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The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton

Pinpricks Of Light

The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton is both a historical and contemporary novel about love and loss, and the impact through time as the novel covers a span of 150 years.

As with all Kate Morton’s stories, it is beautifully told with a poignancy that leaves the reader feeling serene, knowing we have been in the presence of a great love.

It is this great love that infuses a house and all the intersecting lives down the years. It is a great love that is drawn to certain people at a certain time in their lives. It is a great love that will impact all the lives that it intersects with. This is a love that lives where it has always felt happiest.

The house in the tale almost becomes a character in its own right as it draws the lost and lonely towards its walls. It is a house where hope lives. “He’d lost his way but hope still fluttered in and out.”

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The Gray Chamber by Grace Hitchcock

A Voice For The Voiceless

The Gray Chamber by Grace Hitchcock is a powerful Christian historical tale set in 1887. It surrounds the asylum where women could be sent to for no good reason, forgotten and ill-treated. It is horrifying and barbaric. The novel has its roots in fact, around which, Grace Hitchcock has woven her tale.

Money and status are terrible masters, corrupting lives whose hearts lie in riches. There is nothing wrong with money and status if our hearts are aligned with God but when they are the foundations for our lives, we are in for a fall.

The lead character is a very modern, forward thinking young lady and as such, the establishment feels challenged by her.

We see the faithfulness of God who provides a peace in spite of our circumstances. There are times when all we can do is cling on to hope and trust that God is good.

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The Binding by Bridget Collins

Well Executed

The Binding by Bridget Collins is an epic historical fantasy that will have you questioning as you read. There are elements of the Gothic horror tradition within the tale. I do not normally read this genre but The Binding intrigued me, held my attention and awakened my curiosity.

There is power in story-telling and Bridget Collins has certainly woven a splendid tale. We all have memories that we’d like to forget but what happens when we really need to remember the past, but cannot? This unique and well thought out tale explores that theme. There were other themes within the tale that I was not comfortable with but I recognise that Bridget Collins is a masterful story-teller.

Within the tale there are those who use and exploit others, as well as those who seek the truth.

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A Promise Child by Kathryn Spurgeon

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

A Promise Child by Kathryn Sprugeon is a powerful Christian historical tale about the author’s grandparents and their experiences in 1930’s America. The period was one of depression. People suffered but survived due to their hope and faith. “Hope was something we could share with others.” Hope is infectious. It is life sustaining. Without hope, we die.

Faith was vital to pull you through the tough times. “I didn’t have an answer but I knew I must hold on to the faith God had given us.” We will never have all the answers this side of eternity but we have to trust that God is good. He will not abandon us to suffer alone.

In the hard times it is natural to question God. We wonder where He is and why He doesn’t act? We need to remember that God’s ways are not our ways but He is still faithful even when we don’t understand.

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