Fun With Frank by Yvonne Franks


Fun With Frank by Yvonne Franks is the most delightful book for the under fives (or for anyone who loves dogs). The book documents the antics of Frank, a black Labrador puppy.

The reader is introduced to Frank, his owners and two cats. We learn what he likes, including cuddles with Mum and watching football with Dad.

The whole book is beautifully presented with a photo on each page and a sentence of simple writing. Children will be mesmerised for hours. Frank is a dog who appeals to all with his big, beautiful eyes.

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Coast Hospital by Bernard Wendelin

Slices Of Life

Coast Hospital by Bernard Wendelin is an entertaining book set in a hospital in Australia.

The reader is introduced to a variety of characters who work in the hospital and patients who are just passing through. There is an eclectic mix such as you would find in any workplace with one exception – Sister P who previously passed in the hospital but now wanders its’ corridors. She brings calm and healing.

The book is a highly entertaining read and rather humorous at times. It captures activities within a hospital as we see slices of lives.

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A Day For Bones by Dale E Lehman

Yesterday Meets Today

A Day For Bones by Dale E Lehman is the fourth book in the Howard County Mysteries and an absolutely thrilling read.

Once more Dale Lehman has cleverly constructed and executed a thinking man’s crime suspense. He is a masterful storyteller as he weaves his plot. The reader is kept on their toes, trying to predict the outcome.

We are drawn in from the start when a flood throws up some surprising artefacts. As cold cases are resurrected, Rick Peller once more sets out to solve crimes, past and present, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Feuding families, hidden secrets and tight lips can all be found within A Day For Bones. It takes brains, dedication and team work to solve the case.

Rick Peller is a realistically drawn and likable main character. He is not perfect but he has a good heart, and works relentlessly and tirelessly to solve cases. He believes in justice but is fair and champions the underdog.

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An Ocean Apart by Sarah Lee

A Brave New World

An Ocean Apart by Sarah Lee is a marvellous historical novel that I just could not put down.

The novel is set in 1954 as we follow three young women from the Caribbean to England to train as nurses in the fairly new NHS. We witness the bravery needed to cross the ocean.

Nursing is a profession requiring high standards. We follow the new recruits through exams and ward rotations. Everyone has different gifts – some are good with children or in maternity or on the psych ward. Whichever their area of expertise, we witness the dedication, hard work and care needed.

Britain at the time was emerging into a new world. The Windrush generation were here. They were greeted with warmth and love on the whole but there were pockets of ugly racism and ignorance. The girls all have varying personalities and support each other. The reader witnesses, with horror, the lengths some will go to with their prejudice.

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