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The Rancher’s Surprise Daughter by Jill Lynn

Worth Fighting For

The Rancher’s Surprise Daughter by Jill Lynn is a sweet contemporary Christian family romance. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face with its wonderful, warm characters and delightful storyline.

At its heart are the themes of trust, faith and fear. The past has a bearing on the present. We fear the sins of the parents visiting the next generation and this will always hold us back. “She’d clung to bitterness and fear, letting them dictate her choices.” The sins of the parents are not destined to be on repeat. With God’s help, we can break the pattern. God did not give us a spirit of fear. He wants us to trust Him with our one and only life. If we have faith we do not need to fear. We need to trust, put our lives in God’s hands, and step into the future with faith.

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Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay

At All Times… Think About Stalin

Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay is an epic historical and contemporary read spanning continents as well as years.

The reader glimpses life in the Soviet Union under Stalin. People in the public eye had to watch what they wrote, spoke and bought. At all times they were encouraged to “think about Stalin.” People ‘disappeared’. Show trials declared the innocent guilty. People were closely followed to make sure there were no defections to the west. It was a time of terror and a question of trust.

Years just slip away as the past collides with the present in the form of jewels, letters, photographs and memories. The reader moves from the confines of a wheelchair bound octogenarian in America across the years to a young ballerina surrounded by fame and all its trappings in Stalinist Russia.

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Like Cats And Dogs by Alexis Stanton

Like A Hurricane

Like Cats And Dogs by Alexis Stanton is a delightful contemporary romance, just perfect for any time of year.

They say opposites attract, but do they? Do ‘cat people’ and ‘dog people’ ever really come together? The novel explores these questions.

I am definitely a ‘cat person’ but I adore books where animals have a starring role and this is no exception. I loved Mozart the cat and Frank the dog both of whom had their own unique personalities.

Some people are neat and tidy. Others breeze through life without a care in the world. Both types exist in the novel and it is delightful to witness their interactions.

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The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley

Awakening And Blossoming

The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley is a marvellous blend of historical and contemporary. It was an epic tale that I really enjoyed.

The novel weaves events of today with about a hundred years ago as there are searches to belong. We all want to know our roots. It seems that only when we know who we are, can we then move into the future. No matter who brings us up, we want to know our heritage. We approach the knowledge of who birthed us with both fear and excitement. There is also sadness as we think we must have been unwanted to be disregarded in such a way. Sometimes it is our own parents who whilst close in body are far away in mind. The past cannot be altered but we can learn life lessons.

There is also the theme, as the title suggests, of stepping out of the shadows. Shyness and a delight in nature are polar opposites to those who long to be introduced into society in 1910.

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