Closer Than You Think by Darren O’Sullivan

Can You Work It Out?

Closer Than You Think by Darren O’Sullivan is a very thrilling contemporary psychological thriller that will definitely have your heart racing. I can honestly say that the tension in me rose as I sped towards the wow, wow, wow moment!

Closer Than You Think is not a book to be read alone, or at night. This book will give you nightmares and send your blood pressure soaring.

The action is written from the point of view of the killer in the third person and the intended victim in the first. Tensions rise for the reader as we know what the killer intends to do and when they intend to do it.

The plotline was very cleverly thought out. I am afraid I made exactly the same mistakes as the victim did. I was manipulated by the author and I didn’t realise it at the time. Brilliant.

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Becoming Mrs Lewis by Patti Callahan

Bound By Threads

Becoming Mrs Lewis by Patti Callahan is a most beautiful Christian historical novel about the friendship and love of C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman. It is a work of great beauty, a fictional account of two private people.

The reader descends into a state of peace and a feeling of calm and great love. “God did not love us because we are lovable, but because He is love.” This love of the Father radiates from the novel. The friendship of C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman reaches beyond the pages and touches the reader’s heart.

There are many godly lessons to be absorbed. The reader sees how God passionately pursues us. “How could I not have believed when my heart always knew?” There is a longing inside each one of us for God if we would only recognise it. We chase after all sorts to fill the hole that is God-shaped.

Beautiful descriptive passages bring 1950’s Oxfordshire to life. Patti Callahan perfectly paints the scenes with her words.

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A Curious Place by Barbara Woodward

Leaving You Smiling

A Curious Place by Barbara Woodward is a delightful book of four sweet children’s tales, just perfect for ages eight and upwards. I am considerably older and I loved this book. The tales are united in their themes of rescue and looking out for those less fortunate. Each tale is headed up with a delightful illustration which gets the imagination working. The tales have a real feel-good factor and will leave you smiling.

Tosca’s Surprise is a sweet tale about kindness and compassion in the face of cruelty and neglect. The reader’s heart breaks for the sight of a caged bear whose spirit is broken. It is a tale of new beginnings and bonds. It will restore your faith in humanity.

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Navigate Your Faith: A Christian’s Field Guide To Not Getting Lost by Ron Pratt

The Modern Minefield

Navigate Your Faith: A Christian’s Field Guide To Not Getting Lost by Ron Pratt is a self- help book looking at the pitfalls of modern life.

With the dawn of the World Wide Web, there is much to ensnare people. All sorts can be accessed with the press of a button or the click of a mouse. We need to be discerning and have a moral code that lines up with Jesus. The world gives easy access to all sorts but just because it is available does not mean it is good for us. If there is an area where you have a weakness, the best thing to do is to avoid that. Have friends to whom you can be accountable, who love you enough to point out when you are falling into sin.

The voice of the enemy whispers ‘you deserve it’, ‘go on, one won’t hurt’. We need to detune his voice and plug into the voice of God, so that we will recognize His voice when He whispers to us.

Today’s world is very ‘me’ focused. “The spirit of entertainment promotes self-focus.” We are too often motivated by selfish desires and not the need to serve.

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