Two Weeks In Winter by Mike Maranhas

Hang On, God’s Got This

Two Weeks In Winter by Mike Maranhas is the true story of his walk with God as his wife Bela lay fighting for her life. Mike Maranhas relied on God. There was nowhere else for him to go but to the cross. Mike Maranhas has a Christ centred life. He clung on to God, trusting that God had got it. “I had nothing on which to rely but God and my puny, underdeveloped faith.”

This is a powerful testimony to the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness of Mike Maranhas to God. Mike Maranhas placed his faith in God, knowing that whatever happened, the God of the universe was in control.

There is power in prayer. “I found tranquillity in praying. I trusted God.” At all stages and at all times, prayer is powerful.

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The Path To Change by Pope Francis

Issues Of Today

A Future Of Faith: The Path Of Change In Politics And Society by Pope Francis, Dominique Wolton and Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a comprehensive set of questions and answers with Pope Francis. He addresses the issues of today, urging us to build bridges and not walls between us.

Pope Francis sees money as the greatest threat to peace in society today.

There were speeches of Pope Francis’ included in the book too.

This was a title I was invited to read and not my usual choice of book. I recognise that Pope Francis is wise and educated on today’s world. I must admit, I found the book very intellectual and normally prefer lighter reads, so I only read half of the book as it became too heavy going for me. The fault lies with me. The book is well written and Pope Francis is very likable. It is a great read if you like question and answer sessions on the state of today’s world.

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Jesus Is Better by Hugh Houston

No Longer A Slave To Sin

Jesus Is Better Than Porn by Hugh Houston talks about his thirty year battle with pornography and his battle plan to beat his addiction. The words and advice can apply to any sin in our lives.

This book is full of helpful suggestions to break the cycle of sin, beginning with confession. Once we confess, we can then be held accountable to somebody else who will help us. We need to set boundaries. If we know we have a weakness in one area of our lives, we must avoid that area. Everything Hugh Houston says is backed up with scripture. Sin is not a new problem. It has been around forever.

Each chapter ends with questions designed to help us focus on what we need to do to defeat our sin. Wise words are included from well known Christian writers such as C.S. Lewis, Dallas Willard, Viktor Frankl and more.

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Unconstrained: Loving God With Abandon by Kyle McNutt

Did You Learn To Love?

Unconstrained: Loving God With Abandon by Kyle McNutt is a marvellous and powerful book that delves into scripture, analyses and explains it with the aim of helping us draw closer to God.

The content of the book is explained in the title – it is all about loving God with every part of your life. Do we love God with our time? Our finances? Our pursuits and passions? With every fibre of our being? If not, why not? God desires every part of us. God is not just for Sundays in church. God is for 24/7. He wants to do life in partnership with you. We must give the driving seat of our lives over to God.

Loving God is not just a nice idea or a suggestion. Loving God is a commandment that will improve our lives.

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