God Calling In Poetry by Frank Raj


God Calling In Poetry by Frank Raj is a beautiful book with 365 devotions and poetry, all dated from 1st January enabling you to start the book whenever you pick it up.

Each day begins with a portion of scripture, followed by a poem that is linked to the scripture.

The poems all vary in length. Some are just a few lines, others a couple of pages.

This book will definitely help with your daily walk with God. The scripture and poems draw us closer to the heart of God.

This is a beautiful book for quiet times. Read God’s word and poem, and let the words sink into your soul.

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Encountering Christlikeness by Brad Simon

Becoming More Like Jesus

Encountering Christlikeness by Brad Simon is a powerful Christian devotional that will encourage us as we walk with Jesus.

There are fourteen devotionals each based on a Bible reference. The author expands the story, using scripture to back up his words. Each devotional ends with a prayer and three identical questions designed to help us digest and apply what we have just read.

All the devotionals are New Testament based. They cover a variety of topics. We need to be obedient servants, using the gifts that God has given us, to help others and for His glory.

We need to have a heart that gives and is motivated by love, as we give of our time, talents and money. “He [God] can use even the smallest offering to do amazing things.”

Having a forgiving heart is vital. Forgiveness may not be a one-off event. It may well be a process. We forgive because we have been forgiven. Forgiveness brings healing and restoration.

My favourite devotional was about Martha, Mary and Lazarus. We learn that we need to balance work, worship and witness as embodied by these three characters.

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Encountering The Master Carpenter by Brad Simon

Walking With Jesus

Encountering The Master Carpenter by Brad Simon is a devotional book that will aid you in your faith walk. This book is designed for us to get to know Jesus and to discover His will for our lives.

There are fourteen devotionals based on fourteen biblical passages. The author gives his thoughts on the passages, backing up his words with scripture. Each section ends with a prayer and identical questions which are designed to help us think about what we have read and how we can apply the truths in our lives.

The passages are all from the New Testament. We want and need to know the heart of Jesus. When the storms of life hit, and they will, we need to have firm foundations so we do not crumble. “When the floods of life overwhelm us, we can stand firm on the solid rock of God’s Word and experience peace, joy and stability.”

The devotionals cover different topics. We hear about Jesus calming the storm and also walking on the water. We need to know that we have Jesus in our boat. “They [disciples] looked within and saw fear. But they failed to look up by faith and see God.” Fear and faith cannot exist side by side. If we have faith, we need not fear. When Jesus asks us to ‘come’, we can step out of the boat and trust Him.

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And … So We Walked by Rick & Jane McKinney

So Very Powerful

And… So We Walked by Rick and Jane McKinney is such a powerful book that reveals the faithfulness of God and also faith in action.

In 2005 Rick McKinney ‘heard’ God tell him to walk across America. “Walk it all in My Name.” An obedient servant, married for over thirty years at that time, together with his wife Jane, on 1st January 2006 began their walk from California to Washington – a distance of 2,800 miles. Their walk was completed on July 4th 2006. It was a total walk of faith. It was a walk that would change the couple. It was a walk that impacted many along the way. And … So We Walked is a book that should impact our lives and change the way we live. Every day is a new opportunity to tell a lost world about Jesus. We do not need to walk across America. Maybe we just need to walk across our roads and tell someone about Jesus. Or across our neighbourhoods. Or maybe just across the room. You never know when God will set up a divine appointment. “Divine appointments with people we didn’t know but that God knew needed to hear about Him.”

Rick and Jane McKinney knew they could rely on God. “He would never leave us, always empower us, and confirm His presence and guidance in our lives.” There were times when they sensed “an angel is walking with us.” God never left the couple to walk alone. And God never leaves us to walk alone.

God calls us to see the world through His eyes. “We were beginning to see people through the eyes of Jesus.” When we look with Jesus’ eyes, we see the heart of God. The world will look different. We will see the injustice and the prejudice. We will see the marginalized and the forgotten. – and our hearts will break. “God had broken our hearts for our nation.” The McKinney’s realized that America needs God. Our world needs God.

We are called to tell the world about Jesus. I found the following quote so powerful: “We ‘talk’ loudest by how we ‘walk’ “ Wow!

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