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Mercy’s Refuge by Rita Gerlach

Educated And Entertained

Mercy’s Refuge by Rita Gerlach is a comprehensive historical novel about the journey to the New World by the Separatists in 1620. Fact meets fiction in this glorious new novel.

Rita Gerlach has clearly researched this topic thoroughly as the reader is educated as we read.

These were brave men and women who faced horrendous conditions as storms battered the Mayflower. The people had to put their trust and hope in God that He would safely deliver them.

We journey with the characters from England to the Netherlands, back to England and across to America. Due to colourful descriptions, the reader is able to ‘see’ and ‘experience’ the novel with our senses on full alert. I did find at times I was gritting my teeth as the action was tense!

At times there are tragedies which horrify the reader as we are emotionally invested in the novel. It is based on fact and real life is not always kind.

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The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection by Various

Christmas Cheer

The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection is a wonderful set of nine delightful Christian historical stories with the backdrop of Christmas. Set in the nineteenth century, some are in America and some in England. All are heart warming and leave the reader smiling. With similar themes, you are in for a real treat. Did I have a favourite? I am afraid not as they were all fabulous.

One Golden Ring by C.J. Chase is a sweet story of love, loyalty, second chances and new beginnings. Long standing friendships are renewed as old misunderstandings are resolved. Lines are blurred between employer and employee. A delightful tale.

Star Of Wonder by Susanne Dietze is a story of reconciliation and family traditions set against the backdrop of snow. Childhood friendships blossom as prodigals return to the family fold with blessings.

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After The Rain by Rita Gerlach

A Big Heart

After The RainAfter The Rain by Rita Gerlach is a Christian historical romance. Set in Washington and then moving to the countryside in 1908, it reminded me of Downton Abbey American style, as upstairs and downstairs mingle.

Louisa lives with her father and a very over-bearing grandmother who desires to be obeyed by everyone at all times. Her grandmother issues orders but never affection. She is a cold hearted bully. Louisa’s friend is her maid Millie. They have a wonderful relationship that stretches beyond the class divide.

Rita Gerlach portrays the differing classes within the novel and reveals a very snobbish attitude of the day. Louisa is rescued from a fall by Jackson, a farmer whom her grandmother looks down on. At first Louisa shares her grandmother’s prejudices but as soon as she gets to know Jackson, Louisa realises “The size of his bank account did not matter. What counted was the size of his heart.” This reminds the reader that God does not look at our outward appearances so much as our inner ones.

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