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A Wing And A Prayer by Julie Lessman

A Snapshot Of War

A Wing And A Prayer by Julie Lessman is a powerful Christian historical novel that explores love and trust in God in times of war. It is the first book in the Cousins O’Connor series and what an epic that promises to be.

The novel takes the reader from 1943 to the end of the war with locations in America, Britain and mainland Europe. We follow a plucky young woman who wants to do her bit for the war whilst realising her dream to fly.

Our upbringing affects the way we conduct our lives. Gabe, the plucky young heroine was abandoned on the streets as a child before being adopted. This reminds the reader that no matter what our start in life, God longs to adopt us into His family.

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Look For Me by Jan Thompson

Safe In The Father’s Arms

Look For Me by Jan Thompson is a contemporary Christian suspense that will consume from the start. It is the fourth book in the Vacation Sweethearts series but can be read as a stand-alone.

As always, the reader receives a warm welcome as the characters are well drawn and delightful. There are wholesome godly men and women who turn to God at all times. “Life was still hard but now she had hope in Christ.” Without Jesus, life makes no sense at times. With Jesus, we can receive a peace that passes understanding in spite of our circumstances.

Characters have lives that are falling apart but “Jesus Christ was her rescuer.” Jesus rescues us not only from our circumstances but also from ourselves. Once we know Jesus, our hearts desire is to introduce Him to others. There is a dying world that needs to know Jesus.

Prayer is important. Sometimes life falls apart and “all we can do now is pray.” There are times when we have no words but Jesus knows our heart. “God would hear the prayers of his heart even when he couldn’t form the words.”

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Capsized By Death by Catherine Finger

The Serpent In Paradise

Capsized By Death by Catherine Finger is a thrilling contemporary Christian murder suspense. It is the fourth book in the Jo Oliver series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed catching up with familiar characters.

The setting is idyllic – a tropical island in Hawaii as we are all set for Jo Oliver’s wedding. With wonderful descriptions we can almost ‘see’ the white sand and ‘feel’ the heat. In complete contrast there is a serial killer on loose. Evil in paradise, similar to the snake in the Garden of Eden. Can you join the clues together to find the perpetrator?

Family is important. As a mother Jo Oliver is always concerned for the well being of her daughter. Her daughter is her priority which reminds the reader that each and every one of us is God’s priority. He always looks out for our well being.

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The Blue Cloak by Shannon McNear


The Blue Cloak by Shannon McNear is part of the True Colours series. It is a Christian historical novel and set in 1797.

Shannon McNear has woven her tale around true facts that are horrifying and evil. The novel concerns two serial killers who raped, tortured and murdered, spreading terror all around. They were depraved with three wives between them who were forced to stay through fear.

The atmosphere of terror has been perfectly captured by Shannon McNear as she relates a time of pure evil. This book is not for you if you are easily offended. The world is not always a nice place.

There were moments of light as characters looked to God through prayer. “Prayer is our best course under any circumstances.” Prayer is powerful, changing hearts and giving a peace that passes understanding.

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