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Looking For Leroy by Melody Carlson


Looking For Leroy by Melody Carlson is a most delightful contemporary novel that will warm your heart.

You never forget your first love no matter how many years have passed. There may be regrets in life, choices that have not worked out. What would you do if you could have a second chance at first love?

The reader sees the importance of retaining a spirit of adventure, no matter what your age. Life is for living and for exploring new places and having new adventures.

Sometimes we face crossroads in life and don’t know what to do – “Why don’t you try praying about it too.” Involving God in our lives is always a good idea. We need to pray and then listen for His voice.

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As Time Goes By by Anne Bennett

Family And Community

As Time Goes By by Anne Bennett is a delightful historical novel set in early 1930’s Birmingham which is my home town. It was wonderful to recognise locations mentioned including St Martins, St Chads and the Bullring.

The 1930’s were a period of poverty following the global crash of 1929. The sense of community was high as people helped where they could.

Tragedies still happened as there were old factories which made shells during World War I which needed clearing and repurposing. This really spoke to my heart as my Nanny made shells during World War I in a factory in Birmingham.

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God Speaks by Ruth O’Reilly Smith

Waiting Here For God

God Speaks: 40 Letters From The Father’s Heart by Ruth O’Reilly Smith is the most beautiful devotional journal. It is the perfect accompaniment to Lent.

In her introduction the author reveals how she felt prompted to listen to God and write a letter from Him every day during Lent 2020. This book is the result.

All the letters are biblically grounded giving a universal appeal to the timeless truths of God’s heart. As you read each letter, let God’s truth and love sink into your heart. These were God’s letters to Ruth O’Reilly Smith but they are also God’s letters to you and me. At different times, different letters will ‘speak’ to you.

Each day includes a scripture and sections for you to write your thoughts under the headings of Ask God; Prayer and My Thoughts.

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When We Were Warriors by Emma Carroll

Exciting And Engaging

When We Were Warriors by Emma Carroll is a charming collection of three stories set in 1942. They are just perfect for ages ten years and older.

All the stories interlink and continue on from previous stories but can be read as stand-alones.

The reader marvels at the bravery of the children involved. Many are evacuees from Bristol. Where they see needs or problems, they set out to solve them.

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