Love In Pictures by Alexis Goring

Misunderstandings And Prejudice

Love In Pictures by Alexis Goring is a delightful contemporary Christian romance. Alexis Goring always writes fiction that warms the heart whilst addressing relevant issues in today’s world.

There is the theme of prejudice. “Everyone deserves to be judged by the content of their character and not their skin colour.” Bad experiences in the past have broken through to affect attitudes. Stereotyping compounds the prejudiced outlook.

Character links to this. It is the state of a person’s heart that is important. The inside is far more crucial than the outside.

Misunderstandings arise due to jumping to conclusions. It is always important to talk.

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A Christmas To Remember by Rebecca Moesta

Dear Santa…

A Christmas To Remember by Rebecca Moesta is a perfectly delightful contemporary Christmas romance. A real treat to be read at any time of year. It is based on a Hallmark movie.

Christmas is a time for memories – old and new- but what happens if you have no memory? The novel shows a search to belong and to discover who we are. It is about finding ourselves and our loved ones.

The effect of the media on our lives is not always for the good. She “believed she needed to be perfect to be loved.” What a sad attitude. The media portrays perfection as they see it but it is not real. Life is about being a lovely person on the inside and that will then shine out. Real life is chaotic and messy. We need to be real in all that we do.

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Ivy And Abe by Elizabeth Enfield

In Another Life…

Ivy And Abe by Elizabeth Enfield is a most unusual story with a unique plotline that I really enjoyed. It was very different from anything I had ever read.

“Life is a series of moments.” It seems like a game of chance as we interact with different people at different times. Our lives intersect but just a minute of difference in time and it could be a whole new story. The novel follows Ivy and Abe as they meet at different times, different scenarios play out. It was all very cleverly done.

The characters were extremely likable. Their unique bond was visible throughout.

I certainly had my favourite scenario. I wonder which one yours will be?

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The Silver Shoes by Jill G Hall

Follow Your Heart

The Silver Shoes by Jill G Hall is a really fun and light hearted feel good historical and contemporary read. With a dual timeline of 1929 and present day, the reader is in for a real treat.

Subtle overlaps of the stories entice the reader to believe that the past is not dead but alive and breaking through every now and again.

Both time periods have strong female characters that get caught up in the conventions of the day. A woman’s role in 1929 was subservient to her father or husband. “I’ll take care of you until you get married then it will be your husband’s responsibility.” Trying to break out of the traditional roles required guts and determination.

Present day sees marriage as the fulfilment but what will you do if convention silences your muse?

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