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The Shack (12) DVD

So Powerful

The Shack (12) DVD… wow what a powerful adaptation of a book I know very well. I was pleased to see that Lionsgate did not take the very powerful faith element out of the film. As the credits rolled at the end, I noticed that Wayne Jacobsen had had a large part in making the film, so no wonder it was brilliant, as I think he is a great author.

The film definitely needs to be watched with tissues, as your emotions will take a roller coaster ride.

The acting was awesome. The viewer really felt both the sadness and the joy in the film. Octavia Spencer was perfect in the starring role… a benevolent Papa who longed to love His children. Her charisma leapt off the screen. Aviv Alush as Jesus played the part with compassion and empathy. Sam Worthington as Mack was incredible, the viewer really ‘felt’ his great sadness. He wore his heart on his sleeve.

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Unveiled Truth by Joy Ohagwu


Unveiled Truth by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian contemporary romantic thriller which I really enjoyed.

The reader is drawn into the story from the start as the opening gets you asking questions and trying to predict the action. Little teasers appear throughout before the jaw dropping ending.

Being set in Africa, life contrasts with America. Here, to be a Christian is dangerous. To convert to Christianity from Islam is positively life threatening. Baptisms must happen behind closed doors.

The focus of the novel is a missionary programme, setting up an orphanage, supporting new Christians and with church building on the agenda.

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Grace In Strange Disguise by Christine Dillon

Lashings Of Love And Laughter

Grace In Strange Disguise by Christine Dillon is a powerful Christian story. Set in 1995 I would class it as contemporary.

Christine Dillon has tackled a brave topic that is often avoided – cancer. Her novel is really powerful. It pulls no punches, telling life as it is – Highs and lows, love and laughter, anger and tears.

Grace In Strange Disguise is about a journey of discovery. Only when we reach rock bottom do we discover what (and Who) is really important and what is just stuff.

The novel warns of the dangers of the prosperity gospel. The belief that “those who have faith would be protected from problems.” This is flawed teaching. Jesus never promised us a trouble free life. In fact He said that in this life we would have troubles but He did promise to never leave us.

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Married To The Sea by Norah Wilder

To Brighten Any Day

Married To The Sea by Norah Wilder is a contemporary romance. It was a fun read with characters bouncing their dialogue off each other and telling jokes. In spite of being a light hearted read, there were some serious themes.

Guilt and grief go hand in hand. “He couldn’t let a cloud of guilt hang over his head forever.” Guilt simultaneously paralyses and motivates. It keeps us locked in the past, focusing on an event, whilst also propelling us forward to make sure we never make the same mistake again.

Grief can consume. We have to get used to a new ‘normal’ but the pain persists.

There is the theme of forgiveness. “You don’t need my forgiveness, you need your own.” Often we are the hardest person to forgive.

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