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Coffins & Confetti by Ruth Graham

All You Need Is Love

Coffins And Confetti by Ruth Graham is a wonderful look at life following a Birmingham celebrant as we see funerals, weddings and general life observances.

Ruth Graham has a very personable style that feels like reading a letter from a dear friend. As we glimpse snapshots of her life, we feel incredibly privileged to see into her heart and soul. She writes with clarity and honesty, using humor too.

Funerals may be sad or seen as a celebration of life as the deceased’s family and friends remember them with love and laughter.

The funerals of the very young or those who have taken their own lives are very sad.

Marriage is the opposite side of the coin. It is a happy event if marrying for the right reasons.

Ruth Graham has a delightful open style that will appeal to all ages.

We see that life is not always rosy but if you have love, you are rich beyond measure. “We’ve only got the basics materially but… we’re rich people in love and support. Nothing else matters”, is a quote from a husband married for sixty five years.

This is an honest, enjoyable and entertaining read.

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The Bridesmaid’s Brother by Olivia Lockhart

Cover Reveal

The Bridesmaid’s Brother

For Penny Archer, dating after forty has proved to be less ‘silver foxes and romantic dinners’, and more ‘last chance bargain bin’. She’s met every liar and cheater in the dating pool, and after one heartbreak too many, she is officially sworn off men.

A strong, single mum, she doesn’t need a partner, and besides, the family planner is crammed with work commitments, school meetings, puppy classes, chores for her ageing parents and, of course, her beloved book club. Although a cuddle now and then wouldn’t go amiss…

Penny jumps at the chance to let her hair down at a friend’s wedding, blissfully unaware that she’s about to crash into a stranger’s life in the most mortifying manner.

Can something that begins in disaster ever end in happiness, or is it all too good to be true? Will Penny ever turn the pages of her own book towards that happy ever after?

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A Fond Farewell To The Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane


A Fond Farewell For The Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane is a marvellous historical novel and the sixth book in The Tobacco Girls series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

The action is set in 1945 as the second world war in Europe has ended but the war in Japan continues until August. We follow lives trying to adjust to peacetime.

War had robbed so many of so much. Men returned, a shadow of their former selves, sometimes with limbs missing, sometimes with altered minds. Some men focused on what they had lost and not what remained. It would take the purity of a child to remind them.

Old soldiers from World War I help to rehabilitate young soldiers from World War II as they bond over a mutual love of flowers. We learn the importance of poppies.

Family is important. Sometimes family is not blood related but heart related.

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Interview With Dean Koontz 2

Fascinating & Very Interesting

Another fascinating interview by Michael Wilson with Dean Koontz, following the publication of his latest book After Death.

Michael Wilson asks more in depth questions, and Dean Koontz, who is a man of faith, and is extremely interesting to listen to.

Tune in to and have a watch.

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