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A Gingerbread Cafe Christmas by Rebecca Raisin

Warm And Welcoming

A Gingerbread Café Christmas by Rebecca Raisin is a delightful contemporary festive offering of three stories.

Christmas At The Gingerbread Café by Rebecca Raisin is the first book in the Gingerbread Café series and is absolutely delightful. It is a gentle novella about friendship and love during the festive season. We see that we achieve more when we work in partnership rather than viewing others as competition or rivals. All the characters are warm and welcoming. This is Christmas wrapped up in a tale.

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The Post Box At The North Pole by Jaimie Admans

Believe Again

The Post Box At The North Pole by Jaimie Admans is the most heart-warming and delightful contemporary Christmas offering. It will fill your heart with love and leave you smiling.

Christmas is a time to believe and to ignite childhood traditions and memories. It is a time to blur the lines between reality and imagination.

A life going nowhere in a grey and damp Britain is injected with light and life after an unexpected family crisis sees a character on route to Norway where clean air and Santa’s village re-invigorate.

For both the character and the reader Christmases past are evoked. For just a few hours we can immerse ourselves in the magic of Christmas – with reindeer, candy canes and of course, Santa.

Characters whose lives have been scarred and on hold for years learn what it is to begin to live and trust and love again. Priorities are ordered as we learn that to love others and for them to love us is the most important.

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The Imperfect Art Of Caring by Jessica Ryn

Be More Anne

The Imperfect Art Of Caring by Jessica Ryn is the most delightful contemporary novel that warmed my heart and left me smiling.

The novel is set in a small community where the reader meets the various characters. We witness many experiencing the loneliness and isolation of living alone. Behind closed doors there are many needs.

As a huge hearted character enters the community, hearts, homes and lives expand. Community life is once more ignited and functions as it did in the past, with every one supporting each other.

Jessica Ryn explores the life of the carer and of those being cared for. We witness the difficulties, isolation and the paperwork minefields. As characters come together, those with experience help others behind them on life’s road.

Characters have pulled away from society either through choice or because others believed they were safer alone. As lives begin to bud, beautiful friendships blossom.

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Christmas Hope For The Steel Girls by Michelle Rawlins

True Diamonds

Christmas Hope For The Steel Girls by Michelle Rawlins is a marvellous historical novel about community. It is the second book in the Steel Girls series but can be read as a stand-alone. I would recommend reading book one first.

It was a pure delight to rejoin the steel girls as Christmas 1939 approaches. They are a feisty group of women with hearts of pure gold. They are filling the labour gap as the men have gone to war. Sheffield’s steel industry was of vital importance to the war effort.

This is a book about community. Needs are identified and they are met as everyone pulls together. “What they didn’t have in money, they had in kindness.” Kindness, along with hope and love can inspire others to keep going and to help where it is needed. The love leaps from the pages.

We witness life on the home front and how difficult it is at times to keep going. With their men away at war, women needed to lift each other up as there was the constant fear of receiving bad news.

The bulldog spirit was alive. “He [Hitler] might be able to destroy bricks and mortar, but he really had an enormous challenge… attempting to extinguish the ingrained and determined British bulldog spirit of sticking together and carrying on.” Britain keeps calm, carries on and fuels its people with tea. In times of worry, anguish or celebration, people put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.

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