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Never Never by Colleen Hoover And Tarryn Fisher

Coming 28th Feb

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A crash. Books fall to the speckled linoleum floor. They skid a few feet, whirling in circles, and stop near feet. My feet. I don’t recognize the black sandals, or the red toenails, but they move when I tell them to, so they must be mine. Right?

A bell rings. Shrill.

I jump, my heart racing. My eyes move left to right as I scope out my environment, trying not to give myself away.

What kind of bell was that? Where am I?

Kids with backpacks walk briskly into the room, talking and laughing. A school bell. They slide into desks, their voices competing in volume. I see movement at my feet and jerk in surprise. Someone is bent over, gathering up books on the floor; a red-faced girl with glasses. Before she stands up, she looks at me with something like fear and then scurries off. People are laughing. When I look around I think they’re laughing at me, but it’s the girl with glasses they’re looking at.

“Charlie!” someone calls. “Didn’t you see that?” And then, “Charlie…what’s your problem…hello…?”

My heart is beating fast, so fast.

Where is this? Why can’t I remember? “Charlie!” someone hisses. I look around. Who is Charlie? Which one is Charlie?

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Looking Out For Love by Sophia Money-Coutts

Love In Action

Looking Out For Love by Sophia Money-Coutts is a wonderfully warm contemporary novel about love.

Love comes in many forms. We all need love. Love is what makes the world go round.

In the novel we witness the love between two best friends since childhood. Their friendship is rocked by a cancer diagnosis. Fear of the thought of anything other than a good outcome. They realise what they have and cannot contemplate life without the other. We see the love and care as they both look after each other’s different needs – from emotional to practical.

We meet Harold who lost his wife of many years and who pours his love into his Alsatian called Basil. Harold has a new lease of life after befriending the girls upstairs. He has a huge capacity for love as he volunteers in the hospital where his wife was cared for. He even tries internet dating!

A former police officer, Marjorie, investigates cheating partners. She believes in love not lies. She is a lively character with a big personality.

And finally, we meet Dr Sam who works in paediatrics and has a big heart and a compassionate nature. He always tries to do good wherever he goes.

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All My Love by Miranda Dickinson

Always & Forever

All My Love by Miranda Dickinson is the most charming contemporary novel that I never wanted to end.

The tone is wonderfully light-hearted and fun, with much amusing banter.

The book celebrates life and love and friendship. We all need those people around us who believe in us. Too often the world knocks us down and our voices shrink and dry up – but with love and encouragement from others, our voices will turn the volume up once more. Voices are heard again because “They believed in me.” We all need people who believe in us.

Within the story there are those who tear down and belittle others. And there are those who know the value of people. A character has been broken in the past and believes she has no self-worth but “you are important… Don’t ever think you aren’t.” We all need people who will build us up.

Job satisfaction will never be found in bank notes. Our value is not in the amount of money we earn. Some of the happiest people work hard, doing their dream jobs behind the scenes. Often the most important people doing the most important jobs are actually grafting away behind the scenes, invisible to the world – but if they didn’t do their jobs, we would soon notice.

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