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Now The War Is Over by Annie Murray

Moving Into The Modern Era

Now The War Is Over by Annie Murray is a fabulous historical novel continuing on from where War Babies left off. It can be read as a stand-alone though.

Covering the years 1951-1962 in Birmingham, the book’s focus is on Melly who is nine in 1951. We experience life from her viewpoint. She is the same caring child she always was. A very likable and lovable character.

The world is moving into the modern age. The reader witnesses the social change. Inner city back to backs are abandoned for the more leafy suburbs and a semi detached. As the housing fell into disrepair so this is mirrored by community life which fractured in the suburbs as life was more isolated from ones neighbours.

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The Drowned Village by Kathleen McGurl

Unearthing The Past

The Drowned Village by Kathleen McGurl is a simply marvellous contemporary and historical novel about uncovering the past. It had me glued from the start.

The novel is written in both the present day and 1935 in various voices. The past bumps into the present literally as an old village is uncovered during a summer drought. Secrets long hidden are just waiting to be discovered but can the past be unlocked before the rains come?

Guilt is a major theme. It is a heavy burden to carry down the years. Some burdens that we pick up were never meant for us to carry.

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The Glovemaker’s Daughter by Leah Fleming

Educating And Entertaining

The Glovemaker’s Daughter by Leah Fleming is an epic historical novel set in the seventeenth century and following the fortunes of the Quaker movement from Yorkshire to Pennsylvania.

The reader is in for a real treat as we witness a strong faith that survives persecution, the high seas, illness, hostile Native Americans and much more. Not all Native Americans were fierce. There were those who befriended the settlers and helped them.

These first settlers were to be commended for their bravery and tenacity as they struggled to set down roots. There was a sense of community, although there were still those who would take advantage.

An absolutely marvelous read that will educate and entertain.




Daisy’s Search For Freedom by Bertha Schwartz

Trusting Jesus

Daisy’s Search For Freedom by Bertha Schwartz is a Christian historical YA novel. It concerns the subject of slavery. It is a powerful read and would suit anyone from ages 10 to adult.

There is the main theme of trust. We have to know whom we can trust, our lives may depend on it. We can always trust Jesus. The novel is written around the underground railroad that helped slaves escape to the North. It was definitely life threatening to know who to trust.

The novel is a microcosm for a macrocosm as the reader follows Daisy, a young slave. We see her bravery and tenacity and her capacity to care for others.

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