A Love Discovered by Tracie Peterson

New Frontiers

A Love Discovered by Tracie Peterson is a fabulous historical Christian novel that contains godly lessons for us all. It is the first book in The Heart Of Cheyenne series which promises to be great.

The novel is set in 1867 in America, just as the population is expanding westwards. The reader joins the leading characters as they set up new lives in Cheyenne.

We see the importance of having lives in tune with God. God ‘speaks’ to our hearts. He also speaks through His Word. “God had always comforted her with the Bible.” The Bible is God’s instruction manual for us here on earth.

We see the hardship of life, especially in a new frontier town. As the railroad is being built, new towns are springing up. They do not always attract the best of characters. Women are not safe to walk the streets alone, even in daylight hours. Vigilantes carry out ‘justice’. They often clash with the law enforcement agencies that are being set up. Despite the hardships, it is still possible to experience God’s peace. “After praying… Marybeth had had a peace.”

It is important to put our trust in God. “We shall make the best of it and trust God to watch over us.” In dangerous circumstances, we need to cover ourselves with prayer. We can always trust God. “I’m not going to be afraid. I’m going to trust in God.” If we have faith, there is no room for fear.

People need to know Jesus. We need to show them Jesus through our actions, invite them to church, and then sit back and wait for God to work, “The Spirit of God will guide folks. We just need to extend the invitation and our friendship.”

Life was tough. Life without God must be impossible. “It must be a terrible loneliness to be without God.” We need God to help us through all of life’s seasons.

Life was fragile. Loved ones died. People of faith questioned God, but there were no answers. Characters feared loving and losing. Life was a gamble but life without love is not really living. We need to take a leap of faith, love others and trust God.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Love Discovered. All the characters were well drawn, likable and believable. I loved the speech and mannerisms of Carrie who was almost two years old.

We see the community care, open hearts and the faithfulness of God who will never leave us. Even when life is hard, we will not face it alone.

I am looking forward to the subsequent books in the series.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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