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Springtime At Hope Hall by Pam Rhodes

Absolutely Charming

Springtime At Hope Hall by Pam Rhodes is a positively charming Christian contemporary read concerning the life and the groups meeting at Hope Hall.

Hope Hall is aptly named. It is a place of hope where life happens and where support is given. “This was a place where it was okay to cry and prayer felt natural.” Hope Hall is a metaphor for the church functioning as Jesus intended.

The hall is full of life from seniors to tap dancing youngsters. All sorts of groups meet throughout the week.

An army of volunteers ensure the activities run smoothly – from the cleaner to the catering manager to the overseer. There are many people, all with different skill sets, united by huge hearts.

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Fallen Angel by Jenny O’Brien

Searching For Clues

 Fallen Angel by Jenny O’Brien is a marvellous contemporary crime thriller that draws the reader in from the start. It is the third book in the Detective Gaby Darin series but can be read as a stand-alone.

A quiet weekend ramps up as a cold case is investigated. At first it is believed to be an isolated incident without any evidence but it soon becomes clear that rapid crime solving is needed before other cases are added.

The reader becomes entangled in the story from the start as we want to know the truth and find out why it happened.

Law enforcement agencies run a tight ship. They function as a family looking after their own. The reader witnesses the cares and niggles that come with family life.

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The Island by C.L. Taylor


The Island by C.L. Taylor is a thrillingly good YA psychological suspense that will have your pulse rising and your heart racing.

Paradise soon becomes hell as what should have been a dream come true disintegrates into a nightmare.

We all have fears and phobias. We need to face them before we can defeat them.

Tensions rise within both the reader and the characters as the island rapidly seems to take on a personality of its own.

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For The Love Of Joy by Janet W Ferguson

The Master Physician

For The Love Of Joy by Janet W Ferguson is a charming Christian contemporary novel. It is the fifth book in the Coastal Hearts series but can be read as a stand-alone.

There is a wonderful warm selection of realistic, perfectly flawed characters. They are easy to empathise with as the reader can easily picture themselves in the situations. There is a delightfully drawn young toddler whose mannerisms have been beautifully captured and who endears himself to the reader.

The main characters were driven by guilt and fear. They fear the past repeating itself. God does not want us to live in the bondage of fear. He longs for us to surrender to Him and to trust His plans for our lives. He wants us to live in love and in faith. Perfect love casts out all fears.

“She knew God would never listen to a sinner like her.” This is a lie from the enemy. We are all sinners in need of a Saviour.

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