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Moon Dog by Jane Elson

Lead Walking

Moon Dog by Jane Elson is a powerful children’s novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is perfect for ages ten years and over, and also for animal lovers whatever your age.

The novel is about a large boy and a small girl. Both are eleven years old, both love dogs and both have lost a parent. Their similarities unite them more than their differences split them.

We witness the loneliness of not fitting in at school, the peer pressure and the bullies. We celebrate their friendship and bravery as they navigate their way through life.

Strange goings on next door to Marcus send him and Delilah to investigate. Here, they meet Moon Dog, and uncover much more than they imagined.

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Color The Stories Of The Bible by Durand Loy

Perfectly Paired

Color The Stories Of The Bible by Durand Loy is a beautiful colouring book to accompany The Stories Of The Bible by the same author.

This book is also illustrated by Ayan Mansoori. There are pages exactly the same as in the storybook and also extra pages.

Each two page spread has the title of the Bible story, a synopsis and a full page to colour in.

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The Stories Of The Bible by Durand Loy

Introducing Jesus

The Stories Of The Bible: An Inspiring Christian Storybook For Kids by Durand Loy is a beautiful book or children aged four years and older. It is perfect to read to small children or for early readers to access themselves.

This book introduces children to key Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament. Each Bible story is spread over a double page with the illustration on one page and the title, Bible reference and paraphrased story on the other. The story is written in a way that children can understand. Stories include Adam & Eve, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Jesus and key events in His life, and finally Ephesians where we are told to put on the armour of God. As children grow older, we can read the actual Bible passageway to them.

Each Bible story is beautifully illustrated by Ayan Mansoori. The pages are colourful and appeal to young children. The pictures can be used as discussion points with our children.

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A Letter From Italy by Rose Alexander


A Letter From Italy by Rose Alexander is a marvellous dual timeline novel that totally consumed me.

The action is set during World War II in both Yorkshire and Italy, and also on the south coast in 1972. Each chapter alternates with the time periods as the reader connects the dots.

A shock surprise, following her mother’s death, totally rocks a young woman’s world. All she thought she knew about herself and her family is shaken to the core as the foundations of her life wobble. She seeks answers, as she searches for her identity. The search takes her first to London, and then to Italy.

During World War II we start off in Yorkshire as we follow a young telephonist until her papers, at aged twenty, see her sign up and posted to Italy.

Also, in Yorkshire we meet an Italian POW based at Eden camp. The locals realise that the young Italian men are no different from themselves, they just want to see the end of the war. Once Italy joins the Allies, the young man joins the partisans in Italy.

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