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Timeless Love: Romance Stories That Span The Ages by Various

Waiting For Mr Darcy

Timeless Love: Romance Stories That Span The Ages is a set of seven tales ranging from 1814 to present day. They are all unique with their characters and settings but perfectly complement each other with similar themes. I loved them all but definitely had a favourite. I wonder which one you like best?

Give Me Thine Heart by Andrea Boeshaar is set in 1814 at the height of the conflict between Britain and America. Caught up in the world of spies, the reader is enthralled with the exploits on the high seas. People are motivated by either God or money. Hearts that serve others are to be applauded. amusing dialogue entertains the reader. A great story to kick off the collection.

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Restoring Faith by Marion Ueckermann

Through The Fire

Restoring Faith by Marin Ueckermann is a contemporary Christian novel set in 2003 and part of the Potter’s House series as well as being the first book in the Shaped By Love series.

Marion Ueckermann writes about ‘real’ issues as the reader witnesses a fifteen year old marriage in crisis. “Heaven forbid the world knew their marriage was in trouble.” Why do we feel a need to pretend all is well, especially when we go to church? If we are in trouble, we need to seek godly counsel before it is too late.

The advice the world gives is not helpful. The world has a different set of standards when compared with the Christian however there should be the same moral code governing both. In all things we need to go to the source, the Bible, to get God’s standard.

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An Ordinary Life, An Extraordinary Spark: A Memoir By J.A. Richards

Nuggets Of Wisdom

An Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Spark: A Memoir by J.A. Richards is a great little book about life and the author’s experiences, responses and what she has learnt along the way. There are “nuggets of wisdom” for us all to take away.

J.A. Richards shows how God turns up in the ordinary and turns it into the extraordinary. “It is in the ordinary… where we can find God.” God is interested in all areas of our lives. He longs to be involved and have a relationship with us all.

Church is important. It is vital to find a church where you feel at home. “How you worship doesn’t matter as much as why you worship.” We worship because we want to and it pleases God. It matters not whether it is formal hymns or lively worship songs. However we choose to worship, we must put God at the centre.

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Serial Rites By Cortez Law III

Thou Shalt Not…

Serial Rites by Cortez Law III is a Christian contemporary suspense that has the reader guessing from the start.

An intricate and well thought out plotline keeps the reader entertained as we try to piece together the clues. A serial killer on the loose means there are some graphic details at times.

The novel shows we are in a spiritual battle against the forces of evil. We need to be wise as to which voice we listen to.

Much has been done throughout history in the name of religion. Religion, when twisted causes harm. God is a God of love who desires that our actions be always motivated by love.

Our childhood will always impact our adulthood, for good or evil.

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