Save Me Twice by E.A. Dustin

Powerful Yet Horrifying

Save Me Twice by E.A. Dustin is a heart wrenching historical novel set in Germany between October 1944 – October 1945. The novel is grounded in fact as it is based on the author’s father’s wartime experiences. It is a marvellous, comprehensive and horrifying read.

The author has captured the horrors of war. The novel is written from the point of view of sixteen year old Karl (the author’s father) who was conscripted into the SS as the Nazis grew ever more desperate.

Not all Germans were Nazis. As the war drew to a close, old men and young boys were forced from their homes to join the SS. It was a painful and horrifying process.

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Hidden Pearl by J.E. Laufer

Such Bravery

Hidden Pearl by J.E. Laufer is a YA inspiring true account of the author’s Mother-in-law Pearl’s experiences as a child during World War II.

Pearl was ten years old at the outbreak of war. Her family of eleven were Jewish and lived in Poland which the Nazis over-ran. Her story is one of incredible bravery and tenacity.

As a child Pearl’s best hope of survival was to hide her faith and live with strangers, doing chores. She was separated from her family, surviving on hope.

Hidden Pearl is a remarkable story of courage in one so young, at a time of great evil. Pearl never forgot her faith but hung on silently and secretly.

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Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink


Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink is a fascinating book about books. I was torn between devouring it and savouring it, reading it in just two sittings. For anyone who is a reader, this is the book for you. It will awaken previous books within you whilst igniting a passion for books yet to be read.

The author is a passionate reader and has always been. I recognised myself within her. She opened with one of my favourites, C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. She talks about books that have helped and shaped her through life.

A book is never just a book. “Every book offers an invitation to open a door and find a way to another world.” As I read Dear Reader I was reminded of some of the places I have ‘visited’ in books. Books, to me, feel very ‘real’. I often find myself consumed by characters, thinking about them as if they were flesh and blood.

Reading is never a chore. Reading is “a gift that has brightened my days, expanded my horizons, and kept me company through darkest hours.” I can echo the author’s sentiments.

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Appalachian Roots Revisited by Nina Stacy Thomas

Fascinating Family Memoir

Appalachian Roots Revisited by Nina Stacy Thomas is a fascinating account of the author’s life and family.

The reader becomes acquainted with the author’s family and friends. Due to the inclusion of many photos we can put faces to names enabling the reader to draw closer to those mentioned.

I love the inclusion of recipes from Nina Stacy Thomas’ grandmother, a warm and hospitable Southern woman.

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