War Of The Heart by Jenna Victoria

A Final Wish

War Of The Heart by Jenna Victoria is the most delightful Christian romance that really spoke to my heart.

Two time settings – present day and London 1940 and a rift to heal, make for exciting reading. The atmosphere of the blitz has been perfectly captured – the devastation, the fear, the bulldog spirit and even the hope. “The battlefield had become in one sense their mission field.” Everyone, everywhere needs to hear of the hope that is found in Jesus. The wartime spirit bounced off the pages as people banded together. They gave out of their poverty.

Dreams were a theme. Sometimes we take on the pressure of other people’s dreams in order to not disappoint. We need to identify our God given dreams and live them out.

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Season Of Hope by Sara Jane Jacobs

Blooming And Growing

Season Of Hope by Sara Jane Jacobs is a beautiful Christian story about loyalty, friendship and growing up. I was enthralled with it and could not put it down.

The opening really draws the reader in with its hint of threat and menace. The novel then moves to sometime in the past and the reader feels a build up of tension as we wonder, when will the opening scene be repeated?

God is a God who answers prayer, no matter how young or old we are. “A seed of friendship was planted, God not only answered the prayers of a little girl but He answered the prayers of a little boy too.” He doesn’t always answer as we want Him too but He gives us something far greater.

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Guide Me Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer

A Legacy Worth Protecting

Guide Me Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer is a delightful Christian historical romance. Fact meets fiction as Kim Vogel Sawyer weaves the real Mammoth Caves into the tale.

The story has warm and welcoming characters with huge hearts. They have little in the form of material wealth but are rich in their knowledge of God.

There is a difference between knowing God and knowing about God. Having a relationship with God means trusting Him in the good and the bad times. In our weakness, we can lean on Him. “They’re strong… because they know who gives strength to the weak.”

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Freedom by Joy Ohagwu

New Creations

Freedom by Joy Ohagwu is a contemporary Christian suspense. It is the seventh book in the New Rulebook series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Freedom continues the story of the Towers as Robert is fighting a presidential campaign. God is very much at the centre of the novel. In Him we are new creations, no matter what our past. God has redeemed us and if we recognise His calling on our lives, we will be much richer.

The past has the power to affect our future. Joy Ohagwu shows how we need to rob the past of its power by submitting our lives to God. “I won’t clutch the rags of my past when a glorious future awaits at His feet.” We need to trust God and follow His plan for our lives. We need to be “trusting God in chaos.”

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