Smoky The Brave by Damien Lewis

Yorkie Doodle Dandy

Smoky The Brave by Damien Lewis is the true story of a brave and loyal Yorkie called Smoky who was found dirty and starving in a foxhole in a New Guinea jungle during World War II.

This is an inspiring story of the bond between Smoky and her new owner serviceman Bill Wynne. It is a story of love and loyalty, of going beyond the call of duty together.

Smoky became the mascot of the 26th Photo Recee Squadron. She and Bill Wynne were inseparable. Where he went, she went too. Along the way he taught her tricks that enthralled everyone they met. Together they faced death, disease and disaster. Together they loved with huge hearts.

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Saving Buddy by Nicola Owst

Of Love And Loyalty

Saving Buddy by Nicola Owst is the heart-warming story of the rescue and recovery of a young Staffie named Buddy who was abused.

Staffie’s get a very bad press but they are loyal and loving (I have known a few). Buddy was rescued by Nicola Owst and with her love and care he was nursed back to life. Buddy gave joy to all those around him – he also has his own Facebook page. Buddy is an ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere.

We also hear Nicola Owst’s own story. Hers was similar to Buddy’s in that she needed to be rescued from her situation. Together Buddy and Nicola Owst came back to life. They rescued each other.

I loved the inclusion of photos of Buddy. It enables the reader to make a real connection with him. I only had the photos in black and white on the kindle. I imagine the paperback version will be even better.

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A Dog Named Beautiful by Rob Kugler

The Road Home

A Dog Named Beautiful by Rob Kugler is the true story of Rob Kugler and his chocolate Labrador named Bella. Bella has cancer and this book tells of her final road trip across America. It is a time of bonding, of loving and of making the most of the time that Bella had left. “We can’t stop death… but we can change the way we live.” Rob Kugler is a caring, loving owner who wanted to make Bella’s last months memorable for her and for him. He wanted Bella to truly live. “When life isn’t all about yourself, it’s actually much easier to live.” Life was about Bella and celebrating all that was good.

Bella did not let cancer get her down. After all she did not know she had it. She lived life with gusto, vigour and enthusiasm in spite of losing her front leg to cancer. “The cancer is eating away at her body but it is not dimming her light.”

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Will You Love Me? by Barby Keel

The Price Of Love

Will You Love Me? by Barby Keel is the true story of Bailey, a greyhound in need of a forever home.

Barby Keel dedicates her life to animals in need. She has a sanctuary in Sussex. She works tirelessly on their behalf. Bailey was the worst case of animal cruelty and neglect that Barby Keen had ever seen. The descriptions of Bailey will make you cry. Man’s inhumanity to animals beggars belief.

Bailey is a fighter. Barby Keen is a fighter. It was Bailey’s fighting spirit that kept him going. It was Barby Keen’s fighting spirit that both fought for Bailey and battled her own cancer. Seeing all that Bailey went through strengthened Barby Keen to keep going. “I saw his bravery, his ability to trust me even though he had received little kindness in his life.” As they nursed each other back to health, Barby Keen knew she must one day say goodbye. Grief is a part of loving. Barby Keen’s goal was to find Bailey his forever home with people who would love him as he deserved.

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