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Protecting Tanner Hollow by Lynette Eason

Exciting Suspense

Protecting Tanner Hollow by Lynette Eason is an exciting collection of four contemporary Christian suspense novellas. All are set in Tanner Hollow and entitled Lethal Homecoming, Lethal Conspiracy, Lethal Secrets and Lethal Agenda. The stories are all linked by the characters with the focus shifting in each one. Familiar faces from the Blue Justice series make an appearance too.

Lynette Eason is the queen of the suspense novel. She grabs the reader’s attention from the start as we hang on for the roller coaster read.

Each story has similar themes – corruption, greed, attempted murder. The law enforcement agencies work together to solve the crimes and protect the innocent. There is also the theme of taking care of the vulnerable.

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Entangled Objects by Susanne Paola Antonetta


Entangled Objects by Susanne Paola Antonetta is a unique novel exploring the lives of three women.

These women are all totally different in terms of lifestyle, money etc but they are also remarkably similar in their experiences. Their lives all intersect at various points.

There was the theme of fake compared with being real. Sometimes people show the world a fake version of themselves – hiding under clothes and make up. Even the reality television show shoots so called ‘real’ scenes several times! At the viewing of a deceased relative, the family saw a different version of their loved one. Both life and death seem to present images to the world rather than reality.

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Christmas Ever After by Karen Schaler

Positively Charming

Christmas Ever After by Karen Schaler is a most delightful contemporary Christmas novel that will warm your heart and leave you smiling.

Log cabins, snow, Christmas trees and Santas are everything you need for the festive atmosphere – but what happens if you really want to avoid Christmas every year? This novel will awaken the spirit of Christmas in your heart.

Christmas is a time for making memories but for one character, a childhood trauma has meant Christmas was never celebrated again. Misunderstandings need correcting and a heart needs awakening.

Karen Schaler has created a charming novel that is warm, friendly, feel-good and humorous – there is definitely a touch of Mama Mia within the tale resulting in some situations that will make you smile.

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Scrumptious Independence by Melissa Wardwell

The Legacy She Left

Scrumptious Independence by Melissa Wardwell is a totally charming contemporary Christian novel. It is the second book in the Merriweather Island series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel is about a search to belong and to be loved. The leading character feels rejected by her family. She projects this rejection on to her view of God, believing she will never be ‘good enough’ for Him. She has forgotten about the gift of grace. God says she is loved by Him. She needs to believe she is who God says she is.

We also witness a journey through loss as a beloved Grandmother has died (before the novel began). A character feels adrift following this loss of unconditional love. Her anchor is gone. But she has another anchor to whom she can cling, and His name is Jesus.

When loss consumes our life, we may take our eyes off God. “I put God on the back-burner.” God never wants us to journey through our pain alone. He longs to partner with us through life.

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