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The Secret To Happiness by Suzanne Woods Fisher

3 Legs On The Stool

The Secret To Happiness by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the most charming contemporary Christian novel that I read mainly in one sitting. I paused only to sleep. It is the second book in the Cape Cod Creamery series and can be read as a stand-alone. However, I recommend reading the books in order, so that you see character progression and development, as well as maximum enjoyment.

Cape Cod and family are the place to go when life gets tough. Family and the community offer love and care. It is surprising to witness healing coming in the form of six year old cowboy Leo. His warm, sunny nature and his openness, help souls heal. One cannot help but smile when he is around.

The story, once more, centres around the ice cream parlour. Now it is winter and the tourists are gone, it has to adapt and change. Likewise, we need to be adaptable as we start new chapters in life.

We all need lives that have purpose. “She’d hit her goal… there’d always been a vague feeling of emptiness… Is this all there is?” We need to make sure that are lives are centred on what gives meaning. So much in life is just chasing the wind. We need to find our purpose. Knowing God makes our lives meaningful. “Do you talk to God?” God longs to hear from us. Prayer is simply conversations with God. We need to listen as well as talk.

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The Sweet Life by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Transforming Lives With Love

The Sweet Life by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel. It is the first book in the Cape Cod Creamery series and I cannot wait for the subsequent books.

There are some books that as soon as you start, you just know you are going to adore the book, love the characters and never want it to end – The Sweet Life is one of those books. It is simply beautiful.

Suzanne Woods Fisher has developed a wonderful eclectic mix of characters. Each one has a back story. Each one is, or has been, battling problems that will prove to be turning points in their lives. Each one lodged in my heart. Did I have a favourite? I have to admit a soft spot for five year old cowboy Leo.

Sometimes in life we will have health issues that will knock us for six. We meet a character who is recovering from surgery for breast cancer. The only way to deal with it was to live in isolation. She did not want to share her story. However, her experiences meant she was able to spot another with a breast cancer diagnosis, and then walk beside her as it was a path that she had already trodden.

We also meet a character who has bad news after bad news heaped on her. She does not turn from God but directs her anger and her questions to Him. Where is God in the midst of her suffering? He walks beside her. She cannot see Him nor feel Him but “God was trying to get my attention and finally had to use a megaphone.” We need to be so in tune with God that we hear His whisper.

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The Wind Blows In Sleeping Grass by Katie Powner

Pearls Of Great Price

The Wind Blows In Sleeping Grass by Katie Powner is the most beautiful Christian contemporary novel about family, friendship and forgiveness.

All the characters are realistically drawn. They are an eclectic mix from an eleven year old boy to an eighty two year old woman. They all have things in common – they are all perfectly flawed human beings in need of a Savior and in need of forgiveness.

Everyone has a past. We all carry burdens that were not meant for us – whether we are eleven or eighty two. God wants us to give Him our burdens. He wants to exchange them for peace, hope and forgiveness. Often, we are our harshest critics. We need to receive His forgiveness and live in His peace.

Life is hard. Life without knowing God is even harder. We can receive His peace despite our circumstances. “When you have that [peace]… it’s enough. But without it, nothing is ever enough.” We cannot earn God’s peace. It is His gift to us.

We meet a troubled eleven year old and a troubled fifty year old who used to be a troubled eleven year old. Despite the age difference, both are very similar. They have both listened to the voices that have told them that they are worthless. They have believed the voices and repeated the mantra to the face in the mirror. God says they are loved. “Everything God makes has value, whether we choose to see it or not.”

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This Is Where It Ends by Cindy K Sproles

True Riches

This Is Where It Ends by Cindy K Sproles is a beautiful Christian historical novel that will wash over you like a river, cleansing you as you read, and leaving you feeling peaceful.

This is a love story, not a conventional one, but a love story nonetheless. It surrounds Minerva, a ninety four year old woman who has missed out on love her whole life. Only now, as she nears the end, does she find a love that fulfills as the arms wrap around her. This is a love that reaches beyond the pages to envelop the reader. This is a beautiful love that time will not destroy.

We also see the love of a faithful dog. He guards. He protects. He mourns.

All her life Minerva has wanted a family. We learn that “kindness, caring, love makes a family. You don’t have to be blood to be the perfect fit.” Family look out for each other.

Secrets, burdens and guilt weigh heavy. We witness a soul that has been burdened pass this heavy load onto another, so it is carried beyond the grave. The reader’s heart breaks for a character when the secrets are unearthed and she realizes that her marriage was a sham and a lie. She has never felt ‘good enough’ and this has saddened her.

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