Christmas At The Cat Cafe by Jessica Redland

Purrfectly Wonderful

Christmas At The Cat Café by Jessica Redland is the most wonderful contemporary festive offering that I just could not get enough of. I think Jessica Redland wrote her book just for me! I am a crazy cat lady who also has fibromyalgia. I like nothing better than to be surrounded by cats whilst wearing cat themed clothing! I talk to every cat I meet. I adored all of our cats and miss those who are now running free over Rainbow Bridge.

Christmas At The Cat Café spoke to my heart and soul. I ‘lived’ the role of the lead character. My heart broke at one stage and tissues were definitely needed!

Another thing that helped me step into the role was the cats’ names. I too, had a Smudge and a Marmalade. Sadly, now both are running free over Rainbow Bridge.

I identified with the lead character and the way she viewed fibromyalgia. She echoes everything that I feel and do about the very misunderstood fibromyalgia. I see myself with brain fog, aching limbs, restless limbs and more. Hopefully after Jessica Redland’s marvellous book, more people will have an understanding of fibro.

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The Gingerbread House In Mistletoe Gardens by Jaimie Admans

Believe In Me

The Gingerbread House In Mistletoe Gardens by Jaimie Admans is a perfectly charming contemporary festive offering that left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

The novel is very community minded as the residents band together to save Mistletoe Gardens.

This is the essence of Christmas in a book – from gingerbread houses to mulled wine to mistletoe – the festive season comes alive under the artistic pen of Jaimie Admans.

Some characters are hiding from life. Some have erected walls around their hearts as past pain still hurts. Others are hiding physical scars.

We see characters getting to know each other. “Eyes don’t make someone attractive, personality does.” Kindness is always a very attractive feature.

We witness the cruelty of dementia. How hurtful it is when our loved ones do not remember us. “She might not know you, but she can sense love.” Our loved ones may forget us but they will not forget how we make them feel. Love shines through.

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The Baby Left Behind by Jen Craven


The Baby Left Behind by Jen Craven is a totally gripping tale that consumed me from the start. I ‘lived’ through the book as I clung on for an emotional roller coaster read.

The book is about motherhood and the desire for a baby. It seems most unfair that some women get pregnant so easily whilst for others it is a struggle or even impossible. All the carefully laid plans amount to nothing.

In contrast to the full preparation of some, we see a woman thrust unexpectedly into motherhood.

Both women have bonds with a baby. Both women elicit feelings of empathy from the reader. Both women cannot win – there will always be a loser. Where will your sympathies lie?

We see the bonds between mothers and daughters. No matter how old we get, there is nothing a mother will not do for her daughter. There are no regrets just armfuls of love.

Sibling rivalry exists into adulthood. There seems to be the golden girl and the other one. However, when the chips are down, new bonds are formed as a family pulls together.

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In From The Cold by Sarah Bennett

A Warm Welcome

In From The Cold by Sarah Bennett is a most charming contemporary novel. It is the second book in the Juniper Meadows series but can be read as a stand-alone.

I thoroughly enjoyed my return visit and meeting up with familiar faces. The love and care shine through the novel.

We see that we are not destined to repeat the sins of the fathers. We can break free from their stronghold. It is never too late to have a fresh start.

It is important to follow our dreams and not live out the life that others thrust upon us.

Everyone has natural talents. We need to develop our talents and nurture our giftings.

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