The Secret Vow by Natalie Meg Evans

Breeding Will Out

The Secret Vow by Natalie Meg Evans is an epic historical novel set in 1918 and 1919 at the close of WWI.

The reader is in for a real treat as we travel from Russian palaces to Paris via Sweden. True breeding lasts in spite of circumstances. Once a princess always a princess. Atrocities inflicted on the aristocrats in Russia means trust comes hard. There is always someone willing to betray others for a quick buck.

We witness the strength of character needed to survive. Some Russians are deluded into believing the Czar’s family survived and long to see them restored.

Family matters. Family pull together.Unscrupulous people try to take advantage of grief. Forgiveness needs to be dished out but it is hard.

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The Story Of Us by Lana Kortchik

Wait And Hope

The Story Of Us by Lana Kortchik is a powerful and heart wrenching historical novel that will have the reader reaching for the tissues.

It is an epic read set in 1941 –1943 surrounding the occupation of Kiev by the Nazis. It was a brutal time as lives were terrorized, starved, beaten and snuffed out. The population fell drastically during that time. The characters are fictional but with Lana Kortchik’s attention to detail, they feel very real. The reader empathises with their loses and hardship but really, in our twenty first century world, we have no idea of what they went through. It was far worst than our imaginings.

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Tadcaster And The Bullies by Richard Rutherford

Pulling Together

Tadcaster And The Bulliesby Richard Rutherford is the most delightful children’s book, suitable for ages eight to adult.

Any book that has a dog in it, is sure to get my vote. Beautifully illustrated, I got to see Tadcaster, a wonderful YorkshireTerrier. I read it on my kindle, I imagine that a paperback is even better.

Tadcaster is definitely the hero of the story in my eyes. He is a small dog with a big personality.

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It Started With A Note by Victoria Cooke

Live Well, Live Full, Live Happy

It Started With A Note by Victoria Cooke is the most delightful contemporary romance about two loves a century apart.

The love just oozes from the novel. They are loves that will last. They are loves that are wrenched apart. There are loves of parents for their children. The whole novel is a tribute to love – not wild, searing passion but a deep love that reaches beyond the novel to envelope the reader and make us feel loved too.

With amusing dialogue and everyday situations, the reader can empathise with the lead character. She could be any one of us as she goes about her daily life. Her problems of fly away hair and crumpled tee-shirts give a universal appeal.

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