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They’ll Never Read That by Tony Collins

A Fascinating Vocation

They’ll Never Read That by Tony Collins is a fascinating account of the author’s life in publishing.

The whole book is written in a very personable style enabling the reader to become acquainted with Tony Collins. It feels more like we are hearing from a dear friend rather than reading a book.

The world of publishing is full of ups and down, hits and misses. One has to be able to spot the next best seller. Tony Collins writes about the books that got away – and those that didn’t! – The Heavenly Man, Faith Like Potatoes, Alpha, Freedom In Christ to name but a few best sellers.

It is fascinating to note that some books that were best sellers in America failed to provide similar sales here in the UK. I was most surprised to learn that Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly series failed to be a best seller in Britain – I have read all the books and watched all the movies and I love it.

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Talking To Calippa Cumberland by Chick Yuill

Heart Warming

Talking To Calippa Cumberland by Chick Yuill is the most heart warming and delightful Christian novel that will soothe your soul.

The novel opens on Christmas Eve in 1976. The following chapters are all set on various Christmas Eves as we dip in and out of a life. This is not just a novel for Christmas. This is a novel for life.

I loved the inclusion each year of the Christmas number one. Music evokes memories within the reader.

We hear of characters who are lost. “I’ve always felt a little bit lost” declares lead character Lori Bloom aged 24 years old. I think we can all relate to feeling lost until we are found by Jesus. “We both know that we are lost.” In the Bible we hear the stories of the lost coin, the lost sheep and the lost son. The good news is – if we are lost, Jesus is looking for us. It is no coincidence that the lead character’s surname is Bloom. Jesus wants us to bloom under His care.

Over the years we lose those we love – either through life moving on or through death, the ultimate journey. To be human is to face loss.

Everyone needs to have a safe place. For Lori aged nine and three quarters, it is home. “Number 17 Morley Road is a place of safety and shelter, within those walls I’m sure that no bad thing can reach me or harm me.” As Christians, our safe place is not found in bricks and mortar but resting in the arms and heart of Jesus.

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Power Play by Rachel Dylan

Political Moves

Power Play by Rachel Dylan is a fabulous Christian contemporary political suspense. It is the third book in the Capital Intrigue series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Rachel Dylan has once more produced and executed a first-class plotline that had me glued from the start.

The characters are well drawn and realistic. As the action unfolded, I could easily picture the scenes due to comprehensive descriptions. The characters elicited a variety of emotional responses from me.

Suspicion is heightened and trust in short supply after two murders and one attack. The characters need to work out the perpetrator. I had my suspicions from the start – but was only partly correct. See if you can spot the villains.

Family is important. After the loss of her parents (years before the book opened, no spoilers here), the leading lady appreciates her sister even more.

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Moving Target by Lynette Eason

Nail Bitingly Good

Moving Target by Lynette Eason is a thrilling contemporary Christian crime suspense that I just could not put down. It is the third book in the Elite Guardians series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The atmosphere is one of terror, suspicion and suspense. A serial killer is playing a dangerous game and is the master of disguise and illusion. The game is deadly. I read with heart in my mouth.

The past is haunting a character who cannot let go of guilt. “When was the last time he’d felt peace?” The character has withdrawn from God. It is only God who can give us a peace that lasts in spite of circumstances.

Anger at God’s seeming inability to step in and prevent hurt, has kept a character from God. “He… thought about approaching the God he’d given up on long ago.” Ultimately a character knows that God will never give up on us and is just waiting for us to return home to Him.

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