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Safe And Sound by Philippa East

Truth Or Lies?

Safe And Sound by Philippa East is an absolutely gripping contemporary psychological novel that had me captivated from the start.

The narrative is split into two different time periods – present day in the first person through the lead characters voice and ‘then’ in the third person narrative. The reader is guessing who is the voice in the past? I failed to guess correctly – again.

Within the tale there are truth and lies, reality and imagination, those who can be trusted and those who cannot. It is up to the reader to work out where the truth and reality lie.

How much do we really know people? We imagine that others have better lives than we do – but do they?

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The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson

Totally Gripping

The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson is a marvellous, exciting contemporary crime murder suspense. It was totally gripping and consumed me from the start.

The novel concerns a copycat killer who grabs both the readers and the police’s attention. Nadine Matheson has very cleverly constructed and executed her plotline. It was intricate and well thought out. I completely lost myself within the novel – getting up in the morning believing I needed to check the progress on the Jigsaw Man! I had convinced myself the case was real!

I found the characters within the law enforcement to be realistic and likable. The leading lady was thorough in her job and tenacious as she kept going in spite of suffering from PTSD. The scene where she dissolved into tears made her easy to relate to.

There was an eclectic mix of shady characters as the London underworld came to life.

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The Forgotten Orphan by Glynis Peters

Courage And Tenacity

The Forgotten Orphan by Glynis Peters is a heart wrenching historical tale that consumed me from the start. It is set during World War II in an orphanage near Southampton. It is a tale of remarkable courage and strength.

The novel follows Maisie, a young girl who has been at the orphanage since she was four years old. We witness her tenacity to endure all things with a smile and a gentle heart. She is a delightful and realistic main character.

The reader sees the cruelty and damage that words spoken over us do to our spirit. We believe what others tell us. “Maisie was a waste of precious funds… had resigned herself to the ranks of the unwanted.” It is heart breaking to see a broken spirit.

World War II was a dreadful time. The bombs rained down on Southampton. As a sea port it received the maimed and the dying. As buildings are repurposed, Maisie finds her raison d’etre. “I want to help the poor broken men who have been brought to us to learn to live again.”

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Girl A by Abigail Dean

Powerful And Painful

Girl A by Abigail Dean is a heart wrenching contemporary tale that will upset and disturb because it feels as if it could be true. Abigail Dean has written it so well that we could be hearing about a true life case. The reader’s emotional response is directed by Abigail Dean’s powerful narrative.

The story is told through the eyes of Girl A. We ‘experience’ her emotions and responses. She and her siblings were subjected to some very twisted behaviour from their parents who ‘found’ religion and did not interpret it correctly. What started out as protection from the world soon morphed into cruelty and neglect. Girl A shares her thoughts, fears and feelings with the reader.

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