Entertaining Angels by Janet Hosier and Liza Hoeksma


Entertaining Angels by Janet Hosier and Liza Hoeksma tells the true story of New Hope Trust in Watford, a centre for the homeless. The book shows that if God gives you a dream, He will provide all you need to fulfil it. Every prayer will be answered and every need met.

No one chooses to be homeless. Circumstances happen and people end up on the streets. Here they are treated as social pariahs, when what they all long for is social contact with other human beings as much as practical help – a friendly face and a kind word as well as food and shelter.

Often homelessness goes hand in hand with alcohol and/or drug abuse. Help is needed to beat these addictions.

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Chicago: A Journey Through Life by Sonya Thompson

God Is Looking Out

Chicago: A Journey Through Life by Sonya Thompson is a short but charming collection of true life tales. Divided into seven chapters with subsections, the reader is enthralled by the encounters with God. Some people may call the stories coincidences but I much prefer to call them God instances. There are times in our lives when we really can see God stepping in and working for our good. Sometimes we realise it, other times we don’t.

Sonya Thompson has a wonderful chatty style. The reader feels as if they are sitting at her feet and listening to the tales.

I really enjoyed these unique stories. It is always good to hear testimonies about God’s goodness and faithfulness.

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Breakthrough To A Supernatural Life by Franklyn M Spence

Relationship 24/7

Breakthrough To A Supernatural Life by Franklyn M Spence is a marvellous book. It is the true encounter of Franklyn Spence with God and all that he has learned. There are also some practical suggestions for steps for the reader to use to help to hear God’s voice. “When you hear His voice, your life will never be the same.”

Franklyn Spence grew up in a traditional church of Sunday Christians and where the gifts of the Spirit were unheard of. Jesus was safe and boring. A supernatural encounter with God, aged just sixteen, meant Franklyn Spence’s life was forever changed.

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Redeeming Ruth by Meadow Rue Merrill

Loving In The Light And The Dark

 Redeeming Ruth by Meadow Rue Merrill is the true story of a fight to adopt Ugandan baby Ruth who has cerebral palsy. It is both a beautiful and heartbreaking read. It will inspire you. It will fill you with hope. Tears will fall. And it will leave you overwhelmed by the love, courage, faith and dedication of the Merrill family.

Meadow Rue Merrill is an ordinary American housewife with an extraordinary story. As a girl she thought her life was all mapped out. “From childhood I’d planned out my life.” God however had other plans, far greater than Meadow could have imagined.

The Merrills made themselves available to be used by God. “If not us, who?” They realised they could not change the whole world but they could change the whole world for a baby called Ruth.

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