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Seven Reflections From The Ocean by Marion Ueckermann


Seven Reflections From The Ocean by Marion Ueckermann is a collection of sea themed devotions that really focus the mind on the awesomeness of our God. It is part of the In All Things boxed set with thirteen weeks of devotions.

God is in charge of the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of you and me. As we journey through life, we can see His footprints in our lives. He guides us through storms. He is our anchor and He leads us through the fog.

Marion Ueckermann has produced seven powerful devotions that will speak into our lives.

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An Ivy Hill Christmas by Julie Klassen

A Festive Flavour

An Ivy Hill Christmas by Julie Klassen is a delightful Christian historical novella. It is part of the Tales From Ivy Hill series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The story is set in 1822 in England. At times it was reminiscent of A Christmas Carol and also Pride And Prejudice but it is a perfectly wonderful tale in its own right. Snow, the festive season and Ivy Hill all blend together to tantalise the reader’s imagination.

I loved catching up with old and meeting new faces. Love and welcome abound throughout. Lives are transformed from icy indifference to care. Philanthropic hearts are huge as people are rescued from their situations. This is a motif for god as He rescues us from a life of disconnection from Him as He draws us close to His heart.

It is not good to live with an eye on the past and a heart full of unforgiveness. We need to forgive and exchange a heart of stone for a heart of flesh.

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Yorkshire Lass by J. Carol Nemeth

A Smashing Debut

Yorkshire Lass by J. Carol Nemeth is a Christian historical romantic suspense and a fabulous debut novel.

The reader travels to the heart of the Dales in 1918 – as this is my favourite place I just revelled in the scenery as I ‘walked’ through the novel. I loved the landscape of Aysgarth Falls.

The First World War is over but there is still the poverty and many widows and orphans to help. The Bible tells us to take care of them and we witness characters living out their faith.

The strong faith of the young is beautiful to witness. “These children prayed in faith believing God would answer their prayers.” They pray with unwavering certainty that God hears and God responds. Oh that we all had that level of faith.

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The Extraordinary Hope Of Dawn Brightside by Jessica Ryn

A Breath Of Fresh Air

The Extraordinary Hope Of Dawn Brightside by Jessica Ryn is a wonderful feel-good contemporary novel about love and friendship that will leave you smiling and full of hope. When you know Dawn Brightside, the world looks sunnier.

All the characters are delightfully drawn and realistic. Dawn Brightside is a breath of fresh air. She is always positive, lighting up lives and rooms wherever she goes. She makes the world a better place.

The novel surrounds St Judes hostel for the homeless. Here, people from all walks of life come together and function as a family. Life has dealt some rough hands but in St Judes there is always hope.

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