Refuge Of Grace by Tracy Smoak

Faith Walk

Refuge Of Grace by Tracy Smoak is a powerful book that will enhance your journey with God. It can be read as a whole or break it down into a chapter a day as part of your daily devotions and let the words sink into your soul.

Tracy Smoak draws us near to the heart of God as she studies His word. She looks at the lives of familiar Biblical characters – David, Jeremiah, Ruth, Mary, Paul, Jonah and more – and applies their lessons to our lives today.

Each chapter has a passage connected to our contemporary lives as well as the Biblical characters. There are many Bible quotes. There are also reflections such as questions and a prayer. Each chapter invites us to look inwards and examine our lives.

As we journey through the book, there are lessons to be learnt or to remind ourselves of.

We observe that God sees us. We cannot hide any part of our lives from Him. He sees our darkest secrets and He loves us anyway. We cannot earn His love. We cannot lose His love because His love is part of His character. God is love.

We can trust God. He longs to bless us, not because we deserve it but because it pleases Him. “The Canaanite woman sought blessing, not because she ‘deserved’ it, but because she trusted God’s goodness.”

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The Really Radical Book For Kids by Champ Thornton

Educating & Entertaining

The Really Radical Book For Kids by Champ Thornton is a marvellous book for children aged eight years and over. It is a book looking at various aspects of the Christian life and the Bible to help our children grow their faith in God. I think it is a book that is relevant for any age especially if you are a new Christian.

This book is accessible for all. For young children, you will need to read it for them. To be honest, I recommend reading this book alongside your children so that you can discuss the content. It is a perfect book for Sunday schools and also for connect groups to work through.

The book is brightly coloured, making the pages inviting. We want to read and explore the content which is vast and rich.

We learn about prominent figures and how they lived good Christian lives – Pandita Ramabbai, Hannah More, Eric Liddell to name but a few. I was educated as I read.

The author tells us that the Bible is like a window – we look outside beyond the stories. It is like stained glass and we look into the stories. And it is like a mirror – we can see ourselves within the stories. All three concepts will help us to see God’s Word clearly.

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Daddy’s Girl by Michael Schnabel

Live, Love, Hope – So Inspiring

Daddy’s Girl by Michael Schnabel is a powerful book that is truly inspiring. The author wrote the
book for his grandson in order to journal his (the author) daughter’s cancer journey.

What should have been the happiest time, the birth of a grandson, became the start of a rocky road
as a cancer diagnosis was given. The future looked uncertain, but baby Caden gave his mother Steph,
a reason to fight. “Every time I worry about the cancer, I look at you (Caden) and have my reason to
keep on fighting.”

The author opened the book with: “Love is the bond that holds us together… Hope keeps us moving
forward.” This is not the journey of an individual, this is the journey of a family. Cancer does not
affect one person in isolation but affects all those who know and love that person. Sometimes the
family was fearful but they looked to God and they held on to hope.

Faith in God was strong. Despite all the tests, the health reports, and fears, not once did they
question God. “Steph has never asked, ‘why is this happening to me?’” In fact, in the midst of it all
the author declares “I whisper a thank you prayer for all the blessings we have received.” And there
were many blessings and instances of God’s provision.

This book is not a gloomy read. We hear of the cancer walk but also of life before the diagnosis as
there are snippets of happier times.

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Arranged With Love by Tracy Smoak

Utterly Beautiful

Arranged With Love by Tracy Smoak is a beautiful devotional that will aid your daily walk with God. As you read, the heart of the Father will connect with your heart.

The devotionals are all set around the natural world. There are beautiful photos of trees and plants. I only had a black and white version on my kindle, I can only imagine just how stunning the photos will look in a paperback colour version.

Each of the devotionals has a reading, Bible verse, prayer, photo and description. They are beautifully set out.

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