Never Give Up Hope: Waging War With Cancer by Craig Davis

Fear Doesn’t Stand A Chance When I Stand In Your Love

Never Give Up Hope: Waging War With Cancer by Craig Davis – wow what a powerful testimony of a family battling cancer. Craig Davis shows tremendous faith and courage as he puts his life into the hands of God. Craig Davis’ battle built trust and faith in God. As you read this book, may your trust and faith in God grow.

Miracles still happen. “Miracles… force us into a decision.” We either choose to believe or we don’t but either way, our choice does not negate the miracle.

Craig Davis realises with hindsight, that even when he was not walking with God, God was still preparing the groundwork for later in his life. “God was at work and we did not even realise it.” God will relentlessly pursue us until we make a decision for Him. “I was running from the life Jesus wanted me to live. But God kept after me.” God never gives up on us.

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The Surrogate by Louise Jenson

Don’t Tell

The Surrogate by Louise Jenson is a contemporary psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat as your heart races to the conclusion – definitely a ‘wow, wow, wow’ moment. I really did not spot the ending coming.

As I read The Surrogate I prided myself that I ‘knew’ exactly what was happening – how wrong was I?! Louise Jenson cleverly drew me in before releasing me down a dead end road. She is a very talented author and I have the utmost respect for her ability to weave a tale.

The action alternates between ‘now’ and ‘then’ from differing points of view. It is all very cleverly done.

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Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

True Wealth

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng is a contemporary novel about life, families, truth and lies.

The novel was a consuming read. I found it a slow burn at first but very quickly it became a ‘wow’ read.

Families are complicated affairs, especially where teenagers are concerned. The reader witnesses sibling rivalry, the pushing of boundaries, first love and the implications that follow.

People are hiding secrets. Some secrets will break them if they come out but the burden of carrying them is heavy.

How much can money buy? Some characters seem to think that money talks and they can buy anything – but money cannot buy you a loving relationship. The richest person in the novel has very little money but a heart full of love for her daughter and the vulnerable and the hurting.

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The Veil by Blake K Healy

Pressing Into God

The Veil by Blake K Healy is a powerful Christian book about living within the spiritual realm. There is the personal testimony of the author as well as a narrative showing how to receive this spiritual gift from God.

It is important to know who you are in God and what He says about you and over you. We need to press into our relationship with God. “Knowing who you are in Christ determines how you think.” We need to focus our minds on God. “Make your relationship with God the core of your identity.” Let His word be the fragrance in our lives. “When you’re a child of God, you change everything you touch.”

There are things that may keep us from hearing God, such as fear and unforgiveness. The enemy wants to keep us from God but he has no power over us. “Demons have no authority over you unless you give it to them.” Our identity is in Jesus and what He says about us.

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