The Veil by Blake K Healy

Pressing Into God

The Veil by Blake K Healy is a powerful Christian book about living within the spiritual realm. There is the personal testimony of the author as well as a narrative showing how to receive this spiritual gift from God.

It is important to know who you are in God and what He says about you and over you. We need to press into our relationship with God. “Knowing who you are in Christ determines how you think.” We need to focus our minds on God. “Make your relationship with God the core of your identity.” Let His word be the fragrance in our lives. “When you’re a child of God, you change everything you touch.”

There are things that may keep us from hearing God, such as fear and unforgiveness. The enemy wants to keep us from God but he has no power over us. “Demons have no authority over you unless you give it to them.” Our identity is in Jesus and what He says about us.

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When Jesus Answers by Loren Loving

Drawing Closer To Jesus

When Jesus Answers by Loren Loving is a comprehensive book designed to help us draw closer to God. “Life is… a journey back to where we were created to live.” We come from the Father and we shall return to the Father. We are just passing through this life but we do not journey alone. Jesus promised to be with us every step of the way.

I loved the idea of Jesus as a ‘Passionate Pursuer’. He calls our name – are we quiet enough to hear Him?

This book is full of godly lessons, scriptures and personal testimonies all designed to help us in our relationship with Jesus.

We are called to worship. Each chapter suggests songs to listen to.

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The Silence Of God by Dr Gene Russell

A Comprehensive Guide

The Silence Of God by Dr Gene Russell is a very personable exploration of the silences we experience of God. For us to perceive these silences, we have to believe that God is real.

Dr Gene Russell writes in a very relaxed style, enabling his book to be accessible to all. There are many personal accounts within the chapters. Everything Dr Gene Russell says is backed up with scripture.

“God’s silence does not mean indifference.” Even when God is silent, He is still working. God does not always speak in ways we expect. He will use people and circumstances to get our attention.

We learn about the names of God. He is a God of love in spite of the evil and suffering in the world. “The problem of evil is the problem of choice.” We have all been given free will. God cannot intervene or it would make Him a controller rather than a God of love. Wherever there is evil and sin, God grieves.

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The Healing Season by Shannyn Caldwell

Mighty To Save

The Healing Season by Shannyn Caldwell is a powerful book about God who heals our brokenness.

Shannyn Caldwell lost both her parents in a tornado when she was twenty nine. The loss tore her apart. This is her journey towards healing. “I didn’t know what to do. I don’t know how to live. I’m so lost.” The good news is that in our lostness, Jesus will search for us. He will leave the ninety nine to look for the one. Shannyn Caldwell was immersed in her pain. Life stopped. “I didn’t want to let the world turn without them and yet, I couldn’t stop it.” Only her daughter kept her going. She did not know God but God knew Shannyn Caldwell and He had a plan for her life.

The Healing Season is a story of brokenness made whole. “How my grief was healed because Jesus loved me.” It is also God’s story of meeting hurting people and healing them. God sends people across our paths to help lead us to Him.

This book has some very raw pain. The reader’s emotions are shot to pieces. The glory of God shines through the pain. “He was the God of all hope, not some, not sometimes… all hope.”

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