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Always Watching by Lynette Eason


Always Watching by Lynette Eason is an exciting contemporary Christian suspense. It is the first book in the Elite Guardians series which promises to be fabulous.

The novel is about searching and protecting as a stalker threatens lives and the elite guardians are called in. This reminds the reader that we can call on God to protect us as we wander through life. Whenever we are in trouble we can call out to God in prayer and trust that He has our backs. “Clinging to God when life crashes around you is what you do.” When life crumbles around us, we must hang on to our Rescuer.

God walks beside us through all the seasons in life. “I prayed, but nothing happened.” “God was with you in that situation.” Sometimes when we are in the storm, we are so focused on the storm that we fail to see God. But God is always with us, whether we see Him or not.

We do not always understand why we face storms. “Why was this happening? God I don’t understand.” We must trust that God can use our circumstances to draw us closer to Him as He sees us through.

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