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Always Watching by Lynette Eason


Always Watching by Lynette Eason is an exciting contemporary Christian suspense. It is the first book in the Elite Guardians series which promises to be fabulous.

The novel is about searching and protecting as a stalker threatens lives and the elite guardians are called in. This reminds the reader that we can call on God to protect us as we wander through life. Whenever we are in trouble we can call out to God in prayer and trust that He has our backs. “Clinging to God when life crashes around you is what you do.” When life crumbles around us, we must hang on to our Rescuer.

God walks beside us through all the seasons in life. “I prayed, but nothing happened.” “God was with you in that situation.” Sometimes when we are in the storm, we are so focused on the storm that we fail to see God. But God is always with us, whether we see Him or not.

We do not always understand why we face storms. “Why was this happening? God I don’t understand.” We must trust that God can use our circumstances to draw us closer to Him as He sees us through.

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Grave Robbers by Sarah Sawyer

Uncovering The Truth

Grave Robbers by Sarah Sawyer is a historical western and the third book in the Doc Beck series. I recommend reading books one and two first for consistency of characters and linear plot progression.

Once more there is the delightful and loyal partnership of Doc Beck and Just Jimmy. The banter with the air of fun continues. “God seems to have me in places where I hear things I need to hear.” The pair have an unbreakable bond and look out for each other.

Doc Beck is determined to get to the truth, in contrast to others who sweep it under the carpet. She believes in justice for all, and for the murder not to be pinned on the wrong villain. She is courageous in her pursuit of the truth. Although I must admit I was surprised at the lengths to which she would go.

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A Colonial Courtship by Stephenia H McGee

No Condemnation

A Colonial Courtship by Stephenia H McGee is a charming Christian timeslip novel and the third book in the Back Inn Time series which is delightful.

As present day slips into the past there are lessons to be learnt. Sometimes the things we want answers to, are not the things that God wants to teach us. We make the plans for our lives but God’s plans are greater.

When life does not turn out as we want it to, we may feel angry at God. This is misdirected anger as God wants to turn our pain around.

There is the theme of forgiveness. It is not always easy to do but if we with-hold it, we risk becoming bitter. We need to forgive and live free.

We are not destined to repeat the sins of our fathers. We are a unique creation and are therefore free to develop our own character.

The characters were all well drawn and realistic. They were warm and welcoming, covering the story in love.

In spite of the serious themes, the tone was light-hearted. There were some amusing scenes.

I have loved this Back Inn Time series. All the stories are delightful and have lessons for us all to learn.

I received a free copy of the book from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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Mother And Child by Annie Murray

Horrifying And Heart Breaking

Mother And Child by Annie Murray is a powerful contemporary novel exploring parenthood, loss and friends.

As with many of Annie Murray’s novels, the story is set mainly in my hometown of Birmingham. The locations are familiar to me – I have been to Lodge Hill cemetery, Dudley Zoo, Wythall and more – knowing the locations enhanced my reading experience. I am even familiar with the location of Sainsburys in the book!

The novel is set in 2014 around a couple whose only son was killed by a drunk driver two years before the book opens. Their loss and devastation is keenly felt. In order to help with the healing process, the couple have moved house as the story opens.

A photo in a magazine showing the Bhopal disaster of 1984 (which I remember) awakens a passion in a character to make a difference. As a heart looks beyond self, inner healing begins.

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