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In From The Cold by Sarah Bennett

A Warm Welcome

In From The Cold by Sarah Bennett is a most charming contemporary novel. It is the second book in the Juniper Meadows series but can be read as a stand-alone.

I thoroughly enjoyed my return visit and meeting up with familiar faces. The love and care shine through the novel.

We see that we are not destined to repeat the sins of the fathers. We can break free from their stronghold. It is never too late to have a fresh start.

It is important to follow our dreams and not live out the life that others thrust upon us.

Everyone has natural talents. We need to develop our talents and nurture our giftings.

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Ebony The Cat by Frances Ive

Just Purrfect

Ebony The Cat by Frances Ive is a charming tale and just perfect for ages eight and over. This is a cat-lovers delight.

Ebony The Cat is told from the point of view of Ebony. This enables us to see the world as she sees it. We can help our children to understand why cats behave as they do. Often fear is a motivating factor. We hear about her life as a stray cat after her owners dumped her, and her search for a new home.

Life is hard as a stray cat. There are so many dangers to look out for. Life within a house can be confusing too.

Throughout the novel there are fun facts about cats in comparison with humans and dogs. You can be educated as well as entertained.

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Bus Rhymes & Playtime by Sue Wickstead

All Aboard

Bus Rhymes And Playtime by Sue Wickstead is another absolutely beautiful offering for the under sevens, from this talented author.

I always know that when I pick up a book by Sue Wickstead, I am going to be enchanted. Each page is packed full of detail, from the rhymes to the illustrations. Each page gives you opportunity for discussion with your children. No quick glances here – delve deeply into the illustrations.

Bus Rhymes And Playtime includes characters from other Sue Wickstead books. If you and your child are familiar with the author’s previous offerings, you will find it a pure delight to meet up with familiar faces.

The rhymes are short and snappy with a bounce-along rhythm. Within no time at all, your child will be able to join in with the words.

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The Bad Penny by Lindsey Hutchinson

The Salt Of The Earth

The Bad Penny by Lindsey Hutchinson is a marvellous historical novel that continues on from The Ragged Orphan. I can recommend reading that first for maximum enjoyment. Although this can be read as a stand-alone.

The year is 1894 as the reader returns to the rag and bone yard in Birmingham. We see that hard work does pay off when your boss is fair and kind. There is a camaraderie between the boys in the yard as they look out for each other.

Romance is in the air as new love matches meet up.

And there is tragedy too as death comes calling.

In contrast to the steadfastness of many of the characters, we meet the bad penny – a character who is happy to use people for personal gain, caring little for family and friends. It is a life of lies and greed, never being satisfied. When money motivates, you can be sure of a downward spiral.

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