The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection by Various

Christmas Cheer

The Victorian Christmas Brides Collection is a wonderful set of nine delightful Christian historical stories with the backdrop of Christmas. Set in the nineteenth century, some are in America and some in England. All are heart warming and leave the reader smiling. With similar themes, you are in for a real treat. Did I have a favourite? I am afraid not as they were all fabulous.

One Golden Ring by C.J. Chase is a sweet story of love, loyalty, second chances and new beginnings. Long standing friendships are renewed as old misunderstandings are resolved. Lines are blurred between employer and employee. A delightful tale.

Star Of Wonder by Susanne Dietze is a story of reconciliation and family traditions set against the backdrop of snow. Childhood friendships blossom as prodigals return to the family fold with blessings.

The Holly And The Ivy by Rita Gerlach is a warm and welcoming Christmas romance. A very modern, forward thinking young lady has a mystery to solve. Some wonderful interactions between the accident prone heroine and a young Englishman entertain the reader. Romance lasts down the years. Memories keep one warm.

Love Brick By Brick by Kathleen L Maher is such a delightful tale that draws the reader in from the start. The heroine is a breath of fresh air with a huge heart for widows and orphans. Dual themes of pride and prejudice keep the reader entertained, as does the misunderstanding. Roots are important but adoption into God’s family completes us.

A Christmas Promise by Gabrielle Meyer is a delightful, light hearted story that surrounds a promise. With an independent spirit, the heroine is a pure delight – forward thinking blends with keeping traditions alive. An upper class cad contrasts with a hard working progressive American. A really wonderful story that brings the festive spirit alive for the reader.

The Sugarplum Ladies by Carrie Fancett Pagels is a wonderful, warm tale with big hearted characters that take up residence in the reader’s heart. Forward thinking and philanthropic, the heroine helps to improve the plight of civil war widows. This has a grounding in historical reality. With comprehensive descriptions, I was able to ‘see’ the action. I loved the warmth of the interactions of main characters and their inclusiveness of people from all walks of life. Positively delightful.

Paper Snowflake by Vanessa Riley is set in England but with an air of Jamaica, the reader basks in a warm Christmas glow. Children are a gift from God. Sometimes we have to love them enough to let them go. A wonderful bond between mother and son reminds the reader that God loves us with an everlasting love. Christmas is the time for miracles but our God can work miracles every day.

Father Christmas by Lorna Seilstad is a delightful tale that surrounds gifts. When God gives you a gift, we owe it to Him to use our gift wisely and to pass the baton to further generations. The story has a warm feel to it as a father searches for a Christmas gift for his daughter. At the heart of the tale is family. There are also themes of guilt and forgiveness.

A Perfect Christmas by Erica Vetsch is set in a London department store, very reminiscent of ITV’s Mr Selfridge. The reader is in for a real treat. A wonderful warm atmosphere pervades the story as the reader witnesses an awakening to the fact that people matter. Family is important too. A delightful tale.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.







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