The Living Cross by Amy Boucher Pye

Perfect For Lent

The Living Cross by Amy Boucher Pye has been a marvellous read for Lent. A chapter a day which starts with a Biblical passage and ends with a prayer. Amy Boucher Pye’s thoughts are sandwiched in between.

Amy Boucher Pye writes from experience. Her observations are insightful. She has a huge heart for God and for people.

At the end of each week are exercises designed for self reflection and to draw the reader closer to the heart of God.

The Living Cross has been just perfect to read and reflect on. I am now filing it away on my bookshelf ready to read again next year.


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An Extraordinary Storm by Noemi Holton

A Faithful God

An Extraordinary Storm by Noemi Holton is the true story of health problems and a faithful God. It is a quick but comprehensive read.

God still speaks even when we are not conscious. He knows our needs and can give us a peace that passes understanding, even in the time of great troubles.

Noemi Holton spent some time in a coma but was still aware of people speaking, showing the need to talk to coma patients.

Family means everything to Noemi Holton. She will move mountains to keep hers together.

Noemi Holton is a brave lady, enduring her health problems. Her testimony is inspiring. God is faithful.


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Why I Hate Green Beans by Lincee Ray

Refreshingly Honest

Why I Hate Green Beans by Lincee Ray is a collection of observations on life. Lincee Ray is honest, insightful and witty. The reader laughs and cries as we experience life with her. Lincee Ray recognises we need to “embrace the days when we aren’t feeling our best selves.” We need to seize the day.

The media puts pressure on women to look ‘perfect.’ Their idea of perfect seems to be stick thin with no blemishes. Every women seems to be under media pressure but we are “so much more than a number on a scale.” We need to be happy with the skin we are in and remember that we are created in the image of God. We are the daughters of the King.

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I Was Just Wandering by Jeff Lucas

Amusing And Insightful

I Was Just Wandering by Jeff Lucas is a marvellous collection of Jeff Lucas’ musings on life. Split into thirty four short chapters, I chose to read one each night.

Jeff Lucas has remarkable insight into life. His observations, whilst unique to him, also have universal appeal. I certainly recognised myself (and others) at many times throughout the book.

Jeff Lucas is refreshingly honest about his Christian walk. No one is on a continual high and there are many valleys and even doubts. “My striding along with Jesus is occasionally punctuated by stop offs at smothering doubt, prayerless speechlessness and furtive little sprints into indiscipline. Sometimes I find myself in the wilderness of despair.”

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