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Chasing Secrets by Lynette Eason

A Thrilling Conclusion

Chasing Secrets by Lynette Eason is a fabulous contemporary Christian crime suspense. It is book four in the Elite Guardians series and is a thrilling end to what has been a fantastic series.

Cold cases are unearthed as someone wants to finish what they started years ago. There is an exciting cat and mouse chase as the time is ticking by.

Greed and jealousy raise their ugly heads. It is never good when they rule lives.

Holding grudges hurts us far more than the other person. “Hating him doesn’t hurt him, it hurts me.” We need to let go and live free.

Freedom comes when we forgive. If we cannot do it in our strength, we need to ask God for His help.

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Moving Target by Lynette Eason

Nail Bitingly Good

Moving Target by Lynette Eason is a thrilling contemporary Christian crime suspense that I just could not put down. It is the third book in the Elite Guardians series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The atmosphere is one of terror, suspicion and suspense. A serial killer is playing a dangerous game and is the master of disguise and illusion. The game is deadly. I read with heart in my mouth.

The past is haunting a character who cannot let go of guilt. “When was the last time he’d felt peace?” The character has withdrawn from God. It is only God who can give us a peace that lasts in spite of circumstances.

Anger at God’s seeming inability to step in and prevent hurt, has kept a character from God. “He… thought about approaching the God he’d given up on long ago.” Ultimately a character knows that God will never give up on us and is just waiting for us to return home to Him.

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Without Warning by Lynette Eason

Totally Thrilling

Without Warning by Lynette Eason is an exciting contemporary suspense. It is the second book in the Elite Guardians series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces.

The Elite Guardians are a unit of female bodyguards who form a tight bond and have each other’s backs. Without Warning focuses on Katie.

When life is good – pray. When life is tough – pray. God always hears our prayers. “Would God listen to him?” Yes, absolutely. God celebrates when a prodigal returns to the fold. God always answers our prayers but not necessarily in ways we could have imagined.

Life has dealt blows. Sometimes we blame God. “Forgive God. It’s not His fault.” Hardships in life are not caused by God but He can turn situations around. As in Genesis 50, what others meant for harm, God used for good.

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Always Watching by Lynette Eason


Always Watching by Lynette Eason is an exciting contemporary Christian suspense. It is the first book in the Elite Guardians series which promises to be fabulous.

The novel is about searching and protecting as a stalker threatens lives and the elite guardians are called in. This reminds the reader that we can call on God to protect us as we wander through life. Whenever we are in trouble we can call out to God in prayer and trust that He has our backs. “Clinging to God when life crashes around you is what you do.” When life crumbles around us, we must hang on to our Rescuer.

God walks beside us through all the seasons in life. “I prayed, but nothing happened.” “God was with you in that situation.” Sometimes when we are in the storm, we are so focused on the storm that we fail to see God. But God is always with us, whether we see Him or not.

We do not always understand why we face storms. “Why was this happening? God I don’t understand.” We must trust that God can use our circumstances to draw us closer to Him as He sees us through.

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