Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink


Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink is a fascinating book about books. I was torn between devouring it and savouring it, reading it in just two sittings. For anyone who is a reader, this is the book for you. It will awaken previous books within you whilst igniting a passion for books yet to be read.

The author is a passionate reader and has always been. I recognised myself within her. She opened with one of my favourites, C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. She talks about books that have helped and shaped her through life.

A book is never just a book. “Every book offers an invitation to open a door and find a way to another world.” As I read Dear Reader I was reminded of some of the places I have ‘visited’ in books. Books, to me, feel very ‘real’. I often find myself consumed by characters, thinking about them as if they were flesh and blood.

Reading is never a chore. Reading is “a gift that has brightened my days, expanded my horizons, and kept me company through darkest hours.” I can echo the author’s sentiments.

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Appalachian Roots Revisited by Nina Stacy Thomas

Fascinating Family Memoir

Appalachian Roots Revisited by Nina Stacy Thomas is a fascinating account of the author’s life and family.

The reader becomes acquainted with the author’s family and friends. Due to the inclusion of many photos we can put faces to names enabling the reader to draw closer to those mentioned.

I love the inclusion of recipes from Nina Stacy Thomas’ grandmother, a warm and hospitable Southern woman.

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A Yorkshire Vet: The Next Chapter by Julian Norton

A Wonderful Read

A Yorkshire Vet: The Next Chapter by Julian Norton is a fascinating look at the life of one of television’s well known and much loved vets.

Having watched The Yorkshire Vet on channel 5 since the first episode I am familiar with some of the names mentioned within the book. Putting faces to names helps the book really come to life.

Julian Norton writes as he speaks. His style is friendly, plain speaking and injected with humour and laughter. There were occasions I did laugh out loud – I shall never forget the incident with the flicking off of the fly near the eye!

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Open House by Jane Christmas

Light Hearted And Fun

Open House by Jane Christmas is a most entertaining look at moving house, renovating and exploring reasons as to why the author is a serial renovator.

Jane Christmas has lived in thirty two houses. She is a Canadian now living in Bristol. Apparently Canadians move regularly in contrast with the British who are move adverse. The say opposites attract. The Husband, who is British and doesn’t like either moving or renovating, has been uprooted from London to Bristol via Brixham! The result is very amusing as the reader looks in but the tension is palpable.

I loved Jane Christmas’ style of writing. She was warm, friendly, honest and open. It felt like reading a letter from a dear friend.

The reader gets an intimate glimpse into the author’s life. We hear about her being raped (the subject of a previous book) in 1983 which has forever defined her life since then.

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