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A Miracle For Ann by Sara Fitzgerald

Best Christmas Ever

 A Miracle For Ann by Sara Fitzgerald is a delightful Christian novella that will warm your heart as you read.

The focus of the story is two year old Ann who has autism. Having worked with teens with autism for many years, this book is very dear to my heart. Sara Fitzgerald has perfectly captured the mannerisms of a child with autism. The reader ‘feels’ the mother’s anguish and worries. A diagnosis of autism is not the end of the world.Children with autism have so much to give. “She has such great potential.”

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Until Christmas by T.K. Chapin

God Loves You. Seek Him

 Until Christmas by T.K. Chapin is a delightful Christian festive offering and part of the Potter’s House series. A perfect read for any time of year.

The main theme of the novel is that of trust. “Everything seems a mess, but I am choosing to trust You.” Even when life is falling apart,we can trust that God has a plan for our lives. Whatever is happening, God is in control. “I feel like God is so distant and quiet.” Our feelings are an unreliable gauge God is working for our good, regardless of what we are feeling.

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Silent Days, Holy Nights by Phyllis Clark Nichols

Turning The Can’ts Into Cans

Silent Days, Holy Night by Phyllis Clark Nichols is the most delightful heart-warming Christian tale that will ignite a flame in every heart. It is a tale about “a man whose heart pumps goodness” and a little girl whose heart explodes with care and compassion.

The novel shows that age is no barrier to friendship nor is gender or disability. The lead characters use sign language as one is deaf, and also in a wheelchair but lives life to the full as he quietly makes a difference in the lives of others.

Loss of hearing does not mean that a song cannot be felt. Songs can be enjoyed using other senses.

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The Power Of Music by Michael L Brown

Do You Hear The People Sing?

The Power Of Music by Michael L Brown is a comprehensive guide exploring in depth, the power of music in the secular and the Christian markets. “The God who gave us words gave us music too.” The psalms were written to be sung along with musical accompaniment. King David loved his music and was even accused of being ‘undignified’ when dancing his praises. Music has the power to move us greatly and overflows into our feet.

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