Secrets In Pelican Crossing by Maggie Christensen

Living Life

Secrets In Pelican Crossing by Maggie Christensen is the most charming contemporary novel that warmed my heart. It is the second book in the Pelican Crossing series but can be read as a stand-alone. For maximum enjoyment, I recommend reading book one first for your introduction to the Pelican Crossing community.

Pelican Crossing is just up the coast from Bellbird Bay. Readers of that delightful series will be familiar with characters and locations that also pop up in this book.

This is a book about families. Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We meet a newly widowed lady and her five year old son, both of whom have been left with PTSD. Help comes in many different forms including the grandfather and a puppy called Bluey. Bluey bonds with his little owner. It is beautiful to witness, as is the growing bond between grandfather and grandson.

There is also a divorcee with two grown up daughters. They have a loving bond. We witness that the age of fifty is pivotal. It can be a time for new beginnings.

As well as new beginnings, we see a past that must be faced. What began as shame many years ago, is now a blessing.

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Fury by Steffani Webb (introduced by Ronie Kendig)

Fast Paced Thriller

Fury by Steffani Webb, introduced by Ronie Kendig is a fabulous Christian suspense that I really enjoyed. It is the fourth book in A Breed Apart: Legacy series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed hearing about familiar faces.

Steffani Webb has produced a tense thriller that had my heart racing and teeth clenched as I read through the fast-paced action.

The novel is mainly set in Abu Dhabi but also briefly in America. It is easy to picture the hot, dusty atmosphere as we alternate between glitz and glamour with grey, barren rooms.

All the characters were well drawn and easy to empathise with. Fury, aa working dog, is a character in his own right. Whilst being potentially dangerous, he is a big softie with those that he trusts.

We see the importance of trusting God, even when God seems silent. “God hasn’t abandoned me, even if I feel like it sometimes.” God is always beside us. He never leaves us to face life alone. His plan is best. We can trust God in the dark as well as in the light.

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The Secret Hotel In Berlin by Catherine Hokin

Back Where She Belongs

The Secret Hotel In Berlin by Catherine Hokin is a powerful dual timeline historical novel that I read in just two sittings.

The action is set in Berlin, mostly surrounding a hotel, during World War II and in 1990. The hotel was a favourite of Hitler and the leading Nazis in the war years, then fell into Soviet hands as it was in East Berlin. After the wall came down in 1989, it was privately purchased. Now it has the opportunity to be renovated and brought back to life.

Walls came down in hearts too in 1990. Families torn apart by the Soviet controlled East Berlin, had erected walls to protect hearts but it had the opposite effect and actually hurt hearts. Now these hardened hearts need to be softened, renovated and brought back to life. Now is the time to build bridges instead of walls.

Sacrificial love was a major theme. There was love that let go, in order that others might thrive. The love remained when all else was gone. The memories remained. And a hope for restoration one day remained.

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Let The Purring Begin: Sapphire’s Tale by Sallie Cochren

A Cats Eye View

Let The Purring Begin: Sapphire’s Tale by Sallie Cochran is a most charming contemporary novel and purr-fect for any cat-lover, whatever your age.

Sapphire’s Tale is told from the point of view of Sapphire, a rescue cat and is in the first person. It is as if the author has jumped inside Sapphire’s head and read her thoughts. As a crazy cat lady, I really felt like Sapphire was narrating the story.

We hear how Sapphire was dumped, wandered the streets and found a home. Her tale is very similar to my rescued cat’s story – also found wandering the streets of Coventry with kittens and she was under a year old.

There is a beautiful bond between owner, Sapphire and her kittens. The owner has a huge heart for animals in need of a home.

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