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Escape From Amsterdam by Lauralee Bliss

In The Master’s Hand

Escape From Amsterdam by Lauralee Bliss is a powerful, heart-wrenching historical Christian novel that celebrates the faithfulness of God to His children, and their faith in Him.

The novel is set in the Netherlands during World War II. It was a time of great evil, and sometimes felt as if even God had left. “It looked as if God had turned His face from them.” God was not absent but walking beside His children.

There were times when characters could do nothing more but cling to their faith. “Life was a continuous walk of faith.” God would provide a way where there seemed no way, but, like Daniel in the Bible, even if He did not, they would still put their faith and hope in Him.

The faith in the story is strong. “Without faith… how does one dare to face the future?” When life seems uncertain, we can know that God is true and steadfast and we can “look to God, no matter what happens.”

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The Lost Notebook by Louise Douglas

A Compulsive Read

The Lost Notebook by Louise Douglas is a fabulous contemporary psychological thriller that drew me in from the start.

The opening is very intriguing as we ‘hear’ a voice confessing but we do not know who it is or why a course of action has been taken. The opening is the hook that beckoned me in.

The novel is part a study in grief and part crime suspense. A terrible tragedy happened before the novel opened. Grief is raw. Motherhood has been thrust on a character as two characters wade through loss. “She wished she knew how to get through this sadness… some routemap back to happiness.” Life feels as if it will never get better.

Following a sudden death, there is a search for the truth. Was it a natural happening? Or is there something more sinister at play?

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The Girl In The Picture by Terry Marsh

Cleverly Constructed & Well Executed

The Girl In The Picture by Terry Marsh is a cleverly constructed dual timeline novel that intrigued me from the start.

The novel is set in present day and 1870. Both time periods are linked by a photograph. In present day there is a search to find out who the people are in the photo. In 1870 there is also a search to fit in and find out where a character belongs.

Terry Marsh has cleverly planned out and executed the plotline. The reader knows the answers to some of the present day questions as we are privy to both time periods. Characters in present day are relentless in their search for the truth. Each answer provokes them to dig deeper.

We witness the vital role of DNA in shedding light on our pasts and our ancestors.

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Gerard Philey’s Euro-Diary: Quest For A Life

Never Give Up Hoping

Gerard Philey’s Euro-Diary: Quest For A Life by Brendan James is a light-hearted novel set out in the form of a diary from 1996. It is reminiscent of The Diary Of Adrian Mole but for adults.

The reader follows Gerard Philey from his bedsit in Walsall across Europe – mainly to Amsterdam but also to Bruges, Prague and more. It is a cosmopolitan read that opens Gerard Philey’s eyes to a totally different way of life. The English are a reserved nation especially when contrasted with the uninhibited Dutch.

We see Gerard Philey as he adapts to situations but he remains a faithful friend with a kind heart.

There are many light-hearted, humorous moments that had me laughing out loud. This is definitely a fun read that will brighten any day.

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