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A Bit Of Christmas by Angela K Couch and Others

Delightful And Heart Warming

ChristmasA Bit Of Christmas is a wonderful collection of six very different short stories surrounding the Christmas theme. All are totally delightful and heart warming.

I Heard The Bells by Angela K Couch is a gentle story of love and families and conflict. Conflict that divided a nation and split families apart. But will love conquer all?

The Missing Pieces by Kathleen Neely is a sweet story about life and death and Jesus. We will never be complete on this earth. We will always be missing something but one day we will be whole.

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Fateful Fall by Erin Unger

Racing Hearts

FatefulFateful Fall by Erin Unger is a Christian contemporary murder mystery and the first book in the Worthington Detective Agency series. It is a compulsive read and one that will have your heart racing as the book reaches its conclusion.

The novel has several themes including new beginnings. Everyone has a past but when they come to Jesus, they are a new creation, the old has gone. In Jesus’ eyes they are worthy and loved.

This theme links in with the theme of forgiveness. “Would God think he was worth forgiving?” Often the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. We need to deal with the past, realise we are forgiven and move into the future.

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The Lake House by Kate Morton

Searching For The Truth

LakeThe Lake House by Kate Morton is a contemporary mystery and what a marvellous read it is. It had me guessing throughout. I just could not put it down. I would come up with scenarios – each one shot down in flames! – I never did guess the ‘real’ story.

The novel has the action alternating from the early twentieth century to 1933 to 2004. There are two parallel mysteries to be solved. The story is intricately woven and the reader follows with eager anticipation.

The novel is searching for the truth. Seventy years have passed. Seventy years where the truth has been hidden. Now is the time to unearth the secrets.

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Sapphire Secrets by Dawn V Cahill

The Truth Shall Set You Free

SecretsSapphire Secrets by Dawn V Cahill is a Christian romantic novel and the first book in the Seattle trilogy. I absolutely loved it.

Sapphire Secrets is set around a mystery – twins Livy and DeeDee found their mother dead but twenty years later Livy still cannot remember exactly what happened. Though only six years old at the time, Livy suffered from PTSD. The novel shows how sufferers can continue to struggle until they get professional help. PTSD affects every area of your life including your sleeping.

The novel centres on Jesus. There is a debate between Jesus being Who He said He was or just a good man. This extends further into the religion versus relationship argument. Many people claim to be Christians but know nothing of Jesus. “Jesus Christ is a person, not a creed.”

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