The Sea Glass Beach by Tina Pritchard

Love, Life, Grief

The Sea Glass Beach by Tina Pritchard is a marvelous historical novel that captured my imagination from the start.

The reader follows the plight of a single Mum and her daughter in Ireland after the second World War. The Catholic church set up mother and baby homes which were far from loving. We witness the courage and pluck needed to keep hold of your baby.

This courage would be needed in later life too as we witness a mother who loves her daughter enough, to give her wings to fly.

A close-knit Irish community wants to squash a free spirit. The reader follows a character across the ocean to Canada for a fresh start. Here the bracing sea air and a farming lifestyle open up new horizons.

Many people face battles we know nothing about. A character has been battling grief for years. “You can be too full of grief and burdened with memories to get on with the task of living. I’ve been just existing.” It is time to learn to live again.

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A Mother’s Christmas Wish by Glenda Young

Heart Warming

A Mother’s Christmas Wish by Glenda Young is a wonderful, heart-warming historical novel that will fill your heart with love.

The action takes place in 1923 in a small village in the North East. It is here that the reader witnesses love, care and community in action. Living in a village means your business is never your own but it is a small price to pay for all the love and care. If there are problems, there is always a neighbour to run to.

At the heart of the village is the pub. It has been neglected due to grief but a new girl in town is determined to turn the fortunes around and to inject new life into old.

We witness the camaraderie of the women. There is a network of support and love. When the men folk let them down, the sisterhood picks them up.

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The Automobile Assassination by M.J. Porter

Glimpses Back In Time

The Automobile Assassination by M.J. Porter is a marvelous historical, cosy crime novel. It is the second book in the Erdington Mysteries but can be read as a stand-alone.

The reader is transported back to 1944 in Birmingham. The war is in its final few months but there are still black outs and rationing to contend with. Black outs are the perfect cover for crimes.

The Automobile Assassination is a play on the automobile association or AA which features at the heart of the novel. In 1944 there were AA boxes dotted throughout Britain to help the motorist in trouble.

Having grown up near Birmingham, I was very familiar with the locations – I used to ride the number 9 bus past the AA headquarters on the Hagley Road on a daily basis in the 1980’s. Likewise the Stew Pony (long gone) is very familiar to me.

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The Highland Girls At War by Helen Yendall

Pulling Together

The Highland Girls At War by Helen Yendall is a simply marvellous historical novel that gripped me from the start.

The action surrounds the lumberjills who were very much a part of the war effort during World War II. These are hard working young women who cut down and suppled the timber needed.

There is an eclectic mix of women – from a debutante to a widow to a married woman. These women from very different backgrounds all have to learn to work together as they face new challenges. There is a healthy rivalry with the Women’s Land Army.

We also meet a Canadian regiment of troops working the land but who have to be prepared to be mobilised.

The reader is treated to the fresh air in the Scottish forests. With comprehensive descriptions from Helen Yendall, we can practically smell the pine.

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