Gathering Courage by T.A McMullin

Acts Of Kindness

Gathering Courage by T.A McMullin is a heartfelt account of the journey through adoption, fostering and life. Terry McMullin is honest with her highs and lows, her loves, her losses and her constant faith in a God who loves her unconditionally.

Born in the Edna Gladney home in Texas, I immediately connected with Terry’s story. I have seen the film Blossoms In The Dust (Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon) that tells the story of Edna Gladney. I ‘saw’ Terry for the darling little baby she was. In making this connection, Gathering Courage really came alive for me. It became personal. I ‘felt’ deeply for all that Terry went through.

Terry McMullin writes about her struggles with dyslexia – unknown in her childhood so she was labelled ‘stupid.’ There is a marvellous section on dyslexia saying what it is and what it isn’t. It’s very powerful.

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Fearless Faith by Joan Hufman

An Enabling Book

Fearless Faith by Joan Huffman is a great little book that explores how to live out our faith in spite of our fears.

Knowing God means we should be able to live fruitful and fearless lives. We all have areas of our lives that cause us to fear. “Fear cripples us.” Joan Huffman examines various topics that make us fearful – giants, talents, brokenness, scars, etc – She gives pointers as to how we can overcome our fears by trusting in God. “My fear was great but God was greater.”

Each chapter opens with a Biblical passage and closes with questions designed for self examination, to enable us to live out our fearless faith.

A wonderful book. I will end with a quote that Joan Huffman included from Ernest Hemmingway that really says it all:

“Courage is grace under pressure.”

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Right In The Middle But Left Out by Jeffery Trees

Evil Exists

Right In The Middle But Left Out by Jeffery Trees is a book about a little written about subject – incest and its effect on family members down the generations.

The cycle of sin needs to be broken. The past needs to be faced no matter how painful.

Jeffery Trees has written a firsthand account of what it is like to be married to a victim of incest. To be walking in the dark, stumbling around, trying to make sense of his newfound knowledge. “I leaned on Christ as the only source of my sanity.” What else can you do but turn to God?

There are raw emotions of pain, of hurt, of anger, of total disbelief – how could those meant to protect the innocent be so evil? It is natural to question even God’s goodness. “How could God allow it to happen?”

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Be Brave: Saving Lives With Your Problems by Zack Quilici

An Honest Testimony

Be Brave: Saving Lives With Your Problems by Zack Quilici is a brutally honest account of a messed up life that was going nowhere. A life that needed to know God and be transformed by Him. “I don’t think I’d ever have met Him, if it wasn’t for my lousy decisions up to the point of my salvation.”

Zack Quilici urges us all to be brave and to share our stories to help others. We learn from our experiences and can help others by sharing and walking alongside them. He quotes Carl Lenz “I’m using my pain as a platform and not a prison.”

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