And Lies

The English Proposal by Jenna Brandt is a Christian historical romance. In spite of being set in Victorian times, it very much had a Regency romance feel to it. It is the first book of a trio in the Window To The Heart series which promises to be an entertaining read.

The English Proposal is the story of a young woman’s awakening – both to God and to the world around her. The world is a harsh place that contrasts sharply to her sheltered upbringing. People are ruined by the love of money and power. Gossip destroys lives as old rivalries surface. Seemingly good people are turned by the promise of more – more power, more money, more greed. The world corrupts if we are not careful. The reader wonders who are the good people? Who can be trusted? And whose heart has turned black?

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Love Among The Lilacs by Jenna Victoria

Never Look Back

Love Among The Lilacs by Jenna Victoria is a sweet contemporary Christian romance that just spoke to my heart.

There were many themes and one of the main ones was family. Families come in different shapes and sizes. Within the novel there were certainly some contrasting families. Loving families radiated out of the novel, as they took the less fortunate under their wing. The reader could ‘feel’ the love.

Upbringing makes a difference in how we live our adult lives. A poor upbringing may motivate one to break the cycle of poor choices or one may fall in the same trap of repeating parental mistakes. Past baggage may affect present life. It needs to be dropped and trust picked up.

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