Her Generous Billionaire by Juliette Duncan

Second Chances

Her Generous Billionaire by Juliette Duncan is a charming Christian romance. The setting is Australia where the climate is as warm and welcoming as the action.

The novel revolves around the love of God. To live and love like Jesus is the motivator for actions. “She’s a woman of faith who lives her life for God no matter what she’s feeling.” We may be trapped in earthly bodies that are racked with pain but we can still live for Jesus.

God’s Word is alive. When one becomes a new Christian it is exciting to study His Word. May we never lose the passion for hearing the Word of God. As we hear His Word we get to know the Author. Familiar passages of scripture give fresh insight each time we read them.

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The Tender Years by T.K. Chapin

Faithful God

The Tender Years by T.K. Chapin is a contemporary Christian novel that concerns the subjects of infertility and fostering.

T.K. Chapin is not afraid to tackle relevant issues that may be sensitive and painful. He covers them with God’s love showing that life can be hard even when we get our heart’s desire. Fostering is difficult as traumatised children need love, care and time to heal.

Marriage is a partnership. Sometimes when life is challenging, cracks begin to appear. We must seek help from our pastor, brothers and sisters in Christ and professional bodies. T.K. Chapin sensitively and lovingly portrays a marriage in trouble. He shows the need for the love of our church and for prayer teams to gather round us.

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How To Say Goodbye by Katy Collins

Amazing Grace

How To Say Goodbye by Katy Collins is a beautiful contemporary novel about death and learning to live again. It is a novel that will make you cry and it will make you smile. It will certainly tug at your heartstrings.

There are a wonderful mix of unique characters united by their loss. Death affects us all. We never really ‘get over it’ but we have to learn to live with a new ‘normal’. The characters can bloom again. They (and the reader too) learn the importance of talking about your feelings in a safe place where people care for you. “I want to know… when I’m going to start feeling happy again.”

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Her Kind-Hearted Billionaire by Juliette Duncan

Love And Grace

Her Kind-Hearted Billionaire by Juliette Duncan is a delightful contemporary Christian romance and the first in a new series. The story is charming and covered by the love of God.

The main themes are of mission and trafficking. The novel is mainly set in Australia but moves to Cambodia and Thailand. Here the effects of trafficking are keenly felt on young girls and boys. People, called by God, want to make a difference. The reader sees that both time and money is needed to help change traumatised lives.

The novel is also about dealing with the effects of loss. When we lose a loved one it may “seem that all of your dreams died.” We have to learn to live again and we have to learn not to feel guilty when we smile again. “You are allowed to be happy again.”

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