There’s A Hole by James Sarjent

Fairytale v Hectic Life

There’s A Hole by James Sarjent is a contemporary novella with a fairytale feel to it. It is part of the Sarjent Family Chronicles.

A forty year old mystery is unearthed after children dig in the garden. This runs parallel with day to day life. This is hectic with four small children and resonated with me as I too, had four children. Nicknames as a term of endearment help to bring an air of familiarity to the reader.

Through comprehensive descriptions, the reader sees a snapshot of daily life. We sense the busyness and chaotic nature of life. As well as the excitement as nothing seems to faze young minds.

The mystery is very fairytale-like as it interrupts daily life every now and then for updates.

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Poems For All Occasions by Linda Mangram

Perfect For Life

Poems For All Occasions by Linda Mangram is a wonderful collection of poems, grounded in faith. All are written in rhyming couplets and are of various lengths. The reader is in for a real treat.

The poems fall into three categories – Inspirational or encouragement, on the lighter side and family and friends. Every poem has an illustration and the date and a sentence to say why it was written.

I am sure you will have your favourites. I have two – God’s Answers and Jesus. Both just ‘spoke’ to me.

This collection is perfect for personal reflection or for use in life groups to reflect and discuss. There is sure to be one for any occasion.

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The Girl At The End Of The Road by K.A. Hitchins

Fingerprints Of God

The Girl At The End Of The Road by K.A. Hitchins is a powerful contemporary novel about life, our motivations and priorities. It is a beautiful read about friendship and being true to ourselves.

Too often life is a performance. We play a role to fit in, adapting to different circumstances. What happens when the role we are playing no longer exists? When it is time for total honesty, only to discover that we do not like the person we have become?

The novel is about identity. “What was I without my work?” Our identity is not to be found in our job. Our identity is to be found in knowing whose we are. “You are more than the things you own and the job you do.” Our core values are important. We need to examine our motivations.

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21 Days Of Love by Kathy Ide

Celebrating Love

21 Days Of Love by Kathy Ide is a celebration of love – 21 stories by well known Christian authors, all unique, all delightful.

Love happens at all stages of life – from the very young to the very old. Love is not just romantic love. Love can appear in many forms. This book celebrates all different kinds of love. “True joy came with showing love.”

The greatest love of all is the love of God. This delightful book celebrates His love. It is a love that keeps on giving. A love that never leaves us. A love that pursues us.

Following each story, there is a ‘life application’ section with Bible verses and suggestions as to how we can live out God’s love.

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