The Lost Girl In Paris by Jina Bacarr

Never Again

The Lost Girl In Paris by Jina Bacarr is a powerful dual timeline novel that will break your heart.

The story is set in 2003 and also during World War II in Europe. The chapters alternate between the two time periods as an octogenarian relates her wartime experiences. The reader witnesses the determination and bravery to survive.

Surviving the war naturally traumatizes a character who has kept silent for years but realizes now is the time to share her story in memory of those who died and in the hope that it never again happens.

Life in Ravensbruck, Auschwitz and Dachau was hell on earth but there were pockets of kindness which needed to be grabbed and memories held on to.

There were not just Jews in the camps but political prisoners and gypsies. The leading character is a French gypsy who refuses to deny her rich heritage.

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Utterly Amazed by Miriam Davis

Treasures In The Darkness

Utterly Amazed by Miriam Davis is a powerful book about the author’s life in and calling to Japan. What began as a two year placement in 1975 turned into forty two years of service until retirement called.

We witness the faithfulness of  Miriam Davis to the call of God, and also the faithfulness of God to Miriam Davis. We need to live lives so in tune with God that when He calls, we will hear Him. “Never forget that God is with you.”

Sometimes we cannot ‘feel’ God but “God was still there even when I could not sense Him.” There are times when God seems quiet but He is still working.

The author has a heart for Japan and for introducing people to Jesus. Sometimes the seeds she plants may not come to fruition for many years. Miriam Davis spreads the light and love of Jesus wherever she goes. “Christians are not called to stay home in comfort.”

To follow the calling of God often takes a step of faith. We step out, only seeing the first step but in due course and at just the right time, God will illuminate our path.

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Broken Together by Brenda S and Sarah S Anderson

The Guiding Light

Broken Together by Brenda S and Sarah S Anderson is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel and part of the Mosaic Collection.

The novel follows a family that are broken apart by a false accusation. We see that when we are broken, we need to rely on God to get us through. When we cannot stand in our own strength, we need to kneel and press into Him.

Prayer is vital. “I give my prayer muscles a workout every day.” Prayer needs to be exercised for it to grow. The longer we spend in prayer, the more intimate we will become with God. “She prayed as if Jesus sat right beside them.”

Sometimes it feels as if God isn’t listening. “God hadn’t listened to those prayers, why would He start listening now?” God is listening but He is waiting too. Sometimes we need to be broken apart before we can be put back together. “You’ve worn yourself thin… It’s time to get on your knees and let God do the fighting for you.” God fights our toughest battles. We just need to fully surrender to Him.

God can use all our situations for good for those who love Him. “Prison may have broken him, but God had pieced him together.” When we are down to nothing, God is up to something.

Walls are no barrier to God. “Prison walls couldn’t keep God away.” There is no pit so deep that God cannot be found sitting beside us. No one is ever too far from God. “ ‘I’m just a screw-up’… ‘Exactly the kind of man God uses for His good.’ “ God does some of His best work with broken vessels.

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Camp Survival by Olly Goldenberg

Utterly Brilliant

Camp Survival by Olly Goldenberg is a unique Christian book just perfect for ages ten years and over. It is a book about friendship and bullies and choices – and over it all is the wisdom and love of God for all His children.

God wants us to make good choices. We will always have the choice to do the right thing. Our choices always have consequences.

Throughout the book there are snippets of scripture that are relevant to the different situations we find ourselves in.

We see the importance of prayer, even praying for our enemies. Even when we feel we are alone, God has not left us. He walks alongside us. We also see the importance of being a good friend.

As Christians we need to spread the Good News of Jesus to all our friends.

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