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Hard Times On Weaver Street by Chrissie Walsh

Constant & True

Hard Times On Weaver Street by Chrissie Walsh is a fabulous historical novel and the second book in the Weaver Street series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces as the residents of Weaver Street journey through the 1920’s and 1930’s.

These are challenging decades as the residents who are recovering from World War I find themselves plunged into depression before war once more looms on the horizon.

All the women are strong, realistic and likable. They support each other throughout life’s changing seasons. They also welcome new faces. “There was more love in those shabby little houses in Lamb Lane than there ever had been in Heathcote Manor.” Money does not buy happiness.

There is no judging of situations as the women realise that there but for the grace of God. We all make mistakes and need love not judgement.

It is delightful to watch the children grow throughout the course of the book as we welcome the next generation of residents to occupy Weaver Street.

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Slaughterhouse Farm by T Orr Munroe


Slaughterhouse Farm by T Orr Munroe is an absolutely gripping contemporary crime novel that I just could not put down. It is the second book in the CSI Ally Dymond series but can be read as a stand-alone. I cannot wait to read more books in this outstanding series.

The action is set in Devon. Whilst the countryside can be beautiful, there are some gruesome discoveries that are at odds with the natural beauty.

Trauma can be hard to heal from. It may last a lifetime. A life has been blighted since a teen, being fed lies by those who should know better.

Mothers protect their offspring – and not always in the way we expect.

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Something We Never Imagined by Douglas Wemple

Trust In The Lord Always

Something We Never Imagined by Douglas Wemple is a beautiful contemporary Christian novel that will fill your heart and soul with the love of God.

We see that life is not always easy but God is always faithful. We can trust him on the mountain tops and we can trust Him in the valleys “There’s always hope, even in our darkest hours.” God will never let us down and He will never abandon us. God is with us at the beginning of life and at its’ ending. “She trusted in the Lord even as her time here on earth expired.” We do not want to live without Jesus, and we certainly do not want to die without Jesus.

Evidence of God is all around us. “It’s [nature] like a portrait from God.”

A major theme of the novel is forgiveness. When we have been hurt, we may harbor unforgiveness in our hearts. We are punishing ourselves as much as others. To forgive is to experience freedom and joy. As a character declares “I had no idea I would feel so amazing.” Sometimes we cannot forgive in our own strength and then we must press into God. “Her faith and trust in God had allowed her to forgive.”

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Sixty Blades Of Grass by Elizabeth Millane


Sixty Blades Of Grass by Elizabeth Millane is a powerful historical novel that I read in just one sitting. I was totally engrossed and could not put it down.

The novel is set in Nazi-occupied Holland during World War II. The action is grounded in fact from stories told to the author by her relatives. Lead character Rika was revered by all.

Wartime Holland was a dreadful place to be. Trust was in short supply, even within families. If you told no one about what you were up to, no one could accidentally talk. Resistance workers and collaborators existed side by side – but who was working for which side? Who was playing who? Lines sometimes became blurred.

Rika has a special needs sister. She needs to be kept safe for fear the Nazis would ship her off to Germany to meet her death.

Love still flourishes in times of war. But would the couples live to see peacetime?

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