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Return To Maplewood by Elizabeth Bromke

Coming Home

Return To Maplewood by Elizabeth Bromke is a delightful contemporary novel that continues the story of the Maplewood sisters, this time focusing on Anna.

Past hurts intrude on the present. A partying lifestyle and outlook are designed to protect hearts – but it is an empty and potentially dangerous way of life. Turning ones back on the party scene is not always a popular decision but it will bring freedom.

There is the theme of loss. We can never replace those who have gone before but life must continue, especially when children depend on you.

A delightful four year old charms not only the characters but the reader too.

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Maplewood In Love by Elizabeth Bromke


Maplewood In Love by Elizabeth Bromke is a contemporary novella that continues the story begun in Christmas On Maplewood Mountain. I am really enjoying this series with warm and wonderful characters. There is an air of hospitality which radiates from the book to include the reader.

Vivid descriptions enable the reader to ‘experience’ Christmas and all the activities.

It is beautiful to witness a budding romance.

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Christmas On Maplewood Mountain by Elizabeth Bromke


Christmas On Maplewood Mountain by Elizabeth Bromke is a charming contemporary romance that will warm the reader’s heart.

December and snow are always a winning combination that would not be complete without the addition of hot chocolate. This novel is a real assault on the senses. Elizabeth Bromke has perfectly captured the atmosphere in an inn at Christmas. The reader experiences the novel due to comprehensive descriptions.

The novel has the theme of work colleagues bonding over a weekend. The activities such as tree dressing really appeal to the reader.

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Remember Me by Marion Ueckermann

New Every Morning

Remember Me by Marion Ueckermann is a delightful Christian romance that will warm your heart. It is the first book in the Chapel Cove Romance series and I cannot wait for the subsequent books.

There are always opportunities to return to God, no matter how far we have wandered. “Was it possible for her to find her way back to Him?” There are themes of the prodigals returning, second chances and new beginnings. When we return home, both physically and spiritually, there is much rejoicing.

God never wanders from us. “She’d lost touch with the Almighty.” Sometimes in the good times, we lose sight of God. We are so ‘me’ focused that we forget that all our blessings come from Him.

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