Misstletoe Mishaps by various

Heart Warming

Misstletoe Mishaps is a marvelous collection of five Christian historical novellas. All are warm and welcoming, infusing the reader with the festive spirit. There are some very light-hearted, fun moments too. The stories are set in Scotland, Ireland and America, ranging from 1880 to 1959. This wonderful collection will warm your heart and leave you smiling.

One Groom Is Not Enough by Anne Greene is a charming, fun and light-hearted tale concerning the time constricted hunt for a marriage partner. There is a wonderful camaraderie among the characters. We see the value of good friendships and good family relationships. It is positively delightful.

Victoria’s Value by Kimberly Grist is a delightfully amusing match making tale. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The characters are realistic and fun. This charming tale will bring a smile to your face as you discover the true meaning of Christmas.

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The Heart Of The Midwife by various

New Lives

The Heart Of The Midwife is a delightful collection of four Christian novellas that will warm your heart. They are all set at the end of the nineteenth century.

The themes are all similar as young women attempt to bring babies into the world. They meet various opposition from pompous men to aging women practicing voodoo. The love for the poor shines through as the young women become the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of Jesus. Faith is strong as God is able to guide us and protect us from our fears.

This is a positively charming quartet of tales.

Love’s Charm by Cynthia Hickey is an absolutely charming tale. I found the setting very reminiscent of Walnut Grove in Little House On The Prairie. The community pulls together and is warm and welcoming. There is some match making as the new midwife enters the small community, as well as some opposition for a young, unmarried midwife. The whole story is light-hearted and positively delightful.

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A Surprise Christmas Wedding by Phillipa Ashley

Of Snow And Tractors

A Surprise Christmas Wedding by Phillipa Ashley is a most delightful contemporary novel that will make you feel festive.

The novel is set in the Lake District in the lead up to Christmas. Phillipa Ashley has perfectly captured the scene as we ‘walk’ through woods near Keswick. Her characters are wonderfully drawn, warm and welcoming. The reader really feels included in the novel.

We witness the importance of family – family that is there to support you through thick and thin. When cracks appear in relationships, they need to be mended because family is what really matters – from the oldest to the youngest – including a dog called Trevor and a wonderful pair of five year old twins who will delight the reader. Their mannerisms have been perfectly captured by the author.

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The Good Bear by Sarah Lean

Simply Charming

The Good Bear by Sarah Lean is a simply charming novel for ages nine years and over. It is perfect to read in the run up to Christmas or indeed for any time of year to swell your heart with love and care.

The novel is magical as you try to work out, could this tale be true? Told on flashbacks to 1978 when the mother telling the tale was twelve years old, the reader becomes completely absorbed in the story.

We all want to be loved and to belong. Animals are no exception. An ill-treated bear and a young girl bond together in search of love. It is beautiful to watch the love develop.

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