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A Time To Love by Marion Ueckermann

Coming Home

A Time To Love by Marion Ueckermann is a contemporary Christian romance. It is such a delightful read. It will warm heart and leave you smiling.

There are many themes including those of fear and trust. If we are not careful, our fears will rule our lives. “Stop running from what scares you.” We need to “face [our] fears.” Fear will bind us and keep us prisoner. Jesus came to set us free. We need to turn to God and put our trust and faith in Him to guide us.

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Midnight Clear by Autumn Macarthur

The Best Christmas Present Ever

Midnight Clear by Autumn Macarthur is the most delightful contemporary Christian romance. It will warm your heart whilst simultaneously tugging at your heartstrings. You will be smiling one minute and wiping tears the next. This story is one of great joy and even greater pain.

The reader is drawn into the story from the start. From teasers we know something truly awful happened but we question what, why and when.

The story is an exploration of grief. Grief will either draw us to or from God. One character presses into God, they “need to lean on God’s support harder than usual for a while.” This character chooses to trust God in the midst of pain. “He trusted the Lord planned for his good, no matter what.”

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East Of Hounslow by Khurrum Rahman

Gripping And Frightening

East Of Hounslow by Khurrum Rahman is a contemporary thriller that will have you gripped and clinging to the edge of your seat.

It is a frightening novel because the reader can see how the events portrayed could actually happen. It is disturbing because it is far too easy to see how events could and do change people. It is gripping because you just have to stay clinging to every word to see how the action pans out. The ending is jaw dropping and one that I did not see coming.

The action intertwines fact and fiction which helps to enhance the realistic element for the reader. There were many instances of ‘I know/remember that’ which bred familiarity.

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Under The Mistletoe by Various

Wonderful Collection

Under The Mistletoe is a wonderful collection of tales celebrating Christmas. Some historical, some contemporary. United by common themes including love, friendship, new beginnings, open hearts and homes. Some truly delightful tales.

The Christmas Bride by Jenna Brandt is a historical romance. There are the themes of new beginnings, second chances and grace. We cannot alter our past but we can learn from it as we move into the future. There is power in prayer. God sees our heart. Gossip and prejudice are wrong. We need to love and not judge. The heroine is a very strong character and a very modern miss for 1870. A great tale to kick off this collection.

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