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Unbound by Eleanor Bertin

Full Of Promise

Unbound by Eleanor Bertin is a marvellous contemporary Christian retelling of the story of Ruth. It has been bought bang up to date so that modern audiences can identify with Ruth and see the love of God in action.

When tragedy strikes, it is normal to ask “Why didn’t God prevent evil?” God gave us free will and with our choices come pain and heartache. Whatever we face, God never abandons us. “No matter what happens, your Maker walks with you.” God feels our pain and hurt. He offers us His love as we walk through life.

God is the God of new beginnings and second chances. “Although I am a great sinner, Jesus is a great rescuer.” He takes our pasts, redeems us and offers us a new start.

There are some difficult subjects that are presented with sensitivity. Eleanor Bertin shows the heart and love of God for His children.

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Paws In The Proceedings by Deric Longden

Laugh Out Loud

Paws In The Proceedings by Deric Longden is the perfect book for the cat lover as the author describes daily life with his cats.

Deric Longden is remarkably perceptive in his observations. The traits that he sees in his cats, I see in mine. This book was so easy to picture and empathise with. I have five cats and my life also revolves around their needs. Like Deric Longden, I too, have a rescued cat who needs to be handled with caution for fear of drawing blood and losing digits!

Deric Longden is a people watcher. As he goes about life he keeps his ear to the ground. Some of the snippets he overhears are hilarious.

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The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson


The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson is a beautiful contemporary love story that will enchant from the start.

Do you believe in love at first sight? A love that blossoms and takes over your whole life is a beautiful sight to see. “It feels… like my world just exploded into colour.” Due to Miranda Dickinson’s ability to weave her words, the reader ‘feels’ enveloped in an atmosphere of love. We can sense the depth of feeling and feel the invisible tie that binds.

The whole novel is beautifully written. The reader feels part of the action as we get caught up in the emotions.

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Wait For Me by Jan Thompson

Pray And Trust God

Wait For Me by Jan Thompson is a contemporary Christian romantic suspense. It is the third book in the Vacation Sweethearts series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Jan Thompson has created a cracking story that entertains the reader. She reveals the heart of God to love us and to be in control of all our situations. “Did we forget that God is ultimately in control of our lives?” When our world is in turmoil we need to remember that nothing surprises God. He knows our ending from our beginning.

Prayer is important. It should be as natural as breathing. “Praying was an automatic thing.” We need to make prayer our default setting and not our last resort.

God is the God of second chances. Whatever we threw away in the past can be resurrected under the loving care of God.

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