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Cleansed By Death by Catherine Finger

Hard Questions For God

Cleansed-by-Death-Cleansed By Death by Catherine Finger is book number one in the Jo Oliver series. It is a contemporary Christian thriller.

The novel deals with the search for a serial killer led by female police chief Jo Oliver. Jo is also searching for God, and God is searching for Jo. Jo sees a lot of bad in the world and she has some tough questions for God – such as where is He when bad things happen? And why doesn’t He stop the evil? Catherine Finger shows that it’s ok for Christians to have questions. Some things we will never know the answer to this side of heaven. During the hard times God never leaves us, He walks alongside us.

There is the area of growth within Cleansed By Death. It is during the trying and testing times that our characters grow and our relationship with God can strengthen if we choose to lean on Him.

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Uncommon Ground by Joy Ohagwu

Faith Versus Fear

Uncommon GroundUncommon Ground by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian thriller. It is the first book in the Pleasant Hearts series.

Prayer is a major theme within the novel. Sometimes prayer is our only course of action as events spiral out of control. Prayer does not have to be long and elaborate. It is simply talking to God.

The novel also deals with the area of faith versus fear. If one focuses on God and trusts Him, then fear will lose its power.

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The Lost Truth by T K Chapin

Grounded In God

The Lost TruthThe Lost Truth by T K Chapin is a contemporary Christian novel and the first in a new series.

There are many themes but the main one is God’s love. God loves each and every one of us. Even when we mess up, God still loves us and His grace covers us.

Linked in to the theme of God’s love is the subject of fathers. God is our perfect heavenly father and He loves us unconditionally. Earthly fathers are not so perfect but within the book, the reader sees the lengths that Clay goes to to try to be a perfect father.

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She Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt

Love Covers All

She Always Wore RedShe Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt is the second book in the Fairlawn trilogy but can be read as a stand-alone. I however enjoyed meeting up with familiar characters and some new ones too. It is a contemporary Christian novel set in and around Fairlawn funeral home.

She Always Wore Red is a compulsive read. It made me laugh and it made me cry. And along with the characters, it strengthened my faith.

A major theme in the novel is that of prayer. Prayer is powerful as it connects us to God. But what happens when we pray and God says no? “She taught me how to thank God for unanswered prayers… because when God says no, I have to trust that His ways are perfect.” Prayer has to be tied in to trust in God. We have to trust even when we do not understand. And we have to realise that God is God and we are not.

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