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The Cedar Key by Stephenia H McGee

New Beginnings

The Cedar Key by Stephenia H McGee is a most charming Christian contemporary novel that will warm your heart, leaving you smiling and hopeful.

The novel deals with loss, belonging and roots. Loss cuts us to our core. We see the pain but there is hope too as a character made provision for healing from beyond the grave. The reader becomes acquainted with a much loved grandmother through her letters. We see a heart filled with love.

There are many big hearts within the novel as a community opens its doors and homes to a newcomer. The small community pulls together to meet any needs it sees.

A character struggles with her past – feelings of hurt, insecurity and abandonment cause a heart to be locked away to prevent more hurt. Jesus came to free us from our past and our hurts. He calls us to come to Him. “You are not defined by your past. You are defined by God.”

Often when we look back we can see the footprints of God on our lives. He walked with us even when we did not know Him.

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The Cedar Key by Stephenia H McGee

Coming Soon: A Taster

COVER REVEAL DATE: September 3, 2020

Book release date: October 6, 2020


Could the key to Casey’s future be hidden in someone else’s past?

Casey Adams unexpectedly inherits an old Victorian house full of other people’s memories. Stuck in a quirky little Mississippi town, Casey’s hope for a fresh start died as soon she had to lay the grandmother she’d just met to rest.

But Grandma Ida carried secrets beyond the grave.

Before her death Ida carefully planned a trail of clues to help Casey unlock the Macintyre family secrets and finally explain why the family abandoned her. But each of Ida’s letters will only come from Casey’s handsome—and often frustrating—new neighbor. As Casey pieces together the stories behind the objects filling her grandmother’s house, she embarks on a heart-stirring journey that rattles her foundations, ignites her faith, and leads her to a startling discovery that will reshape her future. But only if she can face the lies that have been slowly tearing her apart.

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The Hope Of Christmas Past by Stephenia H McGee

A Time Of Miracles

The Hope Of Christmas Past by Stephenia H McGee is a delightful Christian timeslip novella that will warm your heart.

There are all the elements to make a perfect Christmas wrapped up in tantalising descriptions. A warm welcome awaits the reader.

Themes of taking care of widows and orphans, and the all encompassing love of God swell the reader’s heart. God loves us forever and always, even when we think we have messed up. His love is unconditional.

Christmas is the time for snow and miracles and love. The Hope Of Christmas Past is a most charming tale that will entertain you and leave you feeling good.

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Missing Mercy by Stephenia H McGee

His Love And Loyalty

Missing Mercy by Stephenia McGee is a marvellous Christian historical novel set in 1887. It is the dawn of a new era for some but for others they are still seen as second class citizens. Women and people of colour have to fight to be heard.

Within the story there are two feisty females – one white and one black. They are both strong women with dreams to break into a man’s world. They are also friends.

The novel deals with the issue of race and segregation. There is a myth that the North is more accepting. “It’s different up north… They [Negroes] don’t have to hide up there.” In reality there is still a long way to go and nearly a hundred years before African Americans will be accepted. It is hoped that “Our children… see their God-given souls and not… their skin tone.”

God’s plans are so much greater than ours. If we stubbornly choose our path instead of His, it will take longer to get to our destination. “Despite all the terrible choices she’d made, God had kept her in His hand.” God will never abandon us. He will respect our choices but that does not mean He will let go His hold of us.

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