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Julia Wilson

I am happily married to David, and we have four grown up children…three of whom are married, and we have two gorgeous granddaughters.

I live in a small Worcestershire town in England, and share my home with my husband, youngest son and five cats.

I have always loved reading, and just want to share all the great books that I read. I am also a crazy cat lady, and cannot imagine living in a house without cats!

I also love Jesus, and love going to my large and lively church. As a Christian, I will not read and review any books that I would find offensive or that I would not be willing to have displayed at church!

I am definitely a bookaholic… I have hundreds, if not thousands if you include my kindle, of books waiting to be read. I am afraid that if I see a book I like, I tend to buy it! And if people recommend a book and it’s in a series… I buy the series!

I hope you enjoy my selection of books.

Happy reading.


10 thoughts on “About Julia

  1. How do you select your books. I’ve just recently published my first book Hidden Scars by Amanda Sue King. I’ve gotten great reviews so far, but I’m very interested in hearing what someone with your experience would have to say about my work.

    • Hi Amanda
      I choose books to review that appeal to me. I also sign up for blog tours, and authors get in touch and ask me if I would like to read their books.I have looked at your book on Amazon UK, it sounds good.I would be more than happy to read and review it, if you want me to.

  2. Greetings Julia from sunny Florida, USA! We are a part of another group and that is how I found you. I’ll go back and read your review. I also LOVE Cats! Where I live (apt) I can only have one cat and so love her I do. One of the reasons I checked out your site was do to being a Book-aholic too.

    • Hi Denise
      I hope you find some good books on here. Good to know a fellow bookaholic. I do recognise you from another group 🙂
      Julia. XX

  3. Hello again Julie, I have actually been very ill and exhausted. God bless you for being so kind as to read and review for authors. Reviews are not easy to obtain yet help so much. If you are not too busy you may be interested in reading one of my Inspirational Christian Romances. There is “Discovering Treasure” And “Cherished Encounter” both available in Kindle on permanent special. Love and blessings.

  4. Hello

    I’m working with Heather Blanton at her site http://www.ladiesindefiance.com. She has a novella coming out September/October 2016 and I am trying to get the word out with bloggers that would be interested in hosting her for a Q&A or guest post.

    I am also trying to set up some book reviewers to read her novella, entitled Ask Me to Marry You, a MALE-Order Bride Story. I would have pdf files available soon but nothing else is out yet.

    Here is her Amazon site: http://amzn.to/1PBRehM

    If you are interested, please let me know THANK YOU!

    Diane Estrella

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