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Bentonsport: A Christmas Story by Lisa Schnedler

An Unexpected Gift

Bentonsport: A Christmas Story by Lisa Schnedler is most delightful Christian timeslip novel that enchanted me from the start.

The plotline is a magical one, perfectly suited to the snowy setting. Christmas is a time of year for miracles. Our God is the God of the miraculous.

Bentonsport: A Christmas Story is just right for the lead up to Christmas. It will warm your heart and soul and leave you smiling.

All the characters are warm and welcoming. Bentonsport has a wonderful community spirit. People arrive as strangers and leave as friends. Needs are met as people pull together.

History is important. We need to know about the past in order to know where we are going in future.

We can be surrounded by people but still feel lonely. We all need that one person we can spend our lives with.

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Cold Dead Night by Lisa Phillips

Wow – Thrilling!

Cold Dead Night by Lisa Phillips is a fabulous new Christian crime suspense that had me glued from the start. It is the first book in the Brand Of Justice series and I cannot wait for the subsequent books.

The action came thick and fast. I read with heart racing and pulse rising as the body count grew.

This was a cleverly constructed and well executed crime suspense. The action was fast paced. Just as I thought the perpetrator was close, the action veered off in another direction. I clung on for dear life.

All the characters were well drawn and realistic. I liked the lead character who was still recovering from a trauma two years previously (before the book opened). She refused to let her fear get in the way of doing her job.

I loved the inclusion of a rescue dog who had a big, caring personality and was a character in her own right.

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No Matter The Cost by Susan May Warren

A Thrilling Conclusion

No Matter The Cost by Susan May Warren is the thrilling conclusion to The Epic Story Of RJ And York series which needs to be read in order as each book follows on where the last one left off.

The action comes thick and fast as we follow the characters across Germany. Unsure of what the future holds, the characters learn to trust a certain God with an uncertain future.

There are still those threatening to derail lives. Battles become personal as figures from the past pop up.

This has been an exciting series that would translate perfectly into action suspense movies.

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I Will Find You by Susan May Warren

Always And Forever

I Will Find You by Susan May Warren is the second book in The Epic Story Of RJ And York series. It is a marvellous tale following on the heels of book one which you need to read first.

The book is an epic adventure suspense as the action moves from Germany to Italy and beyond to a fantasy island off the coast of England and found in Rachel Hauck’s novels about the house of blue. There are bullets to dodge and disasters to escape from as the actions heats up to red hot!

The characters are brave and daring as they face whatever comes their way. They have a duty to protect and to seek out perpetrators.

Simmering alongside the action are two love stories – one in present day and one in the past. The characters realise the importance of having God in their marriage as a chord of three strands is not easily broken.

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