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Love Quest by Noah Bolinder

Do You Hear Him?

Love Quest by Noah Bolinder is a powerful book that will aid your relationship with God. Noah Bolinder works through key chapters in the Bible revealing how God created us to love. He shows just how much God loves each one of us and passionately pursues us as if we were the one and only.

God did not create us to be robots. “True love is always a choice.” God wants us to want to love Him.

In Adam and Eve we were separated from God by sin. In Jesus’ death on the cross, the barrier to God is removed. “You deserve death” and yet we receive grace. Grace means unmerited favour. Grace restores our relationship with God. “Jesus comes to earth to show us God’s heart.”

We move into God’s heart because of grace not deeds. It is not about what we can do but what Jesus has done.

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The Night Portrait by Laura Morelli

Keeping Her Safe

The Night Portrait by Laura Morelli is a fascinating dual timeline novel with its roots in reality. It is set in 1490’s Milan and 1940’s Poland and Germany. The link is Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of a lady in ermine. Facts and fiction blend to produce a fabulous tale.

The action is told from several points of view in both the first and third person as the reader immerses themselves in two very different cultures.

The 1940’s follows an art historian employed by the Nazi regime to plunder artefacts from across occupied Europe. From 1944 we also follow an American soldier trying to trace these stolen artefacts to recover and return.

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Justice Delivered by Patricia Bradley

Heart Racing

 Justice Delivered by Patricia Bradley is fabulous contemporary Christian crime suspense. It is the fourth book in the Memphis cold Case series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Once more cold cases are linked to present day crimes in the form of kidnap and trafficking. Without any morals or scruples there is a gang operating that needs to be found and taken down.

There is the theme of identity as the reader and the characters seek the identity of the perpetrators. Names are important as without the correct name, people are harder to track. New names sometimes link to changed identities.

There is no honour among thieves. Everyone is out for themselves. Trust is in short supply. In contrast there are some huge hearts who seek to protect and save the vulnerable.

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My Darling by Amanda Robson

Totally Absorbing

My Darling by Amanda Robson is an absorbing contemporary psychological thriller that I read in just one sitting.

The action is suspenseful and fast paced as suspicion points this way and that. There were multiple narrators enabling the reader to have insight into several minds. My heart raced as I longed to see justice served.

Everyone has a past. We need to learn from it and move forwards into the future.

There are the difficult topics of mental illness and abuse. It is always important to seek help.

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