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The Heart Of Christmas by Various

Wonderful Offerings

The Heart Of Christmas is a Mosaic Collection of six stories just perfect for the Christmas season. It is the third Christmas collection and all the stories are unique, delightful, contemporary and by Christian authors.

The stories are warm and welcoming, each uniquely written. They are similar but different as they spread the love of Jesus.

I absolutely loved this collection. I must confess I did have a favourite. See if you do too.

Broken Noel by Brenda Anderson is a charming and heartfelt story about a journey through grief and the true meaning of Christmas.

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More Than Enough by Lorna Seilstad

Under His Wings

More Than Enough by Lorna Seilstad is a beautiful contemporary Christian novel about the restorative love of God. It is part of the Mosaic Collection but can be read as a stand-alone.

At the heart of the novel there is brokenness. “God’s love can shine through our brokenness.” Life deals us blows and we believe the lie that we are too broken to be loved by anyone. We even doubt God’s promises, believing they are for everyone else. “His promises aren’t for everyone else… They are for you.” God loves each and every one of us, no one is too far from His love.

God is our perfect Heavenly Father. Our earthly fathers may let us down but God will never fail us.

There is a foster family in the novel who show unconditional love to vulnerable children. “Mom Cat refused to stop loving the angry girl, no matter how bad she got.” This is a picture of God’s love for us. He loves us in spite of our moods and emotional outbursts. He loves us with an everlasting unconditional love and he passionately pursues us until we come home to Him. “He’s pursuing her.”

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The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection by Various

Christmas Cheer

The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection is a wonderful set of nine delightful Christian historical stories with the backdrop of Christmas. Set in the nineteenth century, some are in America and some in England. All are heart warming and leave the reader smiling. With similar themes, you are in for a real treat. Did I have a favourite? I am afraid not as they were all fabulous.

One Golden Ring by C.J. Chase is a sweet story of love, loyalty, second chances and new beginnings. Long standing friendships are renewed as old misunderstandings are resolved. Lines are blurred between employer and employee. A delightful tale.

Star Of Wonder by Susanne Dietze is a story of reconciliation and family traditions set against the backdrop of snow. Childhood friendships blossom as prodigals return to the family fold with blessings.

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First Love Forever Romance Collection by Various

Delightful And Charming

First Love Forever Romance Collection is a delightful mix of nine stories set from 1858-1905. They are all unique and totally wonderful. They are united by themes of second chances, restoration, trust and the love of a Father whose timing is always perfect. A really charming collection. I could not pick a favourite as they were all delightful.

First Things First by Susanne Dietz is delightful. It is about second chances, the love of a family, trust and having correct priorities. “Choose to trust God rather than fight Him.” We need to surrender our lives to God and trust Him with our loved ones. “And you can handle it better than God can?” Do not pick up burdens you were never meant to carry. God needs to be first in our lives, everything will then slot into place. The story also shows we are not destined to repeat the sins of our parents and cannot be held responsible for them. A sweet and wise read.

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