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The Haunting At Bonadventure Circus by Jaime Jo Wright

Joining Down The Years

The Haunting At Bonadventure Circus by Jaime Jo Wright is a marvellous Christian dual timeline novel that consumes from the start.

The action is in present day and in 1928. Crimes committed in the past seem very close to home but who? And how?

Secrets of our ancestors travel down the years. We are not destined to repeat their crimes. We have the power to break free but reputations are hard to shake.

There is the theme of parents. God is our perfect parent who will never let us down. Sometimes we project our experiences of our earthly parents onto Him. This is unfair. We should never compare God to man because He is God and they are not. God will always love us and never let us down.

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Echoes Among The Stones by Jaime Jo Wright

Not Over

Echoes Among The Stones by Jaime Jo Wright is a marvellous dual timeline Christian suspense that will completely consume your heart, soul and emotions.

One character straddles the two timelines. She is a teen in 1946 and a grandmother in present day. The past intrudes on the present as old crimes need solving and laid to rest.

The novel is a study in raw grief as lives are suspended in a moment in time. No matter where you go, you cannot outrun grief. “Time healed no pain.” Two leading characters are battling grief. For one, it suddenly interrupted life, for the other she knew it was coming. For both, they cling to their loved one and are shaken to the core.

The reader sees the effects of grief. Some characters are angry at God. “How does God allow something this – this heinous?” God does not ‘allow’ pain, man has free will. God walks alongside us in our pain. He is there in the middle, He does not leave us alone.

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The Reckoning At Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright

Beauty Amidst The Weeds

The Reckoning At Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright is a gripping contemporary and historical Christian suspense which I loved.

The dual timelines of present day and 1907 have parallel stories that link across the years. Both have characters drowning in guilt and unforgiveness as secrets threaten to overwhelm. “It is a horrible place to wallow when you cannot forgive yourself.” We punish ourselves and forget all about grace. “Without… grace, it was hard to crawl out of that pit.” God’s grace covers all our sins. “Grace is receiving what we do not deserve.” God’s grace is available for all who truly believe.

Faith in God must be genuine and from the heart. Faith is not just for Sundays and giving the appearance of faithful. Faith is to be lived out every day. God sees our hearts.

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The House On Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright

The Memory Keeper

The House On Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright is a fabulous Christian historical and contemporary suspense that had me consumed from the start.

Two parallel tales surrounding the old house on Foster Hill have the reader trying to join all the dots. Action is set in present day and 1906. Both leading ladies are recovering from loss. They feel guilty and tormented and need to make peace with God. They have pushed Him away in their pain. “Wishing she had reconciled enough with God to pray.”

Hardship will cause us to move away from God or closer to Him. We need to cling to Him, especially when all looks hopeless. “God, please bring me hope.” God is the God of hope. When we know Him, we can have hope. “I need to find hope to live again.” When we lose hope, we lose the will to live. Sometimes we just need to cling on to God and trust Him in the dark. “I can’t see God’s light… I believe. In Jesus… but I can’t see His promise of a future.”

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