The Girl Who Survived Auschwitz by Sara Leibovits & Eti Elboim

Powerful, Inspiring & Horrifying

The Girl Who Survived Auschwitz by Sara Leibovits & Eti Elboim is a powerful, inspiring and horrifying account of a sixteen year olds year spent in Auschwitz. Sara Leibovits was her name. This is her story, interspersed with memories by her daughter Eti Elboim. This is a journey to hell and back.

Sara Leibovits spent three days with eighty four people crammed into a cattle car, destination Auschwitz in May 1944. Already so much had been lost living in the ghetto, but far worse was to come.

Sara Leibovits is an amazing lady. She showed strength of character, resilience and maintained a kind heart, as she shared what little she had with those around her in Auschwitz. Her experiences make difficult reading but the reality would have been far worse – something we cannot even imagine, it’s so awful.

A loss of dignity and identity for all in Auschwitz as they were no longer known by name but by a tattooed number. Eti Elboim as her daughter affirms, “You are no longer a number.” The strong mother-daughter bond is clear for all to see.

In later years Sara Leibovits has visited Auschwitz and also spoken of her experiences to others. She has survived.

The reader hears from Eti Elboim what it is like as the second generation of an Auschwitz survivor. It was a perspective I had not read about before. I had not realized it could mean no grandparents, aunts, uncles… whole generations wiped out. Just your parents. Eti Elboim’s words are powerful and heartfelt.

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Coffins & Confetti by Ruth Graham

All You Need Is Love

Coffins And Confetti by Ruth Graham is a wonderful look at life following a Birmingham celebrant as we see funerals, weddings and general life observances.

Ruth Graham has a very personable style that feels like reading a letter from a dear friend. As we glimpse snapshots of her life, we feel incredibly privileged to see into her heart and soul. She writes with clarity and honesty, using humor too.

Funerals may be sad or seen as a celebration of life as the deceased’s family and friends remember them with love and laughter.

The funerals of the very young or those who have taken their own lives are very sad.

Marriage is the opposite side of the coin. It is a happy event if marrying for the right reasons.

Ruth Graham has a delightful open style that will appeal to all ages.

We see that life is not always rosy but if you have love, you are rich beyond measure. “We’ve only got the basics materially but… we’re rich people in love and support. Nothing else matters”, is a quote from a husband married for sixty five years.

This is an honest, enjoyable and entertaining read.

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The Boy From Block 66 by Limor Regev

Powerful – May We Never Forget

The Boy From Block 66 by Limor Regev is a powerful true tale of Moshe Kessler and his family during World War II.

Moshe Kessler was born in an area that kept swapping between being Czech or Hungarian territory. He was born in 1930 and forced to grow up very quickly under the Nazi occupation of Hungary.

We see how previously close neighbours and friends turned as the jackboots marched in.

Moshe Kessler spent over a year being transported to various concentration camps and on death marches until liberation in the spring of 1945. He had grown up in the Jewish faith but like many, he felt abandoned by God in the camps. Moshe Kessler turned his back on God, only returning to faith in later years.

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A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz

Angel Dog

A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz is the most beautiful heart-warming book about Dean and Gerda Koontz and their dog Trixie.

Trixie was an amazing golden retriever who was so much more than a dog. She was an angel in disguise, as more than one person noted.

Trixie was a remarkable dog who seemed to know and understand just what her humans were saying. She had an uncanny insight into the nature of people, knowing just who could be trusted and who couldn’t. She also seemed to be able to sense danger.

As I read through A Big Little Life, Trixie came ‘alive’ to me. Her personality bounded from the pages and into my heart. I ‘lived’ this book.

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