An Ordinary Life, An Extraordinary Spark: A Memoir By J.A. Richards

Nuggets Of Wisdom

An Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Spark: A Memoir by J.A. Richards is a great little book about life and the author’s experiences, responses and what she has learnt along the way. There are “nuggets of wisdom” for us all to take away.

J.A. Richards shows how God turns up in the ordinary and turns it into the extraordinary. “It is in the ordinary… where we can find God.” God is interested in all areas of our lives. He longs to be involved and have a relationship with us all.

Church is important. It is vital to find a church where you feel at home. “How you worship doesn’t matter as much as why you worship.” We worship because we want to and it pleases God. It matters not whether it is formal hymns or lively worship songs. However we choose to worship, we must put God at the centre.

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Well by Alias In Town

See Me

Well by Alias In Town is a memoir about struggles with addiction and chronic illness. It is an honest account about coping. There are exercises and questions designed to help those struggling to self examine. Too often we present a mask to the world when we are really screaming “See me!”

Addiction is a lifelong battle. It never goes away but there are coping strategies.

There are many “raw and broken people” in the world desperate for love. “Love is a language even a drug and alcohol soaked brain could understand.” We are reminded that we need to reach out to a hurting world in love.

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The Journey Home by Dr Gene Baillie

Nuggets Of Truth

The Journey Home by Dr Gene Baillie is a powerful personal testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of God. It is the thoughts of the author and his wife as she battles brain cancer. They share what they have learned along the way.

Life is a journey and “God has given you a roadmap… the Holy Bible.” It is God’s instruction manual for life. We would be wise to follow it.

Our attitude will depend on how well we enjoy the journey. There will be roadblocks but God is faithful and He can be trusted.

How big is your God? Do we limit God by our understanding of Him? Have we a big, bold faith? “Don’t be satisfied with a timid faith.”

We need to live out our faith. God asks us not for riches but for a servant heart. “We achieve greatness through service to others.”

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The Living Cross by Amy Boucher Pye

Perfect For Lent

The Living Cross by Amy Boucher Pye has been a marvellous read for Lent. A chapter a day which starts with a Biblical passage and ends with a prayer. Amy Boucher Pye’s thoughts are sandwiched in between.

Amy Boucher Pye writes from experience. Her observations are insightful. She has a huge heart for God and for people.

At the end of each week are exercises designed for self reflection and to draw the reader closer to the heart of God.

The Living Cross has been just perfect to read and reflect on. I am now filing it away on my bookshelf ready to read again next year.


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