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Season Of Hope by Brenda Anderson

A Cord Of Three Strands

Season Of Hope by Brenda Anderson is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel. It is part of the Potter’s House series.

Brenda Anderson writes realistically about what can happen when we fail to put God first in our lives, in our marriages and even in our churches. The Word of God must be central to our churches. We are not in a popularity contest. We are called to be faithful not popular. We must never water the Gospel down to appeal to the masses. Church is all about hearing the Gospel and pointing others to God. “It wasn’t New Hope that changed [him]. It was all Jesus.” Churches do not change people. It is God who changes them.

Sometimes people go to churches for years but never really know God. “She was a PK, a preacher’s kid, and yet she knew nothing about God.” Our faith is our responsibility. We do not get into Heaven on the shirt-tails of another.

There are times when we feel helpless. It is then that we need to lean on God. “I feel so helpless… We can be vigilant in prayer.” Prayer is so powerful. We must never flippantly offer to pray for others and then not do it. If we offer, we must lift others up in prayer.

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A Christmas Homecoming by Brenda Anderson

Thy Will Be Done

 Christmas Homecoming by Brenda Andersonis the most delightful Christian contemporary short story. It features in the Mosaic Christmas Anthology II, A Star Will Rise. It is also part of the Coming Home series and it was wonderful to meet up with familiar faces.

The story shows the importance of prayer and trusting in God. God is always good even when our circumstances are not. There is power in prayer. We need to be flexible and be prepared to alter our plans to follow God’s plan, which is far better than ours.

Marriage and family are important. The love of a family radiates from the pages of the book.

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Pieces Of Granite by Brenda Anderson

In God’s Arms

Pieces Of Granite by Brenda Anderson is a most delightful Christian contemporary novel about families. It is part of the Coming Home and the Mosaic Collection series.

I originally read Pieces Of Granite in 2014 and was blown away by it. Reading it again in 2020 I found it equally powerful.

God is the glue who holds our lives together. Sometimes we try to do everything ourselves and we burn out. “God’s not asking us to be strong.” It is when we are weak that we learn to rely on Him. God longs to do life in partnership with us.

Our pasts influence the person we become. Sometimes we are overcome with fear of the past repeating itself in the present. Trying to ignore our fears will never work. We need to face our fears, lift them up to God in prayer and seek help from others.

God never leaves us. “Life had taught [him], sometimes God was absent.” Sometimes we just cannot see, feel or sense God. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that God doesn’t leave us… I don’t see Him in this. I can’t feel Him, hear Him. Nothing.” We may feel abandoned in the valley but the God of the mountaintop is the God of the valley and He will guide us through.

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Song Of Mercy by Brenda Anderson

Truth And Grace

Song Of Mercy by Brenda Anderson is a most delightful Christian contemporary novel that is grounded in God. It is part of the Potter’s House series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Once again Brenda Anderson has created a charming set of characters, all very realistic with flaws that are so easy to identify with.

Worshipping God should be as natural as breathing but it should not be a public display. Our motivation for worship should always be to glorify God and not to magnify ourselves.

Prayer is important. We all need prayer warriors in our lives who can lift us up at times of need. Prayer builds our relationship with God. “’Pray about it’…’as if God will listen to me.’” We may have walked away from God but He is still waiting to hear from us.

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