Rabbit And Bear Make A Wish by Tara Shannon

Serenely Beautiful And Soothing

Rabbit And Bear Make A Wish by Tara Shannon is the most beautiful and heartfelt book that will cause you to pause and reflect on what is most important in life.

The book has always been a dream of the author’s and arose from grief.

Rabbit questions the world, whilst Bear gives wise answers. Rabbit tackles the questions we have all asked. Bear reassures him that all will be well. “ ‘Who should I be?’ asked Rabbit. ‘Be yourself’ said Bear. ‘Only you know how to do that.’ “

We also see that the hardest thing that Bear has ever done is to say goodbye.

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The Memory Garden by Rachel Hore

Timeless Beauty

The Memory Garden by Rachel Hore is a delightful dual timeline novel set about 1914 and 2007 in Cornwall.

Both time periods are linked by a house and garden, and a love of painting. In present day there is a research project into the painters of Newlyn. In the past we meet some of these painters.

There is a search for an elusive painter as paintings are found with initials on them but the artist remains a mystery. As the search begins, so the past expands bit by bit as we see the parallels between the two time periods.

A house and garden have been forgotten in time, both need to release their secrets. The reader witnesses parts of the past that were buried and subsequently uncovered in the present. The artefacts hold secrets to the past events.

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The War Girls Of Goodwill House by Fenella J Miller

Wartime Life Perfectly Captured

The War Girls Of Goodwill House by Fenella J Miller is a marvellous historical novel set at the beginning of World War II.

War brings changes. Large traditional family homes need to be used to accommodate those in the services. Cold, empty mansions spring back to life in the midst of death. Draughty old houses are transformed.

Living near an airfield opens up life for the villagers with tea dances and parties to which all are invited.

Years of oppression for some characters ends with the advent of war. A domineering head of a household is away at war which allows the subservient women to begin to bloom. For years women were seen as status symbols for the upper classes. Now they can show that they are more than just a pretty face as the old order begins to crumble.

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The Age Of Misadventure by Judy Leigh

Never Too Old

The Age Of Misadventure by Judy Leigh is a really fun contemporary novel, delightfully composed that had me laughing out loud throughout – not one to read in public!

The novel is about family and female companionship. Normal but isolated lives are suddenly interrupted as an eighty eight year old accompanies her two fifty something nieces as they go on a trip to escape what is awaiting them at home, through no fault of their own.

Where there were three ladies whom life had individually squashed, together they find love and life and care. As they begin to try new things and enjoy life together, their love for each other shines through.

Letting go of our children and giving them wings to fly is hard, no matter how old they are. It is hard not to hold on and stifle them.

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