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Eternity Through The Rearview Mirror by Annette Hubbell

Inspiring Tales Of Those Who Changed The World

Eternity Through The Rearview Mirror by Annette Hubbell is an inspiring book of seventeen tales of ordinary men and women who lived extraordinary lives for Jesus and changed their worlds. “Have a vision, change the world” said Corrie ten Boom. Where we see injustices we need to stand up and declare that it is wrong.

The book is full of names that I have heard of. Why? Because they fought with faith to right the wrongs. There are many who stood against slavery including Abraham Lincoln. Sojourner Truth felt invisible until her Mama told her “There is a God who hears and sees you.” God sees and hears all and He sees you.

I think one of the saddest quotes was “Don’t you know that reading is for white folks?” by Mary McLeod Bethune. She received no schooling until ages eleven but went on to educate other poor folks.

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Until Then by Gail Kittleson

The Indomitable Spirit

Until Then by Gail Kittleson is a Christian historical novel covering the war years 1943-1945. It is an epic read that will break your heart.

Clearly Gail Kittleson has thoroughly researched her topic both on the home front and on the continent as a medical army camp moves around tending the wounded. Both locations faced their own hardships as they witness death and destruction.

Life in war torn London is viewed through the eyes of a policeman. He witnesses horrors that he cannot ‘unsee’ and is haunted by memories.

Likewise there are horrors seen on the continent through the eyes of the nurses. Camaraderie helps them to cope with the horrors of war. At times they laugh because otherwise they would cry. I must admit I chuckled in horror at the latrine incident.

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Redemption by Ione Joy

His Plans

Redemption by Ione Joy is an End Times novel and the second book in The Armoire series. I recommend reading book one first.

Redemption is a cautionary tale set after the Rapture (in book one). It sees the fulfilment of prophecies in Revelation. The world is divided into those who stand for Jesus and those who are for the Beast. The Beast believes that he can defeat the world but we know that Jesus has the victory.

In Redemption there is a job to be done. Only when God’s plans are completed can we move on. God commands His angels to protect His children. When we know God we can have peace and hope in the midst of our trials.

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Don Roberto’s Daughter: Natasha by Connor Royce

Faithful God

Don Roberto’s Daughter: Natasha by Connor Royce is a Christian romance that will delight the reader. It is set in Mexico and America with a real cosmopolitan feel to it.

The novel is about awakenings in God and prodigals returning. “She wanted to pray like she had as a child, when God was as easy to talk to as her Papa.” When we have known God, if we drift away, we are still anchored to Him and it feels as if something is missing until we return to Him. It may surprise us to know that God misses us too. “How strange… that God could miss her.” God awaits our return.

We all need people who will help us in our Christian walk. We may need encouragement to keep walking faithfully. The greatest gift a new Christian can receive is a Bible as then we can read God’s word for ourselves. “Her spirit had awakened and it was hungry.”

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