Don’t Tell Teacher by Suzy K Quinn

Utterly Brilliant

Don’t Tell Teacher by Suzy K Quinn is a totally gripping contemporary psychological read that I just could not put down. I read it with heart racing to the conclusion. It truly was marvelous.

Suzy K Quinn created an eclectic mix of characters, all unique with their individual personalities. The action is seen from various points of view as it alternates between present day and recent past.

How well do we know people? Do we really know what goes on behind closed doors? Can you spot the truth from the lies? These are all questions raised by the novel.

The reader enters the world of social workers and troubled children. The latter need lots of help and the former are over loaded with paperwork. We see the effect of this on the staff. For some, all paperwork must be completed. For others, it is children first. “I’d rather help children than tick boxes.” These troubled children took up residence in my heart.

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The Oldest Enemy by Michael J Webb

A Spiritual Battle Reigns

The Oldest Enemy by Michael J Webb is a complex Christian novel about the spiritual battle between good and evil. It is a battle that has been raging since the dawn of time. The Oldest Enemy is grounded in historical facts that Michael J Webb has blended with his imagination to produce a tale that consumes.

The novel shows there is a very real spiritual battle as a character made an oath with the Prince of Darkness. Evil cannot be defeated in our human strength. We must call on the name of Jesus. “Rely upon our Lord … and you will not fail.”

The novel is covered with the love of God. The God who whispered names in the Bible still whispers names today. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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The Good For Nothing Boy by Jocelyn Soriano

You Are Loved

The Good For Nothing Boy by Jocelyn Soriano is a charming children’s tale just perfect for ages eight and above. It is a tale to read to your grandchildren or children or to let more confident readers read to them self.

The story follows a boy with no name and seemingly no purpose in life, abandoned by his mother. With the help of a firefly the boy searches for his purpose. He meets many unique characters along the way, each with their own unique gift. Hearts are opened and lives are changed as lessons are learnt.

The moral of the story is to be just who God created you to be. You are unique and you are loved. Bloom just where God has planted you. He loves you just the way you are.

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She Walks In Love by MaryLu Tyndale

More Than We Can See

She Walks In Love by MaryLu Tyndale is a Christian medieval adventure with the love of God at its heart. It is the second book in the Protectors of The Spear series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This is a novel that will consume you from the start as you journey with the characters through the novel. It is a good old fashioned fight against evil.

Life is a spiritual battle. There is so much more than we can see, hear and touch. The forces of darkness rage against the light but the light still shines in the darkness. The darkness will not reign as God has already defeated it. Some battles cannot be won by pure physical strength alone. We need to put on the armor of God, stand firm and remember His truths. There are “entities that could not be defeated by sword or arrow, but only by the Word of God and the name of Jesus.” Prayer is our most powerful weapon. “Lord if you’re there…” Jesus walks alongside us and is only a prayer away at all times.

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