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The Road To Happenstance by Janice L Dick

Where Souls Go To Heal

 The Road To Happenstance by Janice L Dick is a charming contemporary Christian mystery that will delight your heart and soul. It is part of the Mosaic Collection.

We all have a past that we sometimes want to escape from and need to heal. Happenstance is a town that attracts the lost and the hurting, wraps them in love and helps them heal. “In this town everybody cares about everybody, even the newcomers.” Needs are met by huge hearts.

There are times when we feel abandoned by God or we run from Him. “It seemed God had deserted him in his hour of need… Not that he didn’t believe, he was disillusioned.” Life has a way of dragging us down but God is faithful and we can trust His leading. When life is hard, we need to run to God, not  away from Him.

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The Number Of Love by Roseanna M White

Ahead Of Her Times

The Number Of Love by Roseanna M White is a marvellous, thrilling historical Christian novel set in London in 1917. It is the first book in The Codebreakers series and what a fabulous series this promises to be.

The world is at war. The novel concerns Room 40 where the codebreakers work. The novel is grounded in fact. The reader enters the world of espionage and agents. It takes skill and cunning. Codes are sought by both sides as they may hasten the end of the war. There are no victors in war. On both sides mothers lose sons and all nations mourn loved ones.

Grief consumes and may drag us down and cause us to lose sight of God – where was He? Why did He not stop our loved ones from dying? “He’s [God] still there, unchanged, even when we can’t feel Him. When grief’s too loud to let us hear His voice.” Grief may pause us in time but we need to learn to live again. “It [death] doesn’t heal… We learn to go on with the pieces missing.”

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A View Across The Rooftops by Suzanne Kelman

Ordinary Heroes

A View Across The Rooftops by Suzanne Kelman is a powerful historical novel about ordinary men and women who performed extraordinary acts of bravery during a time of pure evil.

The novel is set in Amsterdam 1941-1945. It is the height of the Nazi occupation and a time of terror and unspeakable horrors. The Jewish people begin to disappear and no one said anything. Rumours of roundups began. Only when blood lands on a character’s doorstep do they wake up to the horrors all around. “When had all this become normal?” Now a character feels compelled to act.

Suzanne Kelman has captured the horrors of war and persecution. Man’s inhumanity to man knew no bounds. In contrast there were exceedingly brave acts performed by ordinary men and women who refused to let evil wash over them. “One doesn’t realise how brave one is until the cost outweighs the fear.” There were those who could not stand by and do nothing, those who went above and beyond, those who gave their all.

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Cold Case Connection by Dana Mentink


Cold Case Connection by Dana Mentink is a marvellous contemporary Christian suspense that will have the reader on the edge of their seat.

A desire to know the truth about past murders puts lives at risk in present day. Suspicion lurks in the dark as modern amateur sleuthing tries to uncover the secrets in the past.

Some desire vengeance, whilst knowing that “I’m supposed to leave vengeance to the Lord, but I want it for me.” When we place our hurts in God’s hands, we will be set free from the burden that is dragging us down.

Guilt ties in with vengeance as characters feel guilty for their inaction and inability in the past. “Guilt stabbed through her.” Guilt is not something for us to carry. “God forgave them, and so they should forgive themselves.” God did not send His Son to die so we could live under the weight of guilt. He wants us to forgive ourselves and to live in the freedom for which He died. If we fail to forgive ourselves, we will be guilty of hubris.

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