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The Paris Sister by Adrienne Chinn

The Roaring Twenties

The Paris Sister by Adrienne Chinn is a marvelous historical novel following the lives of three sisters through the roaring twenties.

The world is in a time of immense change after World War I. The role of women is a complex one. World War I gave women many freedoms but as the men returned home, the lives of women were expected to go back in the box.

The women in the story are all strong characters, knowing their own minds. They believe in equality with men and set out to achieve this in their various ways. The women are forced to be strong due to their personal circumstances as some are coping without their husbands and one is married to a weak man.

This is a cosmopolitan novel as we travel from England to Canada, Paris, Italy and Egypt, following the various characters. Paris after the War is full of gaiety and life. Italy is beautiful with sun, sea and sand. Egypt is wild, dusty and full of adventure as the tomb of Tutankhamun is about to be opened up in 1922. Canada has a wilderness waiting to be tamed.

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Those People Next Door by Kia Abdullah

Wow – Top Notch

Those People Next Door by Kia Abdullah is a totally gripping contemporary crime drama that consumed me from the start.

Kia Abdullah is a marvelous author whose novels are always top notch. She writes gritty fiction that is always heart breaking.

In Those People Next Door we witness, with horror, the lengths that some people will go to in order to destroy others. Instead of offering olive branches, it is bitter barbs. These barbs sink in, destroying characters from the inside out as we see the damage that hurt and bitterness can do. Characters lose their morality incredibly quickly.

Once more Kia Abdullah introduces the reader to an urban neighbourhood. It is supposed to be a safe haven but proves more deadly than the estates the family left behind.

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Just The Nicest Couple by Mary Kubica

Wow – Jaw Dropping!

Just The Nicest Couple by Mary Kubica is a marvellous psychological suspense that totally consumed me.

The action is set in suburbia and seen through two different points of view, one on either side of the situation.

The reader is completely immersed in the action. We believe what we are being told but as time goes on, we start to question as events seem more and more unbelievable.

There is a search for the truth by both the reader and characters. The deeper into the novel we go, the deeper the truth seems to be buried. This is mirrored by the location of Langley Woods – the deeper you walk in, the darker the atmosphere.

How well do we really know someone? Characters hide their true selves even from their nearest and dearest. We think we really know a person, only to be blown out of the water, with jaw-dropping revelations.

Suburbia – safe, secure, uneventful. Let go of all your pre-conceived ideas as you enter the world of Mary Kubica’s Just The Nicest Couple.

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