The Power Of Music by Michael L Brown

Do You Hear The People Sing?

The Power Of Music by Michael L Brown is a comprehensive guide exploring in depth, the power of music in the secular and the Christian markets. “The God who gave us words gave us music too.” The psalms were written to be sung along with musical accompaniment. King David loved his music and was even accused of being ‘undignified’ when dancing his praises. Music has the power to move us greatly and overflows into our feet.

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Genuine Miracles by Lee Freeman and Jennifer Hutchins

Faith Inspiring

Genuine Miracles: True Stories From Real People by Lee Freeman and Jennifer Hutchins is an amazing little book about miracles that have happened. The stories defy rational explanations. They can only be miracles.

The God of the Bible still shows up today and performs the impossible. People cry out to God. He hears. He answers but not always in the way we want.

We need to learn to praise God at all times. He is good even when life is tough. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Not only are these miraculous stories but there are lessons for us all to learn.

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Bible Sticks: An Unlikely Calling by Ron Vance

Wow! Awesome

Bible Sticks: An Unlikely Calling by Ron Vance is an absolutely beautiful book. I was enthralled by it.

Author Ron Vance accidentally discovered a talent for carving Bible sticks in 1989. Since then he has carved many sticks to illustrate various aspects of the Bible. Each stick takes about a year to carve. Having seen the pictures, you can understand why.

The book has pictures of each stick as well as focusing in on the finer detail. To accompany each stick, Ron Vance describes what he did, what the carving represents and why he used certain colours.

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Learning In The School Of Christ by J.W. Jepson

We Learned It From Jesus

Learning In The School Of Christ: Preparing For Your Destiny by J.W. Jepson is a powerful little book to help us draw closer to God as we learn the lessons from Jesus. It is perfect for the individual or for studying within a life group. It can be read as a whole or broken down into bitesize chunks.

Nothing surprizes God. At the creation of the world God knew about the fall. “God is not the ‘Supreme Guesser’.” He knew He would send Jesus. He knew about everything we would ever do – and still He created the world.

J.W Jepson urges us that our goal should be to become more like Jesus. “Every day is loaded with excellent opportunities to become more like Jesus.” We are to “remove everything that doesn’t look like Jesus.”

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