The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley

Kantrimen (Family)

The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley is a marvellous epic historical and contemporary tale. In this book the reader follows Ce-Ce’s search for her roots. This takes the reader to the hot, dry climate of the Australian outback both in the modern era and a hundred years earlier. We ‘experience’ the unrelenting sun and the vast open spaces.

The reader learns about the Aborigines and some of their traditions. They are fiercely loyal and dedicated to their friends. The native Australians suffer racial prejudice. Children of mixed race are rejected by white Australians.

The novel examines the plight of orphans. There are some huge, kind hearts who open their homes to those in need.

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Dead Memories by Angela Marsons

Pandora’s Box

Dead Memories by Angela Marsons is a marvellous, well thought out contemporary crime novel. It is the tenth book in the D.I. Kim Stone series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This was my first book by Angela Marsons and I was gripped – partly due to the action all being set in the Black Country which is where my roots are. I loved knowing and being able to picture the locations – especially the old Cradley Heathens Dudley Wood stadium where I used to watch speedway with my Dad and brothers on the back straight when our team Coventry were there. The familiar locations really helped the novel come alive for me.

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Love’s Belief by Linda Shenton Matchett

One By One

Love’s Belief by Linda Shenton Matchett is a Christian historical novel set in Germany in 1943. It is the third book in the Wartime Brides series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This is a powerful book about having the courage and faith to stand up against the forces of evil. We have to trust God’s plans for our lives in the midst of this evil. “I have seen the worst man has to offer.” We must trust that God will deliver us but even if He does not, we will trust Him anyway.

Nazi Germany was a dangerous place to be. Walls had ears. Hitler must not be criticised but some brave souls “stood up for what they believed in.” Some physically stood, whilst others worked tirelessly in the background. When God spoke, He could be trusted. “Why would God speak to them, but not to him?” Sometimes our hurts and fears prevent us from hearing God but that does not mean He is not speaking to us.

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Don’t Tell Teacher by Suzy K Quinn

Utterly Brilliant

Don’t Tell Teacher by Suzy K Quinn is a totally gripping contemporary psychological read that I just could not put down. I read it with heart racing to the conclusion. It truly was marvelous.

Suzy K Quinn created an eclectic mix of characters, all unique with their individual personalities. The action is seen from various points of view as it alternates between present day and recent past.

How well do we know people? Do we really know what goes on behind closed doors? Can you spot the truth from the lies? These are all questions raised by the novel.

The reader enters the world of social workers and troubled children. The latter need lots of help and the former are over loaded with paperwork. We see the effect of this on the staff. For some, all paperwork must be completed. For others, it is children first. “I’d rather help children than tick boxes.” These troubled children took up residence in my heart.

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